New Discoveries In Martin Killing Indicate Lawyers Faked Evidence

By John Friend | 11 January 2020

THE REALIST REPORT — George Zimmerman, the maligned former volunteer neighborhood watchman who gained international notoriety following his violent encounter with Trayvon Martin in 2012, is suing the Martin family and others for roughly $100 million, alleging he is the victim of a conspiracy and malicious prosecution.

Zimmerman and his attorney, Larry Klayman, recently filed a lawsuit in Polk County, Fla. against Martin’s parents and several others, including the state of Florida, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and attorney Benjamin Crump, who represented Martin’s parents, alleging a conspiracy to violate Zimmerman’s constitutional rights, defamation, and malicious prosecution. Rachel Jeantel and Brittany Diamond Eugene, half-sisters who were friends with Martin, are also named in the lawsuit.

Critically, the lawsuit contends that the defendants conspired to replace Ms. Eugene, who was on the phone with Martin when the incident took place, with Ms. Jeantel, who was not, leading up to and during the trial of Zimmerman. Ms. Jeantel, it is alleged, was coached as an alleged witness in order to demonize and bring concocted murder charges against Zimmerman, who had acted in self-defense. During testimony, Ms. Jeantel alleged that Zimmerman targeted Martin for racial reasons. Her testimony, as well as a barrage of fake news pumped out by the dishonest mainstream mass media, sparked racial tensions in America, igniting the divisive Black Lives Matter movement. […]

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