‘Missing’ Vegas Security Guard Jesus Campos Shows Up for ‘Ellen’ Show Interview, Digs Himself Into a Deep Hole

PHOTO: via Twitter

“No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar.”– Abraham Lincoln

Jesus Campos and what looks like his handler walked on to the set of the Ellen DeGeneras show in October, 2017 looking no worse for the wear two weeks after taking an AR round in the leg at the Mandalay Hotel in Las Vegas during the Harvest “shooting.” It also looks like the much heavier looking Campos has been hitting the buffet bars hard since his photos one week earlier at an Oct. 10 “award ceremony.”  Sherlock spots that on Oct. 10 he knots his tie right over left. On the 17th he knots left over right.

At left Oct. 10; at right Oct. 17.

We have seen no CCTV footage of the guard, Jesus Campos who we’re told took a bullet to the leg in the hallway of the Mandalay hotel, and even the paparazzi haven’t managed to capture a picture.

But the mystery of key witness Jesus Campos inexplicably taking a long drive and disappearing to Mexico after receiving a leg bullet wound is answered in the police report. There are no details about any medical treatment he received.

This suggests an implausible scenario in which a man with a severe bullet wound took a road trip of at least 700-miles trip (counting from the border crossing) less than one week after his injury, returning just two days before his award ceremony.

Wound from a .223 caliber bullet.

Why would police and the FBI even allow a wounded key eyewitness to leave the country just days after a mass shooting?

On Oct. 10, just nine days after being shot, he managed to limp into a steakhouse to receive an award for bravery from his fellow security officers. The following image is a blurry photo of that event, which was held at Jean Georges Steakhouse in Las Vegas.

The whole ceremony had a “Weekend at Bernie’s” quality to it. This image, which appears to be Photoshopped (see second photo), was also taken of the recently wounded Campos in a standing pose.

It was then reported that the security guard Campos – made famous in the Las Vegas shooter story – is not even registered as a guard with the State of Nevada.

Every security guard in the state of Nevada has to register as an armed or unarmed guard with the state’s Private Investigator’s Licensing Board (PILB). This entity’s records are publicly searchable at: nevadapilb.glsuite.us.

A fellow Mandalay Bay security guard claims to never have seen Jesus Campos, and doesn’t know of him.

Next Campos makes an appearance in the Ellen DeGeneras Show. Notice the handler rubbing his back several times throughout the interview. Here is Campos’ facial appearance in the Oct. 17 interview compared to the Oct. 10 “awards ceremony.” One is oval-faced, the other square.

Campos in the video of the interview below describes the stairwell doors as being barricaded by “metal brackets holding the doors in place.” DeGeneras was scripted enough to point out and clarify to the whole world that the inner stairwell door was barricaded. That’s what she is pointing to. 

Unfortunately for the storytellers, the inner door opens into the stairwell not away from it. Campos also says explicitly that he saw the barricade metal brackets from his viewpoint in the hallway. Nao combinam.

Campos is lying about seeing a barricade on the door, facing the hallway. That isn’t possible given the SWAT testimony. Campos explicitly says he’s seeing the barricade from the 32nd floor. NOT POSSIBLE. Skip to 3:57 in the video to hear the officer state the barricade was “in the stairwell”. Incidentially SWAT members are equipped with cams. Where’s the footage?

In fact, both doors opens toward the staircase, so the barricade wouldn’t work. Here are two girls in Mandalay Bay filming this. You only need to watch 0:08 to 0:15 to see both of the doors swing inward. If you need more confirmation, at 8:54 the girls return through the doors toward the hallway, and you can clearly see the door-closing mechanism and the doors.

An epic fail in the annals of staged deceptions.

The latest whereabouts of MGM “security guard” Jesus Campos is unknown. But in December, 2018 came news that MGM gave him a substantial gag settlement.

Campos signed a non-disclosure agreement with MGMRI. Campos received an all-expenses-paid trip and “gifted” two condos where he could reside, Castro claims. MGMRI hid Campos under guard at the Vdara Hotel and Spa after the October 1, 2017 Las Vegas Massacre for protection where his room and meals were provided, Castro said. The Baltimore Post Examiner contacted MGMRI seeking comment on several questions. MGMRI has not responded to the Baltimore Post-Examiner.

Winter Watch’s takeaway is that this Campos was a fake persona that was brought in from the outside to play a role. The fact that the Crime Syndicate resorted to this suggests botched planning in the Jesus Campos part of the operation and canned narrative.

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34 Comments on ‘Missing’ Vegas Security Guard Jesus Campos Shows Up for ‘Ellen’ Show Interview, Digs Himself Into a Deep Hole

  1. That was not Campos on the Ellen Show. Someone go talk to the family. Or the guy he shared the #SS with. Look at his lip line under his lip.

  2. Ummm, no. If you screw a metal bracket onto the hallway side of the door and then try to open it into the stairwell, it will not open. Three or four screws and a piece of bent metal and nobody gets those doors open from either side because the bracket on the hallway side of the door will catch on the hallway side of the door frame. His account makes sense if a bracket was screwed to the door.

    • Seriously- with the level of survelliance in these casino hotels, there is no way somebody screws or bolts a metal bar on a door without being quickly noticed. That would be a construction project that would require time and effort. The whole story has a nonsensical ring to it.

  3. The bullet had to have already passed through an obstruction like a wall, a door, before it hit Campos. It would have already been deformed and tumbling I would think?

    • Well, it would have to be a real bullet in the first place, not a mythical one.

      Mythical bullets cannot penetrate doors, nor can they physically harm liars.

    • 5.56/223 tends to fragment when it hits solid objects but doesn’t perform well in soft tissue at lower velocities. If campos was shot by an AR15 it would be a huge bloody mess either way.

    • The upward cant of the inner parts of the fat one’s eyebrows indicate that he is in full liar mode. Standard body language.

      I saw the same eyebrow crap when a JPL spokesman was lying about the Goldfield Rover — er “Mars Rover”. “We made a good movie” said the head of the project.

      Liars liars pants on fires.

  4. at the end of the day it doesn’t matter if it is him or not… they got him and decide where he goes and what he says ..it dont add anything really big in what he had to say today…hell Ellen feed him everything she could .the only thing i got out of this was there was a woman that saw all this ..we to this day dont know who she is ..and the first time iv heard of her ..and that he used his radio and cell phone and doing in a way that just makes no sense.. why and how much time laps between these calls …and why wasnt the maintenance man warned that this guy had been shot by the desk..that he couldn’t get in thought the stairwell he went around and he was able to walk to that stairwell with out any shots being fired ..with the cams on the cart ..and see it had the metal stripped screw to it..the shooting didnt start till he was down the hall and he heard shots took cover and then knew he had been shot..still story’s dont match time line ..when he popped his head out the first time why didnt he call out right away..im not buying any of this

  5. He “dropped down” to get “up” to the 32 floor? Anyone catch this? What a bunch of BS. Ellen conveniently has a chart!

  6. Innnteresting … “Ellen” show is reportedly managed by MGM, and MGM features many “Ellen” themed gaming machines in its casino. Furthermore, this is reportedly the ONLY interview Campos will be doing because, as Ellen said on behalf of Campos, “You don’t want to be reliving this over and over again.” Uh huh.

  7. Campos says “and I was going to say I was hit, but I uh, got all over my cell phone, just to clear that radio traffic, for they can coordinate, uh the rest of the call”

    This seems so completely bizarre to me. If you take his words at face value, Jesus Campos is saying, ostensibly, “Oh, they probably heard the gunfire, someone else will report this, I don’t want to tie up the lines and confuse any coordination.” That makes no sense. You’d radio it in SO THEY CAN COORDINATE AN ACCURATE RESPONSE.

  8. Let’s assume the Vegas shooting is a government charade. To what end? Gun control laws? No gun control laws were implemented afterwards. The event is now forgotten by the sheeple.

    • James,

      Good question and comment.

      Might I suggest just a continuation of rolling fear in events that come and go on a regular basis since 2001. You are right they fade quickly in many people’s minds, but a new one seems to appear every six months or so. A school shooting, an event like LV, a movie shooting, a riot, and so on…ad infinitum. One constant psyop to keep the fear factor high and make sure there is not a news cycle about peace ever again (we actually used to have some news about peace in the 1980s and 1990s if one can believe it).

      So that would be my humble guess on the “why”. Yet, I could be wrong on this idea.


    • The short term goal is not guns, but trauma based mind kontrol via strategy of tension. Some call these Gladio 2 events. In fact gun sales surge after these events. A more unknown goal are precrime laws and methods, and more surveillance, so as to spot these shooters and so called terrorists before they act.

      • Yes, I forgot all about the whole pre-crime angle both in reality and in film. This is a big deal for pushing the IOT, 5G and the complete loss of anything private (including one’s own thoughts) in our lives.

        Very good point and I am glad you helped me recall this aspect of the matter.


      • Part of the process former Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarek used for training his two sons in the art of leadership was to give each of them a box of baby chicks to then empty on to the floor and see how quickly each boy could get all the chicks back in the box. When the first son did it the chicks went everywhere and he had alot of trouble rounding them up back into the box. When the next son did the exercise he violently shook the box a number of times before tipping the chicks on to the ground. The chicks were so dazed and stunned he had no trouble getting them back in the box.
        Hoarding guns when the military can employ swarms of slaughter bots is useless.
        I know it’s far too late for 99% but stop watching TV and toss the liar in the living room into the trash.

  9. I feel as if I’m so far ahead of the brass band I can’t hear the music.

    It’s taken this long for some to question this and the whole Vegas BS? And they are still in doubt? Can’t seem to nail themselves down to an opinion. Taking the best half out of the middle is cowardly. Everyone is a namby-pamby it seems.

    Where are the NPR ‘news’ stories on the heroic doctors and nurses. Was MASH 4077 called in? The hospitals there couldn’t handle 50 or more military grade gunshot wounds at one time. Henry Blake and crew couldn’t do it. Who treated all these injured?

    Can we get back to common sense instead of using ignorance as a defense? Please?

    I’m still wondering how a women gets shot at close range with an issued police weapon, a ..40 or .45 caliber bullet, I am told, and doesn’t bleed out? That scene would have been a bloody mess.

    Can I get a witness? Can someone else ask that question?

    • WE,

      “Can someone else ask that question?”

      You have already posed the question, so why be redundant?

      Certainly you seem to already have all of the answers and do not require any further discussion on this or any other matter. One might wonder why you come to WW to have a discussion with us at all? If you have everything settled in your own mind, then you probably do not need us for anything unless you are going to promote another blog and call people “cockwobble” or some other such nonsense.

      We come here and spend our free time to help one another out and expand thought, not shut it down. Now I will concede that we do not always agree; however, that is a time when some of the best learning occurs for all of us. We realize there is in fact gray, in what we may have previously thought was black or white.

      Good luck, but also please consider that WW may not be the best venue for someone with your intellectual might, writing skills and use of new words.


      • I don’t think WE was directing his criticism at us, but at pajama people in general? He may want to watch his verbiage style so as to eliminate confusion however. If not it shouldn’t be necessary for me to defend as was writing about this event rather extensively back in 2017.

        • Got it.

          I do send my apologies for any misunderstanding on my part. It read as though he was just over all of us at WW simply talking an event through. Also a similar event seemed to occur with WE and another person last Saturday (which is why I am aware of the term “cockwobble”, which I had never encountered before).

          Yet, I can see where I might have misinterpreted the reply, and do sincerely apologize if I did.


          • Not sure you did misinterpret. But there are a lot of angry folks out there (which I get) who tend to criticize and spew out universal condemnations, when speaking to a specific audience. Some make calls to “do something”. What would that be exactly, incitement? I get a little weary of that style as well as it can border on trolling. But it goes with the territory.

            • I do understand.

              In all fairness, I got mad last night when I began to talk about Disney on yesterday’s thread (went to bed after the upload, should have gone before). Seems I wound up doing a little spewing myself, so I do get how a given topic could make one a bit “hot under the collar”.

  10. I agree with what Torchy stated a while back:

    “Show us the CCTV footage.”

    Ellen is a useful stooge that I am amazed is still around. In the 1980s she was a horrible stand-up comic who could bore you to tears and often bickered with Paula Poundstone (talk about a ghost from the past).

    Why anyone would give that individual a television show and then a talk show never squared with me. She was incredibly talentless and yet they invested in her. Seems very odd to me, and as her show’s ratings were dying fast, BOOM, time to come out of the closet.

    As for the “cutout” that Mr. Winter identified in this thread, he just fits the script so well and is then forgotten by most folks in this world. Here today, gone by this afternoon.

    Just like I asked yesterday, what mature and wise government would ever perpetrate such events on its own citizenry? Whether it is this LV event or January 6 in the Capitol, one has to wonder the “why” of it all and the “where” the nation began to go wrong. I know that we are constantly trying to figure these things out on WW, but with so many data points littered throughout history, it becomes really difficult to put one’s finger on the inception point, if there even is one.

    As always a great thread. As always my thanks to RW, Torchy and Mr. Mueller for all their hard work. It is great to have a place to discuss these matters and try to help one another out.

    As always, my best to everyone who comes here; you are all in my good thoughts and prayers, without any exceptions. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


  11. The enormous signs of decline are everywhere to be seen! Where are the Creators today who will turn even all of these lies and this filth into gold? I regularly avoid going out into public now and seeing all the propagandized, mask-wearing morons! I’m staggered daily by the weaklings! I’m looking for Creators! Men of granite!

    I think it was Bukowski that said the ‘great men’ of today lurked at the end of a lonely bar or in the a basement somewhere hidden and invisible to the masses, until one day,…Wham! They appear on the scene! They become ripe! The shaman calls!

      • Ed,

        Just wanted to apologize for my part in our disagreement. Although I cannot agree with your read on the topic, I can accept and respect that it is your perspective, which you are entitled to without a conflict from me. Also, I do know that you are a good man and we just simply are at an impasse on this particular subject. There are so many other topics in this world that we agree on, that getting hung up on one is not good for either one of us, and / or Winter Watch.

        Now do I expect that we will have as many marathon posts and response sessions? No. Heck I am not even sure that we will speak much at all in the future (my point is I have no expectations regarding either one of us). Yet, I do think we can occupy an electronic space in peace and with respect for one another.

        Lastly, let’s be honest we are perfect strangers who speak in an online forum. With this said, I would also like to thank you for being as generous as you have been with your time and resources (recommendations for finding new data); hopefully, I have done the same, as I was endeavoring to be a good study partner and friend.

        You and yours are in my prayers; I am sure you will be very blessed today and throughout this entire week. Please be well.

        All my best,

        Simple Citizen

        P.S. No need for a response; however, if you do respond, please take no offense if I do not see it for a few days or more. I may either be in and out on WW (just reading the threads, but not the comments) or will be gone for a little while. It is both a very busy and pretty week (spring like temperatures). So I am hoping to get my work done and then spend most of my time outdoors. At least that is the goal.


        • SC,

          Water under the bridge! Let’s just move forward from here. Plus, the last thing Russ wants to involve himself in is a bunch of drama in his comment section. Have a good day!

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