New Developments in the George Floyd Case and Riots

'GROUND CONTROL TO MAJOR TOM': Vandals looted shops and a restaurant burned Sunday afternoon, May 31, 2020, in Santa Monica as armed National Guard soldiers patrolled Los Angeles streets and cities across California declared curfews. PHOTO: Yahoo News

Another brief, fakey, surreal-looking video emerged Sunday of the second cruiser (No. 320) loading an unseen phantom. We have to play “Where’s Floyd” once again. Why just a 21-second clip without Floyd in the frame? Why redact all but 21 seconds. What transpired just before he was placed in the cruiser? Still unanswered. How did he end up in the roadway on the other side of the cruiser? Still unanswered.

There were numerous cops who were presumably wearing body cams and recording video that could shed light on these questions. Yet, it’s now seven days after the incident, and these videos have yet to be seen. Specifically, where’s the body-cam video of the prop, I mean officer with the front-row view, one Tou Thao (on the right in this clip)? Why is this video we’re offered shot from an overhead angle? The cruiser is illegally parked and over three feet from the curb.

“New Footage Shows Moments Before George Floyd was Killed” from Unicorn Riot on Vimeo

Read “Glaring Anomalies, Obvious Agendas in the Case of George Floyd (Updates)”

Signalling that the work week may not matter, major cities around the U.S. were seriously ransacked Sunday night, most notably downtown Chicago in The Loop, Philadelphia, New York City and Seattle. The Loop is off limits, curfewed.

Downtown Los Angeles was quiet Sunday as National Guard took control in force. The mixed multitude mayhem spread to nearby wealthier beach cities.

So casual at times and in broad daylight. Not just dindus but people of all ages, races. Signs of wide-scale societal breakdown.

There were reports of organized gangs with U-Hauls pulling up, with crews quickly and efficiently emptying out retail stores. Here’s a typical scene.

Massive criminal resell fencing network in play-

More bricks conveniently left in middle of street for criminal vandals to deploy.

Update (06/01/2020): More pallets of bricks have been discovered along with bottles and ‘potential accelerators’ – this time in Baltimore, where several demonstrations are planned according to FOX45’s Joy Leopla Stewart.

It appears that the Antifa Black Bloc is going to spread the terror to white suburban neighborhoods. It will be interesting to see if they face armed resistance. My bet is that they will be largely unopposed. Initially, they will pick easy targets like Karen’s homes.

Urban dictionary definition of a ‘Karen’: A racial pejorative for white women ages 30 to 60. A Karen is a kind of person who is unhappy when little things don’t go their way. They are a, “Can I speak to your manager?” kind of gal. The bitchy soccer mom that nobody likes.

But once Karen neighborhoods experience Black Bloc terror a time or two, the guns will start coming out and the New Underworld Order will get their New Normal Civil War. Is this going to be the New Normal?

This announcement is up at Reddit. By the way, Reddit bans all Winter Watch posts, but its moderators are perfectly okay with this garbage. Twitter took it down.

More than Merely Dubious: How I Was Permanently Banned at Reddit

Black sportswriter and hypocrite Chris Palmer had a change of heart when Antifa showed up in his own residential community.

The Crime Syndicate via the Scamdemic has set the stage for a phony color revolution. With the massive unemployment there should be an enormous supply of protesters and even rioters hired for pay. This method can be transferred right into the elections to install even more 5th Column radical discordians into local elective office. This creates de facto Soviets in these target cities.

It’s no use designating Antifa as domestic terrorists, if its 5th Column funders are not exposed and put on trial.

This is decent survival cash for the scamdemic unemployed. Plus there are spoils to be had.

Fighting “white supremacy” is way more important to the Crime Syndicate New Underworld Order (NUO) ruling class than fighting a pandemic. The overnight abandonment of every single scamdemic mitigation measure that we’ve all been asked to abide by for the past three months is just stunning. And not one Crime Syndicate elected official — GOP or Dem — appears to have a word of explanation.

The New Underworld Order’s goal is emergency powers and martial law. The National Guard is being called out. They then immediately head to terrorize Karen neighborhoods. This experience in Minneapolis partially made national news.

People sitting at home on their own porches were sent scurrying inside with paint ball shot.

The curfew order applies only to public places and streets. These 5th Columnist thugs fired on her and her family illegally.

This scene of lines of trashed and burned police cruisers is out of Fairfax, California. Who is in command here, Col. George Custer at Little Big Horn? This is repeated all over sinking America. Don’t the police use tactical defense measures or put in place armed guards to protect their assets? This scene looks contrived and is used to call for emergency military powers and militarized equipment. This is also what happens in a kakistocracy – negative selection to positions reigns supreme.

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  1. It appears as if George Soros is playing the role that New York financier Jacob Schiff played in the early 20th century, when the latter provided the financing for the Communist takeover of Russia. There, as in the US now, the state was too subverted to mount a defence. Decades of winking at Jeffrey Epstein-type blackmail operations (Cindy McCain: “Everybody knew”) has destroyed the quality of American leadership in all fields.

    • There are numerous images of flyers offering cash to “protestors” and even bonuses for provocative film clips of them committing acts of vandalism and violence. There are even images of business cards with lawyer’s telephone numbers offering free defense.

      Now we can understand how the jews Trotsky and Lenin were so easily able to hire Russian Antifa thugs to perpetrate the take over. After all, Trotsky was given $20 million in gold coins by Schiff to carry out the coup, during a period of famine resulting from WWI and Spanish flu.

    • Yes-this is the slippery slope smash landing of enfeebled America for having fought the wrong enemy in ww2.

      • It is pretty ironic that the media is now calling the Antifa provocateurs “right wing extremists” without any sense of history. In their own convoluted logic they are Antifa calling “Nazi” without realizing that the NSDAP were voted to power because of Antifa.

  2. Just stopped by to call Chris Palmer a fucking piece of shit nigger.

    They’d have you believe he’s one of the good Blacks — everyone seems to know one after all.

  3. This is the planned destruction of the republic and the police appear to be playing their roles by NOT shooting rampaging niggers.

    • Why keep saying that they are niggers (or “dindus“, as even Russ himself did on this article) when it is evident that there’s a lot of people of all races and ethnicities, plus many of them are being paid

      I’ve noticed an increasing shift in the white vs. black narrative here in this site when that it’s precisely the divide and conquer trap that they’ve been trying to set up us to.

      • I do not like, use or approve of terms like niggers-my parenting was strong against racism. But I can’t censor every indiscretion here from otherwise good commentators. Hard to please everyone and people now days get triggered easily. When one sees videos of tens of thousands of young black looters and vandals, of course it is going to get a rise. They are the heart of the looting.

        The slurs haven’t really been too bad -yet, but I see your point. But if it gets too out of hand I will start ban hammering. Please don’t turn Winter Watch into the Daily Stormer.

        The term dindu is different, a perfect critical descriptive of black youth behavior and that culture. It stems from the highly permissive and lame excuses of their mothers who proclaim, “Tyrone didn’t do nothing.” I don’t apologize one iota for using this over-the-target term.

        • “I do not like, use or approve of terms like niggers-my parenting was strong against racism.”

          Since the 99% of the n***** word usage is by dindus themselves as a form of gas lighting whites, your statement is more confirmation that 99% of racism in the US originates from gibs-me-dats.

          Although I do use the n***** word when discussing events among like minded colleagues, I will refrain from using it here.

          • Like I said, dindu is so much more descriptive and accurate. It is a truth bomb. I use it to describe the criminal element not the entire race. The context I used was specific to a video of looters at the Nike store in Chicago.

      • I called Chris Palmer the ‘n word’ because he deserved it, although I agree it is not helpful to overuse it when trying to reach ‘normies’, and I try not to use it indiscriminately myself — seeing so many Whites involved I can only conclude the endless propaganda has been very successful.

        The thing is, re ‘divide and conquer’, I’m more than tired of the ‘diversity is our strength’ Big Lie; I don’t regard Blacks as being ‘on my side’ — since I don’t want to live anywhere near large numbers of Blacks, why would I want to share a country with them? — 1/3 of black men are convicted felons — think about the direct costs of that, as well as the ‘opportunity cost’ of men spending so many of what should be their most economically productive years in jail — 70% of black kids are born out of wedlock — a statistically average black “family” probably consists of a black woman with more than one child, all born out of wedlock, and each with a different absentee biological father — add to that their abysmal academic performance, and you have to conclude that Blacks are, in aggregate, a huge net drag on America — some people try to estimate this –> Fiscal Impact by Race in 2018 — the balance is pretty grim.

        So what’s worse? — using the ‘n word’, or being enslaved and chained to this societal train wreck by the coercive tax system, enveloped by a fully weaponized lying media, with a corrupt academic establishment perpetuating and exacerbating it?

        • I don’t regard Blacks as being ‘on my side’

          “We’re on your side! We’re on your side!” — watch the video –> link

          Empathy is a desirable trait in women, but is also one reason women should not be decision-makers: too much emotion, not enough logic — but in men, especially white men in this context, it is disgusting and pathetic — dumb faggots.

      • It’s important to remember that the crime syndicate is playing an endless semantics game, constantly re-naming stuff, and memory holing or caricaturing useful terms that are probably too accurate and thus hindrances to their agenda to mislead people. If you can change language, you can change the people who speak it. I reckon that the word nigger is a vastly important word that needed to be excised from the lexicon, not because it was racially derogatory towards blacks, but because the original meaning of the word is in fact not racial at all, and simply meant “ignorant person”. Plenty of ignorant people of all hues would do well to take 5 minutes off from their rioting and ponder this fact… and wonder why this term was weaponized against us all. The fact is that nearly all of us have been programmed to be triggered by the word nigger by a compromised education system that falsely caricatured the term into a racial pejorative instead of its original meaning, which has nothing to do with race and everything to do with ignorance.

  4. EVERY staged event has an “easter egg” , letting people know it was a manufactured incident.
    The officers name, TOU THAO.
    With a mirror and a move of a letter, OATH OUT.
    The police officer’s presumably threw their oath out in order to commit the crime.
    Heads on a swivel everybody, the populations are in the middle of a war between two very dangerous factions.

  5. I have stated many times on these comments that the cities are plantations. One has less safety, privacy, freedom, and prosperity when living in cities, end of story. Get out of them while you can.

  6. Note the tweet by Tanya Kerssen above — at the following link is her Twitter timeline filtered for the word “white” –> link — she appears to be a full-time self-hating White (I found no evidence she’s a Jew); it is beyond sad that there are so many of them, especially white women — look at her tweet and ask yourself if you believe what she is literally saying (why would the NG do that?) — then look at her Twitter timeline filtered for “white” and ask yourself if this woman is unbiased and trustworthy as a source of info re what is happening now — yet that tweet has gotten an enormous amount of attention.

    • Which is exactly where I got my “handle name” from! Still one of my fave songs ever, even though Crosby and them were and are likely still mind control you-know-whats….


    “Retired NBA player Stephen Jackson Sr, 42 & George Floyd were longtime friends from Houston Texas, and the pair were so close that they called each other “twin” ”

    This George Floyd “murder” stinks almost as much as the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand by the black hand masonic brother Prinzip.×900/skynews-franz-ferdinand-ferdinand_4483639.jpg

    • I can watch CBS News from Europe on Apple TV. Was checking it on about half dozen US cities. My impression is many are hopelessly deranged. Difficult and shocking to watch for long.

  8. A common political insult (mindestens in Deutschland) even today is to call someone a ‘brown shirt’ (or simply ‘brown’) — this refers to the SA = Sturmabteilung (the color of their uniform), created in the 1920s by the NSDAP and Hitler to counter violent communists at Nationalist Socialist political rallies, something the police either wouldn’t or couldn’t do — today you can see why the SA was necessary back then.

    • Excellent point eah!

      I get tired of the ‘brown shirt’ and ‘Nazi’ indictments from people who are completely ignorant of battle taking place in Germany from 1919-1932. Bryan at Highimpactvlogs constantly uses these false, derogatory insults in his videos which just shows how clueless he is about the matter.

  9. Heard the family is using a page from the Michael Brown/Ferguson playbook and asked for another autopsy since the 1st did not show asphyxiation as the cause of death — as I recall, they eventually did a total of 3 autopsies on Brown, looking for some kind of evidence against the cop involved (Darren Wilson).

    And remember: the government made an explicit decision (and announced it) not to prosecute for perjury all the Blacks who obviously and brazenly lied in front of the Brown grand jury.

    So watch for a lack of any law enforcement action against these “protesters”.

  10. More Bricks…

    This one is quite interesting because these bricks were conveniently fenced off in the middle of the road behind a sign that reads “Lane Closed”. This strongly implies local government participation in this Jacobian putsch.

    3 separate piles of bricks…

    Yet more bricks….

    This time perfectly sized rocks, great for throwing.

    “So I heard there were going to be protest in my neighborhood tonight so I decided to go on a scout, and to my surprise what do you know I come across cages of bricks just sitting here at a bus stop on Ventura Blvd just east of noble next to the Starbucks. These bricks Bricks are just sitting here lying in wait, ripe for the picking. One wire cutter and you have access to them all. Ventura Blvd is completely full of boutique shops and store a buffet for the looter and how the heck are there cages of bricks just sitting here. “

  11. I’m wondering if there isn’t an economic/financial edge to all the looting. It’s possible that many of the high end stores being looted are already in Chapter 11, or that the looting will facilitate it, allowing them to stiff their creditors. In the past riots, Baltimore, others, the high-end stores were not touched. Very curious I think.

  12. “The kneeler”. A Masonic ritual going back to the Egyptians. This also ties the George Floyd masonic sacrifice to all the cops “taking the knee” to protesters.

    George Floyd; Was all a Pysop Masonic Ritual to further the New World Agenda. Their societies are rooted in Babylonian/Egyptian mystery religions (Osirian sun worship) It all makes sense once u connect the dots


      “America is being FRAMED! AGAIN! All part of the COVID Op! Does anyone actually believe it’s NORMAL for police kneeling with riotous protesters?”

      I also did a little reading up on bricks in freemasonry. Of course stone masons use lots of bricks. Freemasons have an entire mythos built around bricks, or Ashlars:

      “The Stones of Herod’s Temple Reveal Temple Mount History …

      Oxen hauled the ashlars from the quarry on rollers (4) for a mile or so down to the construction site, which was 125 feet lower than the quarries north of the Temple Mount. A crane powered by a treadmill lowered the blocks into place (5), and once the courses had been laid, workers chiseled off the projections (6).”

      There are rough ashlars and and perfect ashlars in Freemasonry. In today’s masonic assault a perfect ashlar would be one that was thrown through the window of a Target store.

      “In every Masonic Lodge room there is, or should be, the Rough Ashlar
      and the Perfect Ashlar. These two and the Trestle Board constitute
      our Movable Jewels. What is their significance? What do they have to
      do with Masonry?

      In our monitorial work we are taught that the Rough Ashlar “is a
      stone as taken from the quarry in its rude and natural state” and
      that the Perfect Ashlar “is a stone made ready by the hands of the
      workman, to be adjusted by the working tools of the Fellow Craft.”
      The Rough Ashlar was not a stone that was merely picked up somewhere.
      It was a stone that has been selected. Some work was done
      upon it. It was apparently a good stone. It was a stone that showed
      good prospects of being capable of being made into a Perfect Ashlar.
      If it had not been a good stone, it would never have been cut out
      from the quarry.”

      These piles of bricks are important symbols to all freemasons like George Lloyd.



    “In clown world, shitty rap songs that you liked when you were 15 — because they were daring and outrageous, get displayed as works of social art by the world’s largest company during the worst riots in American history. You’d think they would promote a more harmonious song, especially for their last ballad during a time when law enforcement are being shot and run over by the mob in America’s streets — but I guess Oliver Schusse — head of Apple Music — doesn’t think so and has chosen to side against police.”

    Apple is clearly at the head of the table of this Masonic-Jacobin conspiracy. Of course what else would you expect from a company under queer leadership.

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