Security Officer Currently Guarding Mandalay Bay’s 32nd-Floor Says He Doesn’t Know, Has Never Seen Jesus Campos

PHOTO: via The Los Angeles Times

Fellow Mandalay Bay security guard claims to never have seen Jesus Campos, doesn’t know him

12 November 2017

INTELLIHUB — A security officer responsible for guarding Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino’s 32nd-floor stairwell entrance says he doesn’t know Jesus Campos and has never seen him.

The officer’s shocking admission was captured on video by reporter Jason Goodman who was walking the hotel with Joe Napoli while live-streaming via YouTube late Sunday evening.

The two men entered the 32nd-floor after descending a stairwell from the 33rd-floor when the encountered the guard who was blocking entry to the 32nd-floor where Stephen Paddock’s suite was located. […]

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