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Maxine Waters Says Biden ‘Can’t Go Home without a Black Woman Being VP’

By Brooke Seipel | 7 August 2020

THE HILL — Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters (Calif.) said in a new interview that she is confident presumed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden will pick a Black woman to be his running mate.

“We know that we’re going to have a Black woman who is going to be the vice president,” Waters told Essence in an interview. “Let me guarantee you this, based on everything that I know and understand, and the help that he has already gotten from the Black community with what [Rep.] Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.) has done, Jim Clyburn, when he hears about this he’s gonna laugh, he can’t go home without a Black woman being VP.”

Biden is expected to reveal his pick for vice president next week. He has so far committed to picking a woman as his running mate and has reportedly strongly considered Black women for the job. […]

5 Comments on Maxine Waters Says Biden ‘Can’t Go Home without a Black Woman Being VP’

  1. Why shouldn’t she say/demand that? — the entire Establishment has so far bent a knee to BLM, so there’s no reason for them to hold back.

    Waters is obnoxious (to say the least) and pretty obviously of fairly low intelligence — yet she is reportedly worth several million dollars (link), and lives in a safe, well-off, predominantly Asian/white area of LA (link), away from the poor, heavily non-white, crime-ridden district she ostensibly represents.

    • It is telling that the ‘educated & refined’ nonwhites rarely, if ever, return to ‘their people’ to teach & lead them out of their 2-legged animalism.

  2. It’s pretty easy to see where this is going. Biden will win, (hopefully not), and after a year, or so, will have to retire due to “health issues”. The black woman will become president by default, a person who wouldn’t have been elected by the electoral process. We will be facing an uphill battle and the country will go full Bolshevik. Trump is not much of a president, but the Biden scenario is frightening.

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