Obama Unleashes ‘Intervention Teams’ to Wage War on ‘Ideologies’

By Alex Newman | 21 October 2016

THE NEW AMERICAN — A year after the dictator-dominated United Nations declared war on “ideologies” such as “anti-Muslim bigotry” and opposition to mass immigration, the White House cooked up a fresh version of the Obama administration’s national plot to supposedly prevent people from adopting unapproved ideologies. The controversial scheme aims to deploy “community-based” teams of “mental health” workers, teachers, law enforcers, social service employees, “faith leaders,” and others to supposedly stop the spread of ideologies that Obama claims can be dangerous or violent.

Analysts and critics of the White House plan, though, warned that Obama’s supposed attack on “violent ideologies” was in reality a thinly veiled assault on conservatives and political opponents of his agenda to “fundamentally transform” the United States. Indeed, almost from the start of his term, the Obama administration was remarkably candid in targeting conservatives, libertarians, patriots, veterans, pro-life activists, nationalists, and others as “extremists” and even potential terrorists. Various Obama bureaucracies disgorged a steady stream of propaganda painting hundreds of millions of mainstream Americans as the enemy merely for their religious or political views.

News about the new 18-page plan was first reported by Reuters on October 19. It represents the first time the administration’s “policy for preventing violent extremism” has been updated, the establishment-controlled media organ reported. “The policy aims to prevent conversions to all violent ideologies,” Reuters reporter Julia Edwards added, citing the document, which still does not appear to have been released publicly. It was not immediately clear what constitutional or statutory authority the White House imagines it possesses to police people’s ideologies, or to hijack local governments to interfere in people’s personal beliefs.

According to Reuters, the White House “strategy” will be to unleash so-called “intervention teams” led by “mental health professionals,” faith-based groups, educators, and others “as a resource for people who find themselves in such circumstances.” These draconian “intervention teams” will then work to “divert a person” away from supposedly violent ideologies before they actually commit any violent acts or even any crimes. It is sort of like “pre-crime,” just more Orwellian and totalitarian. […]

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  1. Since Zionism is manifestly the most violent of all ideologies, what will these helpful people do to Zionists- lock them all up?

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