The Project Veritas Election Investigative Videos

In Part I of the Veritas Project series with over six million views on Youtube, Hillary Clinton’s dark-operative criminals and goons openly speak about inciting violence at Trump rallies. You will see the familiar, staged deceptions and the cover ripped from a totally corrupted system and faux Democracy. The problem these psychopaths have is that they can’t help but brag and leave calling cards. Regular readers know we have talked about this at length. They also feel immune because of the political power and corrupt psychopaths in the media covering for them.

As you will see first hand, they tend to operate with a grandiose demeanor, an attitude of entitlement, an insatiable appetite and a tendency toward sadism. Fearlessness is probably a prototypical characteristic. They are high-speed vehicles with ineffective brakes. As a mature, advanced, crime organization, the

Clinton Machine is rife with them. The Trump wrecking ball is less mature but no doubt has them as well. After all Trump, was mentored by one the most notorious operatives of all time: the late (((Roy Cohn))) [see “Who Towers Behind Trump“]. If Trump was elected, they would likely show up like flies on shit. All of our institutions and so-called Democracy are now filled with these individuals. It’s par for the course.

Wikileaks and other sources revealed that operative Robert Creamer, seen in the video, made 340 visits to the White House, with 45 of those meetings including President Obama. Creamer’s wife is (((Rep. Jan Schakowsky))).  Background on Scott Foval, an example of yet more homosexual infestation [see this article].

Part II with 3,665,000 views: Plotting Massive Voter Fraud

Goon Robert Creamer Confirms Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama Personally Involved (2 million views)

Illustrating how money laundering and skirting election laws works.

Once again Media exposes their culpability as (((Wolf Blitzer))) claims CNN “hasn’t been able to confirm authenticity.” Last video goes into more suppression as James O’Keefe’s Twitter account was blocked, forcing him to work to get reinstated. You decide who is credible. I hold that the mainstream media has no credibility. Nada. And this is completely separate from partisan issues and extends far beyond the election.The election merely highlights it for more people. Future Veritas reports will come here.

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  1. Re ‘mainstream media has no credibility’ … that needs some nuance, given how limited-hang-out media is in fact the new ‘mainstream’ … Impressive how the cabal has baked the ‘anti-media’ theme into their cake, selling Donald Trump to tens of millions as the ‘anti-mainstream-media’ candidate

    Cabal media control now has a large alt-media palette ranging from slight truth (Drudge Report), hints at a bit more truth (Fox News), to lotsa truth sometimes but with heavy distraction smoke (Alex Jones, Rense, Veterans Today), plus ongoing control via the CIA’s Wikipedia & Google & Facebook, & trolls from Langley & Tel Aviv etc, keeping the real truth brigade on the margins

    We can observe how many USA people think Drudge Report, Fox News are ‘alt truth media’, as they are in many aspects opposite NY Times etc, especially now amidst the Trump psy-op … Drudge going strong nearly 20 years after he was pumped to sell the US-Israeli fake ‘impeachment’ of Bill Clinton to force him to war-crime-bomb the Balkans & kill thousands, when even Bill was weary of spilling so much blood … Fox News has had truth moments so upsetting to the cabal, that Murdoch was hit by cabal-op ‘legal problems’ via the CIA – MI5 – MI6 UK Guardian, the so-called ‘phone hacking scandal’, Murdoch then learned his lesson & backed off the extreme talk on the US Constitution etc

    Cabal has been experimenting & found some things work very well long-term (Drudge Report, Alex Jones), other things fizzle out, like the attempt to revive trust in NY Times & UK Guardian via the Edward Snowden & Julian Assange frauds … Ditto re ex-gay-pornographer Glenn Greenwald in these same frauds, despite US $50 million to do ‘great journalism’, he can’t hide he is a wimpy me-too cabal arse-kisser … Quite hilariously, CIA-Israeli agent Julian Assange is pretending to complain about ‘the media’, when it was the most corrupt CIA media, NY Times & Guardian, liars about nearly everything, that had made Assange himself & his fellow Rothschild follower Snowden, so famous in the first place … Funny that few people reflect on, or even know, how Assange, Snowden, Greenwald & Vladimir Putin too, are all fiercely & fanatically opposed to the truth of 11 September 2001

  2. Another wild story out there … that FBI’s Comey made his move so Hillary Clinton can be replaced by Bernie Sanders on the 8 Nov US election ballot … This is from leftist writer Richard Oxman, a close colleague of André Vltchek & thus of Noam Chomsky … Oxman claims that per his sources, Comey’s FBI move against Clinton was green-lighted by the USA Democratic Party cabal … Because the US elites have realised from internal polls, how thoroughly hated Hillary Clinton is by the US citizenry … so even rigging the election for Hillary may not be credible.

    Per Oxman, FBI Director Comey’s public undercutting of Hillary, pre-stages Clinton’s resignation from the candidacy … which apparently allows US Democratic Party leaders to make an emergency substitution of Bernie Sanders

    This seems far-fetched … tho Bernie Sanders seems to be the leader who could best ‘stabilise’ the USA, if that is what the cabal wants… Bernie Sanders is quite like Noam Chomsky, both Jewish intellectuals, talking lots of leftist critique & even (partly) critical of Israel … but ultimately serving the system … e.g., Noam Chomsky’s opposition to JFK assassination truth (which rocketed him to US media favour in youth), & also opposing 9-11 NYC towers truth, which Chomsky claims are both ‘unimportant’ …

    We saw Bernie Sanders’ total abandonment of all his claimed principles to support Hillary the other month … Israeli-kibbutz-veteran Bernie Sanders also turned away from the spectacular offer to head the USA Green Party ticket, when his fellow, also partly-dissident Jew, Jill Stein, offered to step aside for Sanders

    With his millions of young energetic supporters, Sanders had a chance to collapse the corrupt US 2-party system … he would have been the stand-out candidate against both Trump & Hillary, & the too-goofy & compromised libertarian

    My overall guess remains Murdoch-Fox-backed ‘surprise Trump victory’ Nov. 8 … but I see some chance as well for either a rigged Hillary victory & early resignation in favour of Tim Kaine … or this Bernie Sanders bit of cleverness too – Oxman’s article:

  3. Election fraud is near-universal in the USA, and has been for many years. I live in San Luis Obispo, California, the ‘Happiest Place in America’ according to Opra. SLO, by all appearances, is the most squeaky clean, corruption free place around. If ‘democracy’ worked anywhere in America it would likely be here.

    15 years ago I had a long face-to-face with the local version of James Creamer, and he told me, in detail, just how he rigged the local elections for the Democratic party. Without this guy and his antics, the Democrats would stand no chance in the elections here, but thanks to massive fraud they win nearly all of them.

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