Claims of Hacking and Rigging the Election Could Lead to Chaos in America

By Kyle Hunt | 27 October 2016

RENEGADE TRIBUNE — People who are regular readers of Renegade Tribune will realize that elections are not really up to the voters, but are really just a way for the ruling elite to install their puppets, all while presenting the illusion of choice. This allows for them to blame the populace when the economy turns upside down and wars erupt.

You don’t like the direction the US is going? Well, you asked for it! Vote better next time.

This system of ensuring consent of the governed only works if people actually believe in the results of the election. When a person feels his vote is meaningless, he may either become despondent and withdraw from all political matters or start taking direct activist action to change the course of the country. In either case, consent is removed, and democracy is revealed as a sham.

Leaders are not elected by us, rulers are selected for us!

What is amazing to me is how many people were once disillusioned with the political process, especially after seeing the Ron Paul Revolution squashed by the political and media establishment, and even sandbagged from within the campaign itself, only to now be right back into the system, riding the Trump train. They think that “rocking the vote” is the only way to save America. Some even think this election is the last stand of the White race, and that if Trump loses, all hope is lost.

In the last month, however, the whole election has deliberately been thrown into doubt by both candidates. I have only been around for 33 years, but I don’t remember any other election where the Republican and Democrat nominees were both claiming a vast conspiracy is going to steal the election before it has taken place, nor have I ever read about such an election in history books, though Nixon did allege the election had been rigged for Kennedy before conceding. Even Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012 was not willing to challenge the “sacred” results of our beloved democracy, although it was very obvious that the deck was being continuously stacked against him.

election-system-hackLet’s start with Hillary Clinton, who is making the claim that Russia is going to hack the electoral process in the United States in order to hand the election to Donald Trump. The Wikileaks revelations and DNC hacks, which have relentlessly targeted Clinton, have been blamed on Russia, as is last week’s sophisticated DDoS attack that took out major websites. Although Clinton made a lucrative pay-to-play deal with Uranium One (Rosatom) a few years ago to hand over 25% of the US’s Uranium to Putin’s government, apparently they are now deadly enemies, with lots of saber rattling back and forth. Trump, on the other hand, has made numerous statements that indicate he would be able to work with Vladimir Putin, while Putin and his regime have essentially said that if Hillary gets into office it means World War III, which would inevitably result in nuclear strikes. With less than two weeks to the election, Russia has been ramping up preparations for war, while NATO is positioning extra forces along the Russian border. Perceived Russian electronic meddling with the election would be treated as an act of war.

840x473At the same time Donald Trump is making the claim that the election is being rigged by Hillary Clinton and the entrenched political establishment. These claims are backed up by legitimate evidence, such as George Soros having intimate connections to voting machine companies, as well as the many revelations that have come out since the George W. Bush victory against Al Gore, due to the hanging chads in Florida. There are so many ways to rig an election, such as illegal immigrants casting votes without IDs, dead voters rising from their graves, electronic manipulation, vote counter fraud, and more. Democrats argue that even though you need an ID to drive, buy cigarettes, or function in our society in any meaningful way, it’s inherently “racist” and unfair to require a voter to show any form of ID, making it very easy to alter results. This is nothing new, though, as American history is filled with voter fraud, with Tammany Hall being just one prominent example.

Vote early and vote often!

So whoever wins the election, the results will inevitably be in question for many people in the United States, even if the losing candidate concedes.

The elections have likely been decided long ago, with both candidates really just representing the same ruling elite, since they both have overwhelming ties to powerful Jewish supremacists and each other. However, the vast majority of people actually believe in the show, even in the alternative media. When people think they have been robbed, and there is evidence to prove it, they will usually react with great anger, which leads me to think this is all being seeded in the minds of the public to ensure serious domestic disturbances in the wake of the results.

Problem -> Reaction -> Solution

What happens if Trump is elected? Hillary, most of the mainstream media, and other political figures will claim it is only due to Russia’s involvement, while also lashing out at the “White Supremacists” and “Nazis” supporting his campaign. Blacks, Latinos, feminists, and other “minority” interest groups will be out on the streets to rail against the billionaire bully who is in bed with the Russians. There could even be massive riots and cities burning; if the justified shooting of a criminal Black by police can be used as an excuse for such behavior, imagine what could be incited with a Trump victory. This would obviously require a severe crackdown by the police and national guard, or all-out martial law.

What happens if Clinton is elected? Donald Trump and his tens of millions of hardcore “deplorable” supporters will be pretty damn pissed, and see this as just another example of Hillary Clinton’s criminal corruption. Trump has been filling up stadiums while Clinton can barely make a school gym look crowded, so obviously the voters were cheated out of their choice, right? While perhaps not immediately lashing out like the anti-Trump crowd would in the previous scenario, Trump’s troops would likely plan for taking the country back through non-political avenues. As the SPLC has noted, militia membership goes up drastically during a Democratic presidency, as they feel their backs are against the wall, but die down when a Republican is in office. There would be much sympathy for such efforts amongst the average American citizen, including police and military, who all rightfully loathe the criminal Clinton cabal. Already the mainstream media is warning about Trump supporters plotting a revolution if Trump loses. Such activity could elicit a similar crackdown by the state as seen before, but in this case it would be much less popular and effective. Organized patriotic White Americans who think their country has been stolen would be a much different animal than the left-wing rabble we have recently seen on the streets.

Perhaps the elite actually want all-out civil war, which is what I am predicting would be the result of a Clinton win, and not just protests and rioting. However, this could prove to be too volatile for the ruling elite and actually spell their downfall, despite their best efforts to control the opposition. This is why I think they will actually select Trump as the winner. He will give us the illusion of change, quell White dissent, provide left-wing media with someone to rail against for at least four years, and be the perfect fall-guy to blame for a coming economic collapse, which would result in authoritarian measures.

There is even a possibility that Barack Obama might be forced to step in and remain president for a while, until order can be restored and a more “fair” election arranged.


Although unlikely, there is the possibility of two administrations claiming authority over America. There is even the potential for a coup, where some other leader entirely takes control of America. I wouldn’t even rule out a “red dawn” scenario with Russia, China, or the UN stepping in to take control, “for our own good” of course.

Regardless, Americans will be at each other’s throats, blaming each other for ruining the country, or taking out their anger on third world pawns who have been weaponized against us. Jewish globalists are seeking to inflict upon us as much chaos as possible, weakening our ability to resist as they seek to establish their world order. We should be prepared for the worst, game-planning for whatever scenario might be thrown our way. We must not only be reactive, but pro-active, exposing our enemies at every single opportunity, effectively directing American anger against our enemies.

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