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TradCatKnight Radio’s Eric Gajewski, Russ Winter Discuss the ‘New Normal’


Russ on Tuesday once again joined the intrepid Eric Gajewski of TradCatKnight for their monthly podcast. The two see eye to eye on the on the COVID-1984 crisis, as a New Underworld (dis)Order manipulation to economically and psychologically destroy world populations, sew division and usher in a grim new reality.

If you haven’t tuned in to these podcasts before, you’re missing something. The TradCat podcasts are all short in length (approx. 40 minutes or less), but they’re fast-moving and hard-hitting. Past episodes may be found in the sidebar on the right side of post pages under the subhead “Podcasts.”

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17 Comments on TradCatKnight Radio’s Eric Gajewski, Russ Winter Discuss the ‘New Normal’

  1. Thanks listened with interest. Crashing the middle class is the theme. But it is surely not only the middle class being hurt here: Casino owners, professional sports franchise owners; PGA interests; resort and hotel chain owners; media owners – (sports advertising revenue) – the list could go on and on – and then down the chain. These guys must be getting hammered. And not a single peep out of them?! – They all can’t have bunkers in New Zealand – I just don’t get it.

    You seem to end with an optimistic nod to the growing protests. However here in NJ the Gov extended the lock down another 30 days; one poll suggested 70% approval for that and longer. The local media account I read went on to list the recent local Covid fatalities – all persons in their 70s and 80s – one guy a grand old 99.

    CDC (as you mention) quietly revised their US death toll by almost half to 37K … yet not a peep – not a single (as far as I can tell) what I call a “hey, wait a minute” kind of thought. 37K represents a mild flu season outcome.

    I highly recommend the plandemic film posted here a few days ago – some good moments with MDs discussing the absurdity of masks and self-quarantine – the immune suppressant effects.

    Google: plandemic – and you see a full MSM page of e.g: “… YouTube struggling to remove new pandemic conspiracy …” – that theme of “struggle” is repeated in a number of the items. Maybe some “flicker of optimism” there – that’s all I got! But from what I see, they don’t even need to bother.

    Finally, not entirely off topic: just found this great 5G tower locator map; you can drill down to the individual tower (in red) (black dots are aggregated counts) – I’m triangulated at about a mile’s distance (which is not all that close 5G-wise as I understand it).

    • Your problem is that you are looking at this situation subjectively, as a denizen of New Jersey. That’s the best you can be. By that I mean that I’m operating on a very sensitive hyper vigilance meter, and my meter goes off when shitbags from New Jersey lament on how multi billionaire sports team/ casino/ media/ hotel magnates winter an economic storm that by design will only leave their monopolies standing. You’re either a very clever troll, or all hope is lost, because mkultra is centuries ahead of the average human mind, and your mindset is proof. Clearly you have no idea how billionaires do their taxes. Haven’t you been reading these articles long enough? They privatize their profits and socialize their losses. It’s a no-lose proposition for them. If I’m wrong about you, here’s some advice- You don’t need a bomb proof place in New Zealand, just a place a few miles out of the way, with enough guns and guts to keep it. You can build an apocalypse ready bug out location for 100k in 4 weeks easy, if you’re in such a hurry, a lot less money if you have time (you do) and elbow grease. In the states, that is. Curiously, the two remaining countries with the largest amount of unincorporated land is the USA and …China?!!.. makes you go hmm… cursory Internet search yields nil results for unincorporated russian land. Perhaps the money power was more effective in incorporating (read owning) the land of Russia (post 1917) in contrast to the land of China?(read incomplete communist takeover of the land of China ((agreement between communist powers (((aka the money power)))and age old powers in China that we don’t know about)) that the global msm propaganda complex calls the PRC)? Maybe just another rabbit hole? Surely it is.

        • Thanks – no, not a troll (but at least I came across as a ‘”clever” one; and I hope not a shitbag) – and I wasn’t lamenting. And I do have a lot to learn; and probably “subjective” is entirely correct. If *I* was a casino owner … I will consider your “objective” restatement carefully.

          Meanwhile, stuck in NJ for a while longer; I will try to maintain my II Corinthians 6:10 mood: sorrowful but always rejoicing.

          thanks for reading my comment.

        • Some years ago the NJ’s paper of record had a contest for new state slogan. One of the not quite serious entries was: We Don’t Like You Either – you still see that on bumper stickers.

          Keep in mind: No 2nd Amendment in NJ. Local Police Depts must “approve” any and all gun permit applications. They basically do not. State Supreme Court approved that law; US Supreme Court declined to review 3 or 4 years ago. – in any case, after they surprisingly affirmed the 2nd Adm conferred a personal right and not just a militia right.

    • Judy Mikovits PHD. admits she is pro-vaccine. This gives me cause for concern. Is this just another limited hang?

      • I second your concern. We are in a house of mirrors. Her meteoric rise feels like a prelude to the vaccine rollout in the fall. Is anyone else here following the terrain versus germ theory debate going on in certain circles on the internet? Bechamp versus Pasteur with Bechamp being the clear winner. Mikovits seems to be on the germ theory side. Also, has anyone noticed how many dissidents are having their videos created with Hollywood quality editing and production? I am suspicious of much these days except Russ and a few other places.

        • I’m with you Christiana. The best video I have seen so far on exosome vs virus theory. Short and to the point. I hope all will view and share it.

      • I guess we all have to be virologists, microbiologists, etc too!?

        Dr Mikovits seems “on the level” – it does seem like Tony Fauci et, al. tried (and succeeded to a large extent) to ruin her in a physical way even. I take that as sufficient credentials to take her seriously. Her message seems a powerful one.

        She is not apparently the single focus of the film – even that full part I.

        “terrain vs germ” — is that the message of the above video – ? – virus vs exosomes – look for the Andrew Kaufman MD link at the end and listen to him. Total Big Med credentials but another powerful message.

        There is for sure lots of – perhaps unintentional – “limited hang” going on among Covid skeptics – lots of the messages are prefaced by “however dangerous and real this terrible virus is ….” etc etc – “but” …

        I was struck by that google page: “struggle … struggle … struggle -” to remove “new Covid conspiracy theory film” … that’s got to mean something… right? – or more hall of mirrors stuff…

      • At the end of the day – “they” (call them) probably don’t care much about “conspiracy theories” – they are just noise – and they like noise more than they dis-like conspiracy theories themselves. “Struggle struggle struggle” is just more noise.

        Am I learning?

  2. I just had to ‘make an appointment’ at a walk-in barber shop by phone and after my appointment was confirmed I was sent a text that I needed to be prepared to wear a mask and have my temperature taken when I entered the barber shop. I would opt out if my hair didn’t look David Coverdale of Whitesnake back in ’90!

    This is what they are doing to us! I plan on making quite the vocal exit from the barber shop when they finish cutting my hair!

    • Learn to cut your hair yourself if you find it so dehumanizing (which you rightfully should), you can diy with a cheap wahl trimmer set and one YouTube video. Vote with your wallet already

  3. I really like what you have to say, and would like to keep listening. It’s really hard to hear you use the word Jew like it’s a swear word. We understand the corruption of Hollywood, rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc. Would you consider changing this?

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