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Chaos erupts in Germany as hundreds STORM Reichstag building in huge ‘anti-corona’ protest

FURIOUS protesters tried to storm the historic Reichstag, the German parliament building, as chaos erupted at ‘anti-coronavirus’ protests across European capitals.

By Oli Smith | 31 August 2020

EXPRESS — Shocking footage captured the moment hundreds of German protesters tried to storm into the historic Reichstag building. Police barricades were overwhelmed by the furious protesters, who were demonstrating against the German government’s COVID-19 protection measures. A violent confrontation with police at the German parliament broke out after a daylong rally, which drew nearly 40,000 protesters to the Berlin streets.

Similar protests also erupted across European capitals in London, Paris and Zurich, although these rallies were smaller in size.

Dramatic footage from the rally in Berlin showed hundreds of protesters run past police and up the stairs of the historic Reichstag building.

However, the police intercepted the protesters before they were able to enter the actual parliament.

Berlin police later said stones and bottles were thrown by the protesters during the confrontation. […]

4 Comments on Chaos erupts in Germany as hundreds STORM Reichstag building in huge ‘anti-corona’ protest

  1. Germans are really waking up now. In addition to their calling out the Cov19 hoax, they should a) demand all foreign troops out of Germany; b) demand an apology from Britain and the United States for the shameful slaughter of Dresden Feb. 1945; and c) demand the truth for the real reasons of WW2 breaking out instead of the ongoing lies of German guilt.

    • And the u.s and british governments’ admission that usaf/raf bombing of german supply lines were abject war crimes…. not to mention the scorched earth fire bombings Japan…

      That created the us/uk propagandized images of emaciated camp victims blamed on Germany, with the asinine narrative that the whole country of Germany was genocidal..

      Some person commented recently “no more war”.

      Lies are the basis of warfare

      Figure it out already

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