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Poll Watchers in Wayne County File Lawsuit Alleging Detroit Officials Knowingly Committed Mass Voter Fraud

GRAPHIC: Vox/Tara Jacoby

10 November 2020

YOUR DESTINATION NOW — Poll watchers in Wayne County have filed a lawsuit against the City of Detroit and several elections officials alleging widespread voter fraud has been taking place in and around the Detroit elections offices.

Filed via the Great Lakes Justice Center for Plaintiffs Cheryl Constantino and Edward McCall, the suit claims that elections officials assigned random ballots to people who had not voted yet, accepted ballots after the deadline, failed to verify signatures and identification of voters, thousands of unsealed and unsecured ballots arrived and were all marked for Biden, officials instructed people to vote for democrats, challenges to ballots were not recorded, and poll watchers were eventually kicked out.

These allegations are backed up by sworn affidavits from multiple individuals who witnessed this rampant disregard for the laws and standards. […]

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