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Against the Rainbow Capitalists

A new Black Lives Matter campaign in the U.S. is pushing to add a black and a brown stripe to the iconic rainbow flag as a way to represent people of color in the queer community.

By Keith Preston | June 2021

CHRONICLES — Broad swaths of conservative opinion today would have it that the enemy of the right is some variant of Marxism. But this does not accurately describe people like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, or CNN’s Jeff Zucker. All the tech and media executives who are censoring and deplatforming voices on the right can hardly be described as ideological Marxists or Maoists.

No, our real enemy today is what I like to call “rainbow capitalism,” which is corporate, quasi-monopoly capitalism closely tied to the central state and its agencies of surveillance and control, and increasingly wedded to the cultural and political goals of the left. This conjunction of what we used to call “big business” and progressive politics has happened in large part because men like Bezos and Zuckerberg and a host of others recognize that their long-term interests are best served by the complete deracination and demoralization of the American people.

But it would be a mistake to imagine that such goals are pursued exclusively by the Democratic Party (today dominated by its left-wing factions). Powerful elements within the Republican Party are at least sympathetic with those goals — especially with the aims of unrestricted immigration and globalization. As the party of resistance the authentic, populist right must redouble its efforts to establish complete independence from the corporate media and the elite donor classes, regardless of their party affiliations. Moreover, the right must recognize that, for the foreseeable future, history favors the leftward movement of the culture. It must concede these limitations and work where it can to create and sustain pockets of opposition. […]

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