Occidental Professor Warns: Be ‘Suspicious of Males Who Strongly Identify as Men’

Lisa Wade, sociology professor at Occidental College. PHOTO: Youtube.com

By Faith Moore | 9 November 2017

PJ MEDIA — In an article for Public Books, Lisa Wade, a sociology professor at Occidental College (which, I’m embarrassed to say, is my alma mater) recently wrote that “we should reject the idea that men have a psychic need to distinguish themselves from women.” Why? Because “masculinity is toxic.” In fact, we should be “suspicious of males who strongly identify as men.”

Frankly, I’d be more suspicious of males who identified as something other than males like, say, toasters, or unicorns, or their great-aunt Mildred’s long-lost cat. It seems to me that those males would be delusional and therefore far more suspicious than males who actually identified as males. Since that’s what they are. It would at least display a much stronger grasp on reality than our dear friend professor Wade.

Let me break Wade’s theory down for you, because I could see how sane people might have a little trouble following it. Wade believes that there is literally no difference between men and women. And, since there’s no difference between men and women, anything that is seen as being inherently masculine or inherently feminine is actually just a social construct. And (as if that wasn’t crazy enough,) every single thing that is supposedly male is bad. “If we are going to finish the gender revolution,” declares Wade, “then, we need to call masculinity out as a hazardous ideology and denounce anyone who chooses to identify with it.” […]

4 Comments on Occidental Professor Warns: Be ‘Suspicious of Males Who Strongly Identify as Men’

  1. Overall, such bizarre claptrap is sponsored only if directed against European-heritage males … Issues of women & feminism are quickly shunted to the rear when colliding with the oligarch agenda for open-borders, migrants & multi-culturalism. Even SJW feminists are quickly denounced as ‘racists’ if they try to promote women’s rights for females trapped in fundamentalist Muslim households, or if they try to advocate for rape victims of migrants. And this despite Muslim women yearning for Western ‘feminism’ to help them. Sorry, the oligarchs say, that’s not part of their plans.

    Tragic, heart-rending case in point: 30-year-old Angelica Wiktor of Vittaryd, Sweden, a lesbian, apparently killed herself after being raped by two neighbour migrant males who burst into her home – alleged ‘Syrians’ (often a false nationality claim by migrants in Europe) – and after the Swedish authorities declined to prosecute the men, despite Angelica’s personal testimony to police, medical authorities verifying she was raped, & the men continuing to stalk & harass her –

    Apparently Angelica shared her story on Facebook before deliberately overdosing on drugs … The now-suicided lesbian had earlier expressed to her mother, how pleased she was to have ‘refugees’ given a home nearby

    Angelica’s story was quickly all over various ‘rightist’ websites in multiple languages … but for a while even semi-mainstream media were not touching it

    Despite the importance of a case like this, arguably exposing the horror of Western governmental systems at their worst … and a symbolic case for any ‘feminist’ truly eager to protect women … there has been little by way of ‘feminist’ concern for this raped, dead lesbian. Until some clever SJW manages to pretend to blame ‘European patriarchy’ for the crime.

    It seems the plan is that, imported migrants no matter how rough, & ‘anti-racism’ to the point of absurdity, are sacred cows held up as top-level values, with clear precedence over, e.g., any ‘rights’ of women being raped … as we see in Germany & Sweden, prosecutions themselves are being discouraged & stonewalled, on the basis that prosecution of such crimes ‘might lead to more racism’, per the claim of the oligarchs playing their social engineering games.

    • These bozo schools wouldn’t exist with worthless people like Wade if it wasn’t for the government subsidized loans they get.

  2. “we should be “suspicious of males who strongly identify as men.” This idiocy now passes as the philosophy of a sociology professor? More and more now you read just how bizarre faculties of “higher” education have become. Even Monty Python couldn’t make this stuff up.

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