Tides Center Takes Control of Black Lives Matter Global Network


By Hayden Ludwig | 28 July 2020

CAPITAL RESEARCH CENTER — New public documents reveal that the Black Lives Global Network Foundation, the national overseer of 17 local chapters of the most prominent organization in the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, has become a project of the Tides Center. This puts Black Lives Global Network Foundation squarely in the middle of a massive political network, with total revenues that exceeded $636 million in 2018 alone.

According to documents filed with the California Justice Department on July 10, 2020, Thousand Currents transferred control of BLM Global Network Foundation and all its assets to the Tides Center.

A Thousand Currents Project

CRC’s Robert Stilson was the first to report that the BLM Global Network Foundation is not a standalone nonprofit, but a fiscally sponsored project of Thousand Currents, a California-based organization.

Donations to the BLM Global Network Foundation end up in Thousand Currents’ coffers, which administers the group’s finances internally. As a Thousand Currents project, the group doesn’t file regular Form 990 reports with the IRS, and it does not disclose comprehensive financial data in the same way a tax-exempt nonprofit must. […]

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  1. OT

    Watch the two image GIF showing a before/after aerial view of the Beirut port — Beirut: Before and After the “Fireworks”

    That was a HUGE explosion, and I don’t blame people for being suspicious re the origin/cause — some/many are saying it was nuclear due to the mushroom cloud — but a mushroom cloud is a physical phenomenon: tremendous heat causes a large volume of air to get very hot very quickly and rise very fast, creating low pressure and sucking up a lot of dust, which then roils and folds over as it rises and cools — so any explosion that is large enough/generates enough heat can conceivably create a mushroom cloud.

    Still an explosion that large is suspicious — ?

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