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Rand Paul: Funding Given to Rioters Needs to be Traced, Investigated

‘Someone has to trace the money.’

By Steve Watson | 7 September 2020

INFOWARS — Speaking on Fox News Saturday, Senator Rand Paul demanded that an investigation be started into where money given to groups such as Black Lives Matter is being spent, and if it is being used to spark violence in major US cities.

“The question is, who is financing this and who is flying them around?” Paul asked.

“It really is a federal crime to incite riot and to fly people around to instigate violence. And I think that’s what’s happening,” the Senator urged.

“And yes, we’ve got to get to the bottom of this one person at a time, and once we have suspicion or probable cause, we need to ask a judge for a warrant and they need to look at their financial records and see — for this,” he added. […]

2 Comments on Rand Paul: Funding Given to Rioters Needs to be Traced, Investigated

  1. Rand Paul is hopelessly naive. Bulldog Barrstein and his kosher DOJ will do nothing. At best, they are letting the riots run to help Trumpberg. At worst, they are running the riots to help their true masters.

    ZOG rules. To solve all problems we must remove ZOG. But we can not remove ZOG by voting. The necessary deworming of the body politic calls for more hands on cleansing action

  2. Pastor Rick Wiles recently made the statement that the U.S. Just-Us Department will never investigate ANTIFA because they would be forced to trace the money involved and that trail would lead them to rich Jews. All dual citizens should be removed from the U.S. government. Jews have a country of their own, and they whined for years to get it, even causing two world wars. All dual citizens should be arrested and sent to Israel. Get them out!

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