White Couple Sentenced to 28 Years for Displaying Confederate Flags

Jose Torres and Kayla Norton at their sentencing. PHOTO: Henry Taylor/AJC

Jose Torres and Kayla Norton were part of a group displaying the flags on their vehicles when their caravan drove by a Black family’s outdoor birthday party, evidently greatly annoying the Blacks. Even though a shouting match ensued, the allegation that the Whites engaged in “terrorism” is preposterous. The extreme anti-White bias of the (apparently White) judge and prosecutor in this case should be cause for alarm.

By Chris Rossetti | 28 February 2017

NATIONAL VANGUARD — In July 2015, a group called Respect the Flag gathered on the public streets in Douglas County, Georgia. Their US and Confederate flag-festooned vehicles circled through many neighborhoods, as they “drove around with flags, selling them to raise money to donate American flags to people who can’t afford them,” according to the spokesman for the group. But in one of those neighborhoods, a group of Blacks taking part in an outdoor birthday party took severe exception when the caravan’s display passed by, shouting angry epithets and empty threats and getting some in return. The Blacks called police, who tried to separate the two groups.

One participant, Levi Bush, said the rowdy Blacks were swarming the Respect the Flag vehicles, throwing rocks, and threatening the Whites with weapons.

The video above shows events after police had arrived.

Hardly a case of “terrorism” on either side; just one relatively minor unpleasantness among many major and minor unpleasant events caused by forcing people to live in a multiracial society.

In the Jewish-dominated and increasingly anti-White “New South,” though, the conflict was used to advance the political career of the Douglas County Assistant District Attorney, David Emadi, who called the flag group “a criminal street gang” and charged the group’s members with multiple felonies, and accused them of participating in “criminal gang activity” for driving with their flags displayed. The Respect the Flag members were charged with making “terroristic threats” against the party-goers.

Yesterday, a young White couple — Kayla Rae Norton, 25, and Jose Ismael Torres, 26 — cried in court as they were sentenced to a total of 28 years in prison for committing the “hate crime” of “racial terrorism” for driving past the party and shouting back at the enraged, out-of-control Blacks. No Black was charged. […]

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