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Minneapolis Officers Quit in Wake of George Floyd Protests

14 June 2020

BLOOMBERG (AP) — At least seven Minneapolis police officers have quit and another seven are in the process of resigning, citing a lack of support from department and city leaders as protests over George Floyd’s death escalated.

Current and former officers told The Minneapolis Star Tribune that officers are upset with Mayor Jacob Frey’s decision to abandon the Third Precinct station during the protests. Demonstrators set the building on fire after officers left.

Protesters also hurled bricks and insults at officers. Numerous officers and protesters have been injured.

The Minnesota Department of Human Rights launched a civil rights investigation into the city’s police department this month and the FBI is investigating whether police willfully deprived Floyd of his civil rights.

The department has faced decades of allegations of brutality and other discrimination against African Americans and other minorities. A majority of City Council members support dismantling or defunding the department. […]

2 Comments on Minneapolis Officers Quit in Wake of George Floyd Protests

  1. Resigned police officers should immediately investigate why the posted mug shot doesn’t look like the same knee on throat “officer” in the infamous photos. They should also question this Chauvin character’s neighbours who claim they didn’t know he was a policeman and thought he was a realtor??? Something is very fishy here.

  2. Nevertheless, a number of cops and police officials are testifying for the prosecution in the Chauvin trial — the lead prosecutor is Matthew Frank, who’s probably a Jew — a Black, Keith Ellison, is AG of MN and is also involved in the prosecution.

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