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Black Lives Matter Terrorists Continue to Hold America Hostage as Rapper Lil’ Baby Turns Grammys into Platform for Anti-Cop Social Justice Demands

PHOTO: Vulture

The performance mimics last summer’s Black Lives Matter riots in response to the police shooting of Rayshard Brooks in Lil Baby’s hometown of Atlanta, Ga. last summer. Rayshard Brooks was killed in June by fired Atlanta Police Officer Garrett Rolfe. Before his death, Brooks resisted arrest, snatched an officer’s taser, ran away, and fired the taser at a second arresting officer, Devin Brosnan. Rolfe has been charged with felony murder. Police responded to calls that Brooks was sleeping in his car outside of a Wendys drive-thru. Rioters burned that Wendy’s to the ground. A similar scene played out during Lil Baby’s performance on Sunday night.

Rapper Lil Baby turned the Grammys stage on Sunday night into a riot scene that mirrored the deadly and violent protests that gripped the nation in response to the death of George Floyd.

By Geoffrey Grider | 15 March 2021

NOW THE END BEGINSLast summer, the fine folks of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter set a record never before reached by any group ever in the 244-year history of the United States of America. They created riots on the streets of every major democratically-controlled city across the country, which resulted in 2 rapes, 12 people murdered and $2 billion dollars in damage. But, they are quick to tell you, it’s the police that are the real threat. Hmm…

Last night, the Grammys decided that having the stage for their annual music awards program turned into a replica of the violent, burning streets of last summer was a good idea. But it didn’t stop there, the Grammys became nothing more than a mouthpiece for the social justice demands put forth by the Marxists who created Black Lives Matter. I stopped watched these self-congratulating bogus award shows some years back, and I stopped watching all professional sports in 2020. There is a coup underway in America at the moment, demands are being made, and a new regime wants to take over. By any means necessary.

I am absolutely open to discuss ways to reduce racial violence in America, and absolutely open to discuss ways to reduce incidences of police brutality, as any American would be. But what I am not open to discuss is allowing the very same people who claim to be the victims to wreak any more havoc and damage upon us. I stand with black people, and I stand against the Black Lives Matter Movement organization. […]

18 Comments on Black Lives Matter Terrorists Continue to Hold America Hostage as Rapper Lil’ Baby Turns Grammys into Platform for Anti-Cop Social Justice Demands

  1. >Rapper Lil’ Baby Turns Grammys into Platform for Anti-Cop Social Justice Demands


    In the meantime, 108 firearms homicides so far this year in (just) Chicago — > 95% of the victims black or Hispanic (in my experience with online Chicago media, many people with Hispanic surnames look black) — in the end, i.e. when/if the case is cleared (in Chicago, you have a 50% chance of literally getting away with murder), the race of the perpetrators will be the same as the victims: almost entirely black, which matches AmRen’s findings re ‘The Color of Crime’ in major urban areas.

    But these are ghetto thugs blasting away at each other so no one cares; I don’t blame them, I don’t care either — I’m just noting the order of magnitude hypocrisy.

    Other countries may be ‘shitholes’ re their civilizational infrastructure, but America has been niggerized and is now an intellectual shithole.

    • >In the meantime, 108 firearms homicides so far this year in (just) Chicago

      6 days later: now 123 gun homicides in Chicago — that’s > 2/day.

  2. Rap sucks to begin with ( it’s not music ) , and since these robotic sounding tag-heads use the excessive attention , praise and false prestige conveniently alloted to them by the powers that be to promote their raciss’ and gratuitous hate filled commie propaganda , it has gone beyond pathetic !!!

  3. As a Brit from across the pond, nothing now amazes me about violence in America. Your cops wouldn’t be fit to lick the boots of our unarmed police in Britain. Corruption, brutality, and zero accountability are the bywords that sum up US police forces. Black lives DON’T matter, and no one else’s does either from what I can see.

    • >Your cops wouldn’t be fit to lick the boots of our unarmed police in Britain.

      LOL, sure dude — and this coming from a guy who lives in a country where Paki rape gangs sexually brutalized underage English girls literally for decades, right under the noses of cops and council authorities, who were afraid to do anything about it lest they be called ‘racist’ — so yes, do tell us more about ‘boot licking’ and how great British cops are, you limey faggot.

      Update us when the black population of Britain is 14% (the US has approx 45m Blacks) instead of well under 5%, which it is now — in the meantime, check on the demographics of knife crime in the UK and report back.

      Is the cop who’s being held for the murder of Sarah Everard an example of these fine British cops? — asking for a friend.

    • Mr. Smith:

      Without our Cops, no lives would matter. And, in every terror attack on our British Allies shown on worldwide news reports and more over the past several years, your Police Officers appear to be Fully Armed, every time.

      Sounds like you’re comfortably retired across the pond and maybe have no street-time wearing a badge. Nor do I, but as a former contractor for law enforcement, I have worked in cooperation with many Federal, State, and Local LEOs, who All did it Right, and showed genuine concern and great heart for protecting those who didn’t have the necessary tools to protect themselves.

      Did you ever think for a second that maybe Officer Rolfe could have possibly been concerned that if Rayshard Brooks continued running, that would have given him opportunity to maybe carjack someone or worse during his flee from police? And if Brooks had done so, then the public would likely have yelled, “It’s the police fault. They could have stopped him.” No one wants to see anyone killed, but nor is crime legal or anyone’s civil right.

      On the other hand, in 1997, I met and witnessed members of your own Country (acting under their Color of UK and Canadian Government Authority) in Southern California, engaged in what appeared to be Socio-Economic misinformation campaigns against US, our Country. They fully supported the clandestine works of the US Clinton Presidency at such time, feeling it was also okay to have their own hands in the cookie-jar of crime during their stays.

      Some might say those UK/Canadian-based actions on US Soil appeared as espionage. And, in now looking back, your UK Assets support for the Clintons’ highly questionable international policies, like decades-old clandestine business with Libya’s Ghaddafi, in part, certainly led US to this Political Cluster…F…k we are now in – a CF that President Donald Trump had enough Courage and Patriotism to try and stop. Though we do love our Good Canadian and UK Allies as decades-old friends, it appears you too have insurgents like we do (in the form of Violent BLM and ANTIFA Players, like John Sullivan).

      Sir Walter; why in the world would your UK Assets (under the cover and Color of Authority of Canadian Cultural Attaches) on US Soil be conducting themselves as such? That, in now decades later pattern, it seems consistent that in early 2018, Canada’s Justin Trudeau quietly authorized a plan to train Communist-China’s PLA Commandos in Mountain Survival Exercises based at the Queen’s Ontario Canada Military Installation in Winter 2019 (the exact same time period when the CCP Virus was released on US and the World). What a coincidence, Right!

      What say you Retired Sir Walter of MI5, or is it MI6? Should we Americans not be paying attention!

      3rd-Eye Open, always.

      • One other thing Sir Walter. Remember, it was the British, who over 220 years ago captured at gun-point African-Americans on our soil during our fight for an American Freedom.

        It was the British who forced those African-Americans to fight against their own Freedom, against US, our American Colors.

        We won that fight, and to our core, we love our Native-American Brothers and Sisters, our African-American Brothers and Sisters, our Brothers and Sisters who Protect our Freedoms – our Law Enforcement, Americans All.

        And though our Republic remains a tried and true work-in-progress, we weigh these Truths as a Nation requiring Law and Order to continue, knowing that your UK is the size and population of only 3 of our 50 United States of America.

        I will give Sir Walter one positive; he’s right about the corruption in American Politics, and it all starts with the Clinton-Obama-Biden Trojan-Horse, thanks to a few of his 1990s Comrades, to name just a few.

    • @waltersmith The UK media – news, entertainment – paint a very bizarre picture of the USA. The same is true of US perceptions of ‘little olde England’.

      The vast, vast majority of US police are doing the unglamorous work of collecting taxes via speeding tickets, showing their faces to keep violent thugs at bay (just like in the UK), performing countless acts of kindness that go unreported (just like in the UK) etc. They are severely constrained by rule of law and bureaucracy.

      A tiny minority are crooked and/or violent (just like in the UK where corruption is once again a serious issue, nearly as bad as the 1980’s).

      Years of exported Hollywood bullshit depicting casual violence, stereotyped gang members etc have soaked peoples brains so they can’t tell the difference between the real world and the fictional one. Ironically former members of the US armed forces (which are used to fight the globalist empire’s wars as mercenaries) are very grounded in what ultra violence is, and many of these people go on to join the police. Many, many police are black in the USA and have grown up around violent drug culture in urban areas.

      ‘Black Lives Matter’ is a Marxist organization that has been commandeered by mostly white anarchists, many of whom are homeless, struggling with substance abuse and mental illness and who are easily corralled and directed by Black Bloc et al. The great irony is ultra white liberal towns are festooned with BLM virtue signaling merchandise, while mixed race and black neighborhoods have very little of this.

      The goal of the elites appears to be divide and rule – get everyone distrusting and hating everyone else, sow discord and racial hatred and enable ultra violent criminals to inflame this situation. They are succeeding and it is worth noting there are ominous parallels to 1930s Europe and Germany. Don’t let the continue this and don’t believe the media bullshit.

      • >ominous parallels to 1930s Europe and Germany

        A completely different historical context which had really nothing to do with racial diversity.

        >sow discord and racial hatred

        I often see this pollyanna-ish sentiment — the truth is, ‘diversity’ was always a fraud, papered over by affirmative action, wealth transfers, and the media morally denouncing anyone, especially smart white guys, who notices racial differences — 90% of Blacks have an IQ lower than the average White — this results in a HUGE difference in average SES, which can not unfairly be seen/described as festering social pathology — one reason the media goes all-in on these BLM incidents is as a distraction, since these black men are a LOT closer to the average in America than they want people to realize: low/zero academic achievement, significant criminal history, unemployment and menial jobs.

        People behind the website ‘The Alternative Hypothesis’ made a good faith effort to quantify this:

        Fiscal Impact by Race in 2018

        Unsurprisingly, the conclusion is that Blacks are an economic boat anchor.

        After Asians organized marches/protests against ‘white supremacy’ in response to anti-Asian violence by Blacks (link), even the most obtuse Whites ought to begin to realize there’s a problem with ‘diversity’ when members of a successful ‘model minority’ adopt a ‘blame whitey’ mindset.

        Whites who refuse to see/accept this reality are being cowards and condemning future generations of Whites to endure bullshit like this (and worse once Whites are a minority) in their own countries.

        • >even the most obtuse Whites ought to begin to realize

          And it’s positive that this underlying racial tension is being exposed (again) during the internet age: mainstream media outlets cannot as easily control the flow of information, albeit with all the censorship they are trying very hard to do that (this last Twitter purge was a real wipeout, eliminating almost every alternative/dissident timeline I used to view regularly, including ones that had survived for years).

      • Just learned today about Los Angeles DA Gascon’s California Public Corruption Love Affair with BLM. Yes, BLM Members who apparently tried to derail and crash a public transit train into their staged barricades. The staging of that BLM-anticipated event was apparently captured on video, as well was Gascon’s illegal audio-recorded back-door deal with BLM and possibly others. The BLM suspects in that case were arrested, in custody by LASD, and Gascon was allegedly captured on audio recording with his BLM Friend and the DDA working the case – ordering the release of BLM Arrestees.

        Like I’ve said before – Crime is now legal in California & 4 Felonies is now like a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice. And to top it off, Corrupt Politicians are continuing the early-release of tens of thousands of prison & jailed inmates into our streets. They’re releasing the wolves on US All, & at the same time, they are driving-hard toward creative back doors to take our legal weapons from our homes so we can’t defend ourselves or our families.

        Via JOETUS, Harris & the DPL, they’re replacing US to make way for Communist-China.

  4. Okay guys, very OTT with my comments on your police – sorry. But it is JUST about the police in both our countries and nothing else. Otherwise the discussion goes off in all directions and includes totally irrelevant subjects. Re your observations ‘eah’. No need for personal abusive i.e. ‘Limey Faggot’. I would need 20 pages to explain the real story behind the police and the Pakistanis sexually abusing young girls/women. Btw, eventually they all got sent down for very long sentences. But these weren’t white angelic virgins from respectable middle class families. They had all come from the most violent dysfunctional backgrounds imaginable. And let’s face it, everyone is a product of the environment in which they are raised.

    All had been taken into care by Social Services at around age 11, and as no one knew what to do with them, they were placed in special secure children’s homes until they had to be released at 16. Many escaped and ran away well before then. The age of consent is 16 in Britain btw. All had been in trouble with the law and most were drug addicted, hopeless cases. All were well known to the police. So it wasn’t a case of the police not taking action ‘lest they appeared as racist’ as you put it ‘eah’ They just ignored the problem.

    This was obviously wrong. Even a prostitute who has been raped has the same protection in law as a virgin who suffers this. As for knife crime, it has now peaked and due to local initiatives and programmes that have been introduced, it is falling month on month. The 99% white Scottish city of Glasgow had horrendous knife deaths and injuries for decades. But it was never mentioned in the English media south of the border. It’s now gone because of those type of programmes, and that’s where England turned to for help.

    I don’t see what percentages of black people in our countries has anything to do with this either ‘eah’. The population of England makes up the bulk of the population of Britain with nearly 57 million people. Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales are the ‘also rans’ and make up the rest of the British population to its present number of 67 million thereabouts. You are wrong with your figures because B.A.M.E. people (Black Asian & Minority Ethnic) make up 14% of the numbers in England, exactly the same percentage as in the US.

    And now to the policeman who has murdered Sarah Everard. To say that the nation is totally stunned by what’s happened, would be the understatement of the century. Almost everyone is in a state of shock over this. Friends and family of this guy refuse to accept what he’s done. They all insist that he is a normal friendly and popular family man who is well liked by everyone. He had served in the army and was attached to the ‘Diplomatic and Embassy Protection Squad’ in central London. As such, he was one of the few officers who was licensed to be armed.

    But strangely, just before this horrific episode, he went into a McDonalds and indecently exposed himself. Bizarre to say the least. As he’s now been charged, nothing more can be officially reported about him. But the media and the police themselves have dropped heavy hints that he could well have suffered some sort of trauma that has sent him psychotic. Whilst in custody, he has twice tried to commit suicide by smashing his skull against the cell walls. This has resulted in him being taken unconscious to hospital both times with bad head injuries.

    My guess is that the poor man will be committed to a secure mental institution for the rest of his life.

    Just to conclude. All American tourists who have visited London have always remarked on how the police are very approachable and friendly Try walking up to a cop on the streets of New York to ask for directions. He’ll most likely be drawing his gun and aggressively spitting in your face:- “Go buy a f***ing street map Buddy.” Well that’s what happened to a friend of mine not 3 years ago. Perhaps it’s just New York ! ?

    Pip pip old fruit, what ?


    • Your second comment is too long, full of irrelevant anecdotal bullshit, and shows you are ignorant of basic demographic facts (“I don’t see what percentages of black people in our countries has anything to do with this either” — LOL) — did you check the demographics of knife crime in the UK?

      >the real story behind the police and the Pakistanis sexually abusing young girls/women

      Yeah, we’re all dying to know the “real story” — I’ve followed it, and downloaded/read the ‘Jay Report’, where the circumstances are laid out pretty clearly — I don’t see how there could be mitigating factors — and considering the victims (vulnerable young girls), the fact you would imply there’s ‘more to the story’ just increases my contempt for you.

      >You are wrong with your figures

      No I wasn’t wrong — I specifically said “black population” because I meant only Blacks — if I had wanted to include those other groups I would have — idiot.

      >He’ll most likely be drawing his gun and aggressively spitting in your face

      Sure, “most likely” — childishly absurd hyperbole.

      Your first comment showed you are susceptible to even the crudest media propaganda, and are too stupid and/or lazy for independent thought.

      I’m not the kind who says ‘Thanks for your service’ to the troops, or ‘Back the blue’ about the cops, of whom I have some natural suspicion — but I will take their side when the media smears them via a campaign of obvious lies.

      Not a single one of the recent incidents hyped by the media was an instance of police misconduct toward Blacks — not the Floyd case, nor Kenosha, nor Louisville — the same media that lied about Ferguson (‘Hands up don’t shoot’) and earlier about George Zimmerman (the ‘white Hispanic’) pushed another campaign of lies about all of these recent events.

      I don’t think a foreigner can appreciate what a huge problem black criminality is in America, especially for beat cops in urban areas where there are large numbers of Blacks — and now they have to worry about their every action/reaction being heavily scrutinized when making difficult decisions in real-time about how to deal with unpredictable, violent black men, when relaxing or making a mistake could easily mean losing their own life.

      • I see you’re still being personally abusive ‘eah’ and yes, you are behaving in a contemptuous manner- I’ve obviously hit a nerve. You mention the ‘media propaganda’. So I assume the only media you pay any attention to is Fox News, ‘the news channel that Americans trust’. Pity Bill O’Reilly was shown the door, he really was a decent even minded individual who was fair with everyone and everything – lol.

        Just one fact that you still dispute. I said that knife crime is now falling due to various initiatives and programmes, and it is. I didn’t say that a New York cop ‘spits in your face’ as you’ve made it sound. Perhaps I should have said: and aggressively snarling in your face, “go buy a……………” The fact remains that a policeman held his knee on George Floyd’s neck for some considerable time for no reason, and even continued when the guy was clearly having trouble breathing.

        I suppose you’re going to say that his subsequent death was just coincidence. I’m a believer in cause and effect. And that cop caused an amazing effect with everyone, black and white, saying enough is enough. It came to symbolise what people have been thinking for years. And you can’t deny that can you ? Violent crime in America is much the same as in the UK i.e. it’s black on black. You make it sound as though the white population live day to day in constant fear from black criminals.

        When you say that ‘relaxing or making a mistake could easily mean losing their own life’, well you obviously know what I’m going to say next. What do you expect when any psycho, violent criminal, or maniac can go out and buy a gun as easily as buying a hamburger ? But that’s the land of the free where it’s enshrined in the Constitution. In 1996, a member of a gun club in Scotland decided to shoot real people instead of targets. The bastard went into a school and gunned down16 little children as well as their teacher before killing himself. It was the biggest mass shooting in British history, and the government then banned the ownership of all hand guns whether privately or in gun clubs. If you are caught in possession of a gun in Britain without a reason, you’re looking at 2 years in prison minimum.

        And that’s where I came in when I said in my original message:- “As a Brit from across the pond, nothing now amazes me about violence in America.”

        • Who the hell are you “Trevor”? — this is the first comment by “Trevor” under this article.

          >Fox News

          I haven’t watched or owned a TV in many years; I don’t even watch excerpts on YT — Fox, CNN, whatever; I was done with all of it long ago — I know who O’Reilly is: just another useless, chamber of commerce ‘conservative’ of the ilk who’ve conserved nothing in America for decades.

          >knife crime

          I didn’t ask about the level of knife crime, or the trend (more/less), I asked about the demographics of it, you hack.

          >for no reason

          LOL — Floyd was a big, powerful guy who was resisting arrest — if you watch the full bodycam footage, Floyd complained of being short of breath several minutes before he was subdued — he did not die of asphyxiation; a knee on the neck like that does not close the airway — it was more dishonest media propaganda via selective editing — just like NBC aired an edited version of George Zimmerman’s call to police to make it look like he told them on his own that the guy he was following was black — he said that because the police dispatcher asked him for a description, but NBC edited the question out — Zimmerman sued NBC over that, but his suit was ridiculously dismissed: the editing was clearly malign, a slander designed to portray Zimmerman as a racist.

          >his subsequent death

          If you want to know Floyd’s cause of death, read the autopsy report.

          >behaving in a contemptuous manner

          Your screed was just a lot of effeminate quibbling and kvetching — believe it or not, some people deserve contempt, and you’re one of them.

          • I’m actually known as Trevor, but I use the name Walter Smith for reasons of libel plus other other stuff when I’m using social media and replying to comments on the internet. Are you actually saying then ‘eah’ that the whole of the media in America, except for Fox News, has an agender whereby they demonise anyone who doesn’t agree with their so called ‘liberal’ views’ ? I find this hard to accept. Why is that black people in America just don’t trust the police one bit ? It can’t just be reverse discrimination surely ? I suppose the Rodney King episode all those years ago was all his fault as well.
            Btw, has Hope Steffey used most of her compensation she received off the police, on counselling and psychiatric care for the trauma she’s still suffering ? Not one of those cops got disciplined never mind dismissed and jailed for what was clearly sexual assault. Their feet wouldn’t have touched the ground in Britain.

            P.S. I’m a WASP in case you’re wondering.

    • Walter – comparing England to the USA is like comparing oil to wine, totally different culturally often confused by the common language which make things appear similar. I have spent equal time in both places during my life and until the coronapocalypse have been in the UK and europe mutliple times a year.

      The US is vast, a comparison is europe to a Brit. What goes on in Slovenia is completely different to London, which in turn is completely different to Hull.

      Take a look at CharlieBo’s youtube channel touring US ghetto culture

      What is consistent across the US are the very poor areas, which in many ways are similar to the arrondissements surrounding Paris for a comparison. Due to the vast size of the US a form of apartheid is in effect, a patchwork quilt of different cultural jigsaw pieces with different jurisdictions, policing, taxation, services etc. The ‘united’ states is an oxymoron, it is thousands of different places in a dozen or so big regions. The policing and actions of people vary enormously within these places. Unlike London where a judge may live on the same street as a family whose son he’s put away for GBH the classes are segmented.

      Places like Detroit’s poor neighborhoods are hollowed out by middle class flight, leaving heavily armed people living a very different life to the vast majority of the country. These people are often extremely dangerous, substance abused ravaged people often with mental problems with little empathy for others.

      Half the US ‘homeless’ are in California and the west coast and are also ravaged by trimorbidity, addictions, mental illness and poor health, sold drugs by the people in the previous paragraph.
      Policing this is challenging made worse by dense bureaucracy and following the letter of the law.

      I won’t go into too much detail about your comments about the UK police except to say a small town tithead is likely to be a lot friendlier than London squad car inhabitants who often have guns in the boot and are highly suspicious of everyone…

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