Banned Dr. Seuss Books Already Selling for Hundreds of Dollars on Ebay

By Tyler Durden | 2 March 2021

ZERO HEDGE — Update (1255ET): Shortly after the cancel mob came for Dr. Seuss, several recently banned books began selling for hundreds of dollars on Ebay. For example:

Will woke Ebay allow the auctions to complete?

Meanwhile, one Amazon seller is offering “If I Ran the Zoo” for nearly $1,000:

Six short years ago, former First Lady Michelle Obama read a Dr. Seuss book to a group of school children.

Now, Dr. Seuss is racist, and has become the latest victim of woke-mob cancel culture.

Six Seuss books – including “And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street” and “If I Ran the Zoo” will no longer be published due to ‘racist and insensitive imagery,’ according to the organization which preserves and protects the author’s legacy. […]

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  1. Many of Dr, Geisel’s books have promoted egalitarianism – the supposed stuff of today’s ‘liberal’ predominance. Through enjoyable illustrations & clever rhymes, he really is on their side. How ridiculous the collective left is by shooting itself in the foot over this nonissue.

  2. >Banned Dr. Seuss Books

    Just to note: the books are not ‘banned’ in the sense you can no longer buy them; per the article, the foundation administering Geisel’s estate will no longer allow new editions to be published — it seems there may not even be current editions of at least some of the affected titles; Amazon only lists copies from marketplace sellers — the gouging is worse on used book sites like, where you can find very pricey titles and collections of titles — but nearly all of them seem to what you might call ‘vintage’ editions; after a quick search I didn’t see anything published this century, and some of the editions offered are from the 1970s and earlier; e.g. I found two 1950 editions of ‘If I Ran the Zoo’, one for $7500 and one for $9500 (believe it or not) — no idea how they were priced before this news came out.

    But here’s one book that won’t be banned: ‘Jacob’s New Dress’

    A reviewer writes:
    [Purveyors of the upside down world — black is white, up is down, girls are boys, boys are girls. This is a guidebook on how to make your child mentally ill. The transgender suicide rate is 40%. This is absolute evil!!! Would give it minus 5 stars if I could.]

    (I don’t vouch for the suicide claim.)

    It’s clearly a book for very small children, with illustrations typical for that genre — what kind of person would write such a book aimed at impressionable young children? — her name is Sarah Hoffman, and she’s a Jew (link).

    If you want to know why people who were formerly reluctant to engage with the JQ do so now, take instances like this and multiply them endlessly and you have part of the reason.

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