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More Mass Delusions: ‘Male Privilege’ Perception Versus Reality

Of late, we’ve been reviewing the current conditions of this Clown World in which we find ourselves and noting the widening gap between reality and public perception.

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One of the notable “misconceptions” involves the so-called “privileged” life of white males in America today.

The following chart shows the St. Louis Fed’s latest data on labor participation among U.S.-born men (aka “natives”). It appears as though the eight years of Obamanomics really put the lid on the coffin and accelerated an already bad trend. The four years that followed under Trump flattened the trend line for a time but did little to reverse it — until the scamdemic, which finally nailed the coffin shut.

This is what they describe as a “recovery.”

Labor Force Participation Rate – Men (1950 – 2020)

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell noted in February that the real unemployment rate in the U.S. is closer to 10 percent — not the 6.3 percent the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported. The professed reason for underreporting: “misclassification errors are factored in to the official government figure,” NBC News reported.

Now, newly anointed Biden’s Red Vanguard administration has promised to flood this economy already on its back with low-wage migrant labor from Latin America.

The Center for Immigration Studies found:

Among natives without a high school degree, the fraction who were neither working nor looking for work rose from 26 percent in 1994 to 35 percent in 2015. Over the same period, the fraction of their immigrant counterparts who were out of the labor force actually declined from 12 percent to 8 percent.

Here’s the real privileged group: The plutocrats. Cui bono?

An Oxfam report found billionaires‘ wealth increased by $3.9 trillion from last March to December globally.

This is the so-called native-born male privilege that the Social Justice Warrior (SJW) cucks and bitches go on and on about.

Don’t miss what I have to say about the SJW plague.

SJW’s often have “trigger words” that get them riled. It’s mostly based on an “I feel” argument and an “I’m special” mentality or meme.

Unfortunately, because this delusional mindset is reinforced by the controlled mainstream media and corrupted entertainment complex, the SJWs gotten away with intimidating their so-called “oppressors” who are reluctant to stand up to them.

No wonder the U.S. has created an on-the-plantation police state.

No wonder mind-numbing drugs are being aerosoled overhead, slipped into the drinking water and dispensed by Big Pharma.

For further reading:

The Big Ds — depression and despair — are close at hand. This is a volcano ready to erupt.

10 Comments on More Mass Delusions: ‘Male Privilege’ Perception Versus Reality

  1. I see and hear so many in the truther movement talk about how this is a war.

    Honestly, I don’t think hardly any saying this really know what actual war means. I spent just shy of 7 years getting shot at and hunting down really bad people, sometimes being the prey of those hunting me …. so I have an idea what real war is.

    Truthers like to think this is a war on words and that’s certainly one side of it. However, it’s been hot all along, just selective … for now. But that “selective” era is rapidly coming to a close.

    Just ask Gordon Kahl, the men, women & children murdered at Waco, Ruby Ridge, Jim Traficant, James Forrestal, Huey P. Long, Dr Hendrik Verwoerd…. and a very long list of others whether this has been hot all along on not.

    Start facing the hard facts as to where this is really going folks. THIS is the real reason for the war on men.

    • You make an excellent point here. The media reason WWII started was due to the Gleiwitz incident, now virtually forgotten.
      The victor’s version:

      Get the tinder ready and find a way to make a spark. Doesn’t matter which side wins as long as you rearrange the world order for power and profit after the dead are buried.

      Women aren’t going to fight, but the way men are wired make it relatively easy to impung their pride and honor to trick them into killing other humans.

      ‘You can no more win a war than you can win an earthquake’ (Senator Jeanette Rankin quote from 30’s) …unless you are one of the elites….

      • no one wins a war nedlern, but you can most certainly be on the loosing side of one.

        As for elites … well, obviously we’ve been fighting the wrong enemy every time..

        I think there’s a hard lesson in there somewhere.

      • Nedlern,

        Excellent point on Gleiwitz! Even before that event, there were countless incidents of provocation and incitement by Polish communists against German citizens trying to goad Hitler into invasive action so that Britain and France could ‘honor’ their guarantee of Polish boarders.

        Britain and France could have given a rat’s ass about Poland and its borders as exemplified by their inaction against the Stalin and Russia when they invaded Poland just days later on Sept. 17th when Molotov declared the Polish government invalid! Poland has always been the ‘pinata,’ if you will, of various European countries and peoples through the ages. James Michener’s historical-fiction piece ‘Poland’ is actually a pretty good synopsis(with obvious flaws)of Poland and its rocky history.

  2. [More Mass Delusions: ‘Male Privilege’ Perception Versus Reality]

    Perhaps a better title would have been: More Mass Delusions: ‘Male Privilege’ Propaganda Versus Reality

    The fact that anyone perceives such a thing as ‘male privilege’ actually exists (‘reality’) is the result of a pervasive propaganda campaign around that term.

  3. The ‘Anti-Masker Interview’ video was beautiful to watch! That well-informed chick put that pseudo-journalistic dullard and simpleton in check to the 10th degree. That propagandized skirt of the fourth-estate kept staggering and retreating to her talking points about ‘having a dialogue’ or ‘conversation’ because she was being steadily pummeled by those relentless jabs of educated utterances that were rendering that investigative ignoramus into a dazed and confused cretin. Rumor has it that the dimwitted lassie is still suffering from a cognitive concussion!

  4. Feminists seem to conveniently forget that for nearly all of recorded history it has been legal on every inhabited continent to kidnap young men and force them to go to war. That’s some male privilege.

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