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TradCatKnight Radio’s Eric Gajewski, Russ Winter Discuss the New Underworld Order’s Mass Delusion Offensive

This fast-moving 30-minute podcast with Trad Cat Knight’s Eric Gajewski and Winter Watch’s own Russ Winter begins at minute 00:05:00.

Thought it’s one of a few podcasts Russ has done during the last week, this one is unique in that it provides updates on Big Tech and Big Media’s censorship of alternative media delivering real news.

Their conversation then delves into new areas of mass delusion and false perception, namely male privilege.

Read “More Mass Delusions: ‘Male Privilege’ Perception Versus Reality”

Also discussed is the role of gullible neoliberal lemmings as useful idiots for the kakistocracy.


7 Comments on TradCatKnight Radio’s Eric Gajewski, Russ Winter Discuss the New Underworld Order’s Mass Delusion Offensive

  1. On Governor Noem of South Dakota (From AP):

    Noem opposes bill to stop schools requiring vaccinations

    PIERRE, S.D. (AP) — Gov. Kristi Noem on Friday said she’s against a bill that would stop South Dakota schools and colleges from requiring students to get vaccinations.

    The Republican governor told reporters that vaccinations save lives and that her office will be opposing the bill when it is presented to a committee next week. House Majority Leader Lee Qualm, a Republican from Platte, introduced the proposal to drop vaccination requirements for students. The proposal has the backing of a few influential lawmakers.

    Qualm has said he’s not necessarily opposed to vaccinations, but wanted to leave the choice up to parents. The state currently allows vaccination exemptions only for students who have weakened immune systems or who have religious objections.

    “Vaccinations have literally saved millions of lives over the years,” Noem said.

    The Department of Health, under her administration, has promoted vaccines as safe and important for keeping kids healthy. The Department reported that over 96% of kindergartners have been vaccinated for measles, mumps, and rubella, representing one of the highest coverage rates in the nation. The state has not had a reported case of measles since 2015.

    But the issue of vaccinations has already come up several time in the House. On Thursday, lawmakers supporting a bill that would stop schools from doing medical exams or other non-emergency procedures on children without parental support said they feared some schools could administer flu shots without parental consent. Other lawmakers said that schools don’t administer flu shots.

    The bill failed by one vote, but may be reconsidered.

    Department of Health spokesman Derrick Haskins said that some school districts do host flu shot clinics, but parental consent is always required.

    House Minority Leader Jamie Smith, a Sioux Falls Democrat, said the discussion revealed a recurring distrust of doctors and medical authorities by Republicans in the House.

    • Remember there is a bigger prize in the distance and she may look like a Swan, but deep down there may still be an ugly duckling. Sure it may be an ugly duckling who has completely master the kettlebell swing and can handle a flame thrower; however, I am becoming very tired of the single, silver, bullet theory.


  2. Regarding the show:

    Well done. It was a very evenly paced and interesting podcast; I am appreciative and suggest that it is worth a listen.


    Also (an aside) on that WW archive, not only is it excellent but it is well maintained. Although I would say Mr. Winter is key in this aspect of the website, we may all wish to recall that he has a colleague who works with him to keep the entire operation in order. Drum roll please:

    Many, many thanks Ms. Torchy Blaine for all that you do to keep WW on the “up and up”! Your work is deeply appreciated by all of us in the Commentariat.


    Now for a podcast topic that I would like to offer a few thoughts on: conglomerates, their motives, their operations and their futures:

    Okay let’s discuss Torchy’s theory about younger generations.

    Are these younger generations becoming less intelligent? Yes.

    In fact if we point to threads on mind control and toxicity (often featured on WW), we may find ourselves sympathetic about their apathy toward expansion. The myopic focus on bright and shiny devices that harm their eye sight, change their brains, and leave them soulless forms a method of self imprisonment that will forever deteriorate their ability to find peaceful fulfillment through a meaningful life.

    If and when they do wake up, “The” or “A” or “Many”… “Great Resets” may leave these individuals in an incomprehensible world, which leaves them dependent and enslaved to all the children who were not permitted to utilize the disposable technology either at all or in such a detrimental manner (think the children of the 1% of the 1%).

    Moving on to Messrs. Winter and Gajewski, the discussion of conglomerates, their current business models, motivations and the future was extremely interesting and well done; however, I would like to posit an alternative theory.

    While I do agree with that Mr. Gajewski could be quite correct on the possibility that large corporations have so much wealth that they no longer care about the public’s or even the shareholder’s opinion (think DISNEY), so many of these vapid organizations are still out to swindle every last ounce of blood, from every life-form on Earth.

    Mr. Winter is also on to something with the COVID-19 “rescue packages”. Actual grants and forgivable loans (in essence also grants) provide for what is known as “stock buy-backs”. This is when ABC company has been taking ever increasing investments in other companies or financial instruments that they do not understand (i.e. incredible RISK), and their own organization has suffered as a result.

    We might recall that in the end of the 1980s and well into the 1990s, this was often done with pension funds; however, since corporate pensions have gone the way of the T-Rex, ABC corporation is now just using company assets and rolling losses onto the balance sheet when things go bad (as opposed to a direct P/L reflection).

    In ye olde days when this occurred, companies would often sell even more shares of stock

    (Class B shares – always remember WW family that preferred shares are an entirely different animal)

    to continue the shell game on the 10-Q. So now greed and the desire for bonuses in a soul crushing occupation have led to a shell game that has left lots of pretty worthless shares on the market

    (no matter what the hype on an equity and the price at a given time – please recall WW family that Amazon once traded reasonably well, regardless of the fact that the company had no profit and was not expected to have one for a projected 5-10 years).

    So now we arrive back at Conjob-19 and Mr. Winter’s thoughts, well ABC company could apply for a series of “forgivable” loans in order to “shore up” the underpinnings of operations. That process may include (and will include) buying back all those silly, worthless shares, on the tax payer’s dime.

    They shore up the positions through a stock buy back. The “Street” then praises them, the journalists make up reasons as to how brilliant their management is, and the general public is never the wiser, yet still pays for the whole charade.

    So both of these gentleman are quite right, but let’s take a slightly different angle for a moment.

    (I can already feel Judge Napolitano helping me write this next part = )

    A. What if you have a nation that is so bankrupt, both on paper and in reality, that it has run out of financial tricks and needs new patrons to keep the game going or even move onto the next level (a “Reset”perhaps)?

    B. What if your nation can no longer rely on its partners to buy enough weapons (the largest export) and agricultural commodities (the second largest export) to outgrow its debt?

    C. What if your nation openly promotes eugenics and population reductions, out of irrational fears of scarcity and an actual hatred of one’s neighbors, “by any means necessary”?

    D. What if your nation interprets “by any means necessary” to include all forms of toxicity in every product one may consume (yes RW, even Mr. Potato Head and his lover Freddy Potato Head):

    Both sides of the story


    E. What is your nation believes that “by any means necessary” may include occult practices?

    We could go on and on, but why not begin to tie it all together?

    So a once great experiment in a “republic” form of government has devolved into a fascist nation in which there is no difference between a corportacracy and the federal body (also AMTRAK still does not run on time = ).

    A revolving door between boardrooms, corporate hierarchy and government has been fully operational since President Wilson’s Administration, and we may even opine dating back to President Lincoln’s administration.

    In the words of President Calvin Coolidge:

    “After all, the chief business of the American people is business. They are profoundly concerned with producing, buying, selling, investing and prospering in the world.”

    Yet, Cool Cal was probably a little optimistic and patriotic in that comment. What Cal may or may not have known is that:


    (unless you are from a select group in either Britain or Israel; then there are a few select subsets who also get a “pass” every now and again)

    Now what if all of the new changes to American business are purposeful to attract a new clientele, with a specific purpose in mind. Much of the world has unfettered access to American media and often American products (made in places like China) from large conglomerates.

    What if your dwindling sales in Target and Walmart on such quaint items as Mr. Potato Head are being shunned by many Americans or if few citizens under “house arrest” do not feel like purchasing that new NFL jersey for $ 200.00? You might need a new audience.

    So you begin signalling that the “BLACK LIVES MATTER” and instead of dumping all of your trash in Africa, you start marketing the cheapest football jersey you can using an economy of scale. Perhaps you sell the Chinese fabricated Potato Head to Latin America and seek population reduction through a greater destruction of traditional families. Perhaps you target Muslim nations with “GIRL POWER” and seek instability in future generations.

    The American white or black patron is not the target market at all it is the international consumer. If the emphasis is on people of color who you might love to poison with a wide range of chemicals and toxins, then maybe you are not even advertising to the American market, while advertising in the American market. Fait accompli! Eugenics at its finest.

    You may take an initial hit while you adjust the economy of scale to find the right mix of production price, advertising (which on Facebook or another big site could be quite cheap), and the final cost to the consumer; however, in the end you get a “two-fer” in both selling the item and reducing the population.

    All the while your stock rises on “new sales” that you can toy around with depending on how you handle inter-bank redemption into your home currency and timing in general. Heck, you will probably even qualify for another free subsidy from the United States government for promoting disadvantaged trade and “RACIAL EQUITY” around the world. Then imagine all the tax perks the IRS will also throw in. WIN – WIN!

    Then drop the borders to bring in more domestic clients to balance the books. If they do not arrest and imprison all the male immigrants for the publicly traded prison companies, then they can make them work on the farms for next to nothing, while providing them with the “Native American Welcome Basket” of cheap booze and gambling. The wives and daughters will be handed mind altering cellular phones and toxic toys to really deliver that sense of euphoria as they are put to work cleaning toilets or trying not to use a toilet while working in a Bezos owned facility.

    Well I went really long on this one. Mea culpa. Since I was the only one in the comments section and I found the podcast excellent, I was indulgent in this post.

    Please be well everyone.

    Simple Citizen

    • Oh yeah, one last…

      There was the question of quantity and killing in the podcast, which I thin RW does address well.

      Yet, I am still looking for the penultimate killing question for the masses:

      How many individuals of color does one think the CIA, the CFR and the entire Anglo-American intelligence compact has killed in any one year for at least seven decades?

      See the problem is not with our local law enforcement, and the right question is (often) never posed. If one is truly curious about racism and “white supremacy”, then why not look at the “big boys”?

      Who was the first black director of the CIA?

      Who has been the black director of the CFR?

      DOD now has a black Secretary (that the current President cannot remember), but isn’t that a “black face”, placed on a white apparatus, so that bombing brown people will not seem like such a bad thing under a demented President. Smells like Colin Powell part deux. Yet as the dual citizens of Israel take the lead in the current administration, it will be a rainbow of diversification.

      Lest we forget what President Orange Potato previously did for the crowd:

      Just makes the whole execution of the new Secretary of Defense policies so much easier.


      • Thanks. I really liked the show quite a bit and felt inspired; sorry about the length and the typos.

        Also, I finally got around to Mr. Gayjewski’s website and felt additionally inspired. He has a lot of material that I think could appeal to many of us here at WW, no matter what anyone’s background is.

        So I just let mind and keyboard fly on this one. Funny thing is I left out a quite a few components (e.g. AFRICOM and The French Foreign Legion would be reasonable mentions) because I was running so long.

        Again, thanks for giving it a read.


  3. I find it especially sad that Europeans are allowing the Jews in their governments and the ((EU)) to destroy them. Those cabal demons hate Europeans and it should be evident to them what’s going on.It seems those demonic Jews want to destroy Europe and America more then anything or anywhere else. Do they even know of the viral parasite that rules over them

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