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Democrats and Republicans Agree: It’s Time to Throw White People In Gulags

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By Eric Striker | 29 February 2020

NATIONAL JUSTICE — Yesterday, the FBI made a big show of arresting multiple alleged members of a “white supremacist” group they have designated as a national security threat equivalent to ISIS.

Federal prosecutors have charged black metal fan Cameron Denton, the Nazi Al-Baghdadi, with telling the police to send SWAT teams after a journalist and a politician as a childish prank.

Four other cohorts in “AtomWaffen,” mostly young Chan trolls, were also taken into custody in the multi-state terror raid over mailing the Israeli lobbyists at the Anti-Defamation League edgy fliers that say “Our Patience Has Its Limits.”

House Representative Karen Bass has complained loudly about the FBI’s lack of transparency regarding arrest statistics related to “white supremacist terrorism.” Her implication is that the career girls, left-wing crusaders and Zionist lickspittles in federaI law enforcement – some who have proudly accepted awards from the Anti-Defamation League for railroading James Fields – are “protecting” these supposed dangerous white supremacists. […]

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  1. A Venn diagram charting the overlapping populations of Historic Americans and New Americans (Hispanic, Muslim, Indian, Asian, et cetera) would reveal the future flashpoints that are being built into fabric of the new balkanized USA.

    The USA needs laws allowing citizen arrests to jail politicians for 30 years for creating this mess.

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