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Already-Broke Colleges Being Bullied Into Hosting Costly “White Privilege” Workshops Amid Virus Crisis

By Tyler Durden | 13 June 2020

ZERO HEDGE — Institutions of higher learning across the nation are facing the biggest crisis of their existence after losing their whole spring and summer semesters to the coronavirus crisis and lockdowns, and now still with lingering questions over whether campuses will even open in the fall.

Colleges are stuck in financial limbo and survival at a moment that key staffing, faculty contracts, student recruiting, tuition and donor revenue-related decisions are in many cases still up in the air for next year, also as controversy erupts over refusal to refund student housing and campus activity fees. And now there’s a wave of class-action lawsuits, which includes at least 125 private and public universities named as defendants in some 175 pending lawsuits across the nation, led by angry students and their families seeking refunds amid campus closures and mandated sub-par online courses.

But facing the very question of whether schools will even be able to keep their doors open, guess what the newest urgent driving concern is? […]

2 Comments on Already-Broke Colleges Being Bullied Into Hosting Costly “White Privilege” Workshops Amid Virus Crisis

  1. The stuff of ‘news, education, entertainment, sermons & information’ is so simple now: Covid-1984 compliance & down with whites. It’s like a blackout against tornadoes, hurricanes, mass shootings, Middle East wars, feel-good stories, etc.

  2. At the current price point – Universal college education for the masses is a dumb idea. Worse, the new Aristocracy has found a way to manipulate the higher ed industry into becoming a brainwashing cult for lower middle class boy & girls.
    The woke women, male cucks, and Politically Correct Administration of your state university are ready to instruct you daily……on how you are a privileged Monster.
    The number of people who pick up a nasty drug habit at these mental institutions, are probably equal to the number of people who matriculate.

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