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Most COVID-19 Deaths In Palm Beach County Can’t Be Attributed To Coronavirus Alone, Medical Records Reveal

By Tyler Durden | 29 August 2020

ZERO HEDGE — An analysis of deaths in Palm Beach County medical records late last month revealed that “most” of the county’s Covid-19 deaths cannot be attributed to Covid-19 alone. 

Many of the deaths “involved comorbidity like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, dementia, and more,” according to an I-Team investigation by CBS 12.

The investigation spanned 658 of the county’s “Covid deaths”. Investigators found that of the 658 cases, just 86 listed “Covid-19 pneumonia” without contributing causes as the reason for death. 3 were listed as “COVID-19 respiratory infection” without contributing causes.

94 cases were listed as a “combination of COVID-19 infection, pneumonia, and respiratory infection/failure”. […]

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