Black, Latino Enrollment in US Colleges is Almost Double What it Would be on ‘Merit’ Alone

By Tyler Durden | 23 June 2019

ZERO HEDGE — Researchers wondered what the nation’s most selective colleges and universities would look like if they admitted students solely on the basis of SAT scores.

Their answer: Campuses would be wealthier, whiter, and more male.

Horror of horrors, we know, but there’s no arguing with the data from the Georgetown Universitry study. As The Wall Street Journal reports, rather shockingly to many, more than half the students now enrolled at the top 200 colleges and universities would lose their seats to students who performed better on the SAT.

The result, as the chart below shows, is that black and Latino students, would be worst-affected with enrollments cut nearly in half, to 11% of all students from 19%. […]

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