REPORT: Overwhelming Majority of Top Medical Schools Require Mandatory CRT Training


21 February 2022

HUMAN EVENTS — According to a new watchdog report, an overwhelming majority of the nation’s top medical schools require mandatory critical race theory training.

Based on an analysis of curriculum, “at least 23 of America’s 25 most prestigious medical colleges and universities have some form of mandatory student training or coursework on ideas related” to the far left’s toxic ideals, per BizPacReview. 

The number comes from the critical race theory watchdog organization, which boasts a vast database on the toxic ideals spreading throughout education in this country.

“The racialization of medical school education is troubling,” founder William Jacobson, a Cornell Law School professor, said. “It’s one thing to recognize the health needs of different populations, it’s entirely different to inject racial politics into medical care. Demanding that medical school students become activists is dangerous.”

“The mantra of the so-called ‘antiracism’ movement has no place in medicine,”  he added. “Current racial discrimination in order to remedy past racial discrimination is wrong generally, but is downright dangerous in medicine.”

“When a patient presents for treatment, that person needs to be treated as an individual, not just as a member of some larger racial or ethnic group,” he continued. […]

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  1. It should be apparent to all by now there is a behind the scenes force intent on destroying all manners of European accomplishment. CRT is just another arrow in their bottomless quiver.

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