Russ Winter Joins the ‘Wisdom Circle’ in its New Roundtable Format with ‘Raw Deal’

On Wednesday, Winter Watch’s own Russ Winter joined Dave Scorpio and Giuseppe Vafanculo (aka the “brain trust”) for another episode of the “Wisdom Circle,” which rolled out a great new combined format with Jim Fetzer’s “Raw Deal.”

Others speakers on the expanded brain trust round-table show included Jim Fetzer, Chris Weinhart and Eric Thompson.

The “Raw Deal”/Wisdom Circle is a new round table discussion of rapid fire topics covering a range of contemporary issues.

There is also a short after show chat between Chris and Guiseppe starting at 2:11:40 in the topic of esoteric theatrics or gaming that really is of interest.

Russ said the format worked quite nicely and he will look forward to doing more of these in the future.

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12 Comments on Russ Winter Joins the ‘Wisdom Circle’ in its New Roundtable Format with ‘Raw Deal’

      • Wisdom Circle was, and maybe still is (? — have not watched in weeks), simulcast on YouTube — I said many weeks ago in the YT chat that the scheduling was sub-optimal since there was probably significant audience overlap with Fetzer’s Raw Deal, which airs on Revolution Radio studio B at the same time WC airs on studio A, and suggested they combine the two; they finally did — I listen when I can, but the topics and rhetoric (especially) are often repetitive.

        You’re a positive addition to the lineup.

        >Fetzer is way off base …

        I try to cut him a lot of slack since he is, as a regular caller once said, indefatigable, and the amount of work he does, as well as the heart he puts into it, is tremendous; also he’s nearly 80 y/o, and has serious legal problems due to Sandy Hook — but re many topics, especially extremely important ones like race and immigration, also Democrats vs Republicans, he’s essentially a boomertard — after the election, he went from one wacky scenario with its own set of “facts” to the next, never acknowledging that he’d been full of shit/spouting nonsense for weeks — it was weird.

        • I hear ya eah, but he has really bought into the Trump koolaid as well and still thinks Trump is coming back to save us.

          I only have so much slack to cut despite his history.

          The one area I will cut Fetzer ZERO slack is that of not all jews being in on it. Been around far too many of them at many levels of economic station all over the planet to know otherwise.

    • Im the opposite, as i listen them in the background i enjoy long pdcasts so i dont have to run and switch.

      And sure the wisdom circle was amazing, i mean its always 2 hours long just the guests switch after an hour most time. Russ as guest is sure amazing as WW is my daily visit, 2 favorites.

      • Thanks for the positive feedback. I don’t get much of that. I don’t take it personally as judging from our traffic counters, relatively small numbers click through to the podcasts, and thus have no idea what is being produced.

        • >Thanks for the positive feedback. I don’t get much of that.

          No one here does; there is not really an active commenting community here, and very few comments garner replies — have you considered contacting Ron Unz to see if he would be interested in publishing some of your content on his site The Unz Review? — he might be interested — the UR gets significant traffic, so your material would get more attention, and it would no doubt attract more comments — it would also drive more traffic to your own site here — whether you engage with those who comment is up to you; some authors there do, most don’t, or do so only rarely.

          • People are welcome and encouraged to post WW articles there. It rarely happens. Unz has never reached out or shown interest. It may relate to our focus on staged deceptions which is outside of many alt media’s comfort zones aka Overton Window.

          • My suggestion (it was just that) was more that you should contact him.

            >post WW articles there

            I assume you mean as links in comments (?) — I was talking more about WW as a featured ‘author’ (or consortium of authors) on his site, like e.g. Sailer, SBPDL (‘Paul Kersey’), et al — there’s a good number.

            >our focus on staged deceptions

            Maybe — I don’t really have that impression though — Unz himself has written articles questioning the ‘conventional wisdom’ on a number of controversial topics, e.g. the ‘Holocaust’, the origins of SARS-CoV-2, etc — you can scroll down to see them here — assuming mutual interest, I’m sure you could work out together which articles to publish there.

            • I would permit them to run our material, but they have shown no interest. If they don’t know about WW by now they aren’t paying attention. Their loss, or it isn’t a good fit?

      • same here, i cant stare at the computer screen all day, reading article after article, but i can download podcasts and listen to them while doing other stuff throughout the day

  1. Fun show, enjoyed this one.

    Fetzer is way off base with the Israeli vaccine thing. It’s a ps-op, surprised he’s falling for it.

    The guest Eric needs a bit more education on jews. They’re ALL in on it to some degree. Sorry Eric, been doing this way too long to know better,

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