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Pope Francis Calls for ‘New World Order’ After the Pandemic

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By Thomas D. Williams, PhD | 15 March 2021

BREITBART — Pope Francis insists in a new book things will never be the same in a post-pandemic world, calling instead for the establishment of a “new world order.”

In a book-length interview with journalist Domenico Agasso titled God and the World to Come, scheduled for release in Italian on Tuesday, the pontiff reiterates his case for the Great Reset with a shift away from financial speculation, fossil fuels, and military build-up toward a green economy based on inclusiveness.

After the coronavirus pandemic, “no one today can afford to rest easy,” the pope declares in a lengthy extract from the book published by Vatican News. “The world will never be the same again. But it is precisely within this calamity that we must grasp those signs which may prove to be the cornerstones of reconstruction.”

“Let us all keep in mind that there is something worse than this crisis: the drama of wasting it,” he states. “We cannot emerge from a crisis the same as before: we either come out better or we come out worse.” […]

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  1. My comment was # 1718. Posted at 11:22 AM central, 3/18/21. My first ever at Breitbart, my first ever here.

    The Role of Religion in the Communitarian Synthesis (2006)

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  2. Who cares what the poop eating illegitimate Pope says. What a disgusting cabal lapdog he is hitting all those kosher talking points for the JWO never letting a good crisis go to waste and the build back better NWO.

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