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Nearly 50,000 Voters Receive Wrong Ballots In Ohio

By Tyler Durden | 10 October 2020

ZERO HEDGE — Just under 50,000 voters in Ohio received incorrect absentee ballots, according to a Friday announcement by elections officials.

According to Franklin County, 49,669 voters out of 237,498 – or just over 20%, received ballots which contained an incorrect congressional race. Others had the correct information but were inadvertently mailed to voters in the wrong precinct, according to Politico.

The process to print, stuff the replacement ballots in envelopes and mail them was underway Friday, the Franklin County Elections Board announced.

The board also said it will mail postcards to all affected voters detailing the situation and highlighting voters’ options moving forward. Those options include voting in-person at the board’s offices on the city’s north side.

The elections board said multiple checks are in place to ensure only one voter can cast a ballot, including rejecting any replacement ballots if someone went ahead and voted in person. –Politico

President Trump took to Twitter to decry the errors, suggesting it’s a “Rigged Election!!!” […]

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