The Moderna COVID-1984 Vaccine Pump and Dump

It’s obvious that the COVID-1984 vaccine is going to be gamed in a giant pump-and-dump operation. We should expect stories like Moderna Therapeutics’ to emerge with some frequency as punters are desperately seeking South Sea bubbles in the casino. This is classic crony capitalism under the kakistocracy.

Moderna’s stock has risen from around $18 on Feb. 20 to about $80 on Monday, May 19. On Monday alone, its stock rose 20 percent.

After the market’s close and the pump of Moderna’s stock, the company announced it will raise $1.34 billion in a new stock underwriting. And jumping quickly onto the bandwagon, several other biotech stocks immediately offered shares in secondaries:


In just the first three days of last week, public companies raised more cash from selling shares than in any week in eight years. According to Bloomberg calculations, investment banks conducted no less than 16 secondary offerings on U.S. exchanges in the Monday thru Wednesday interval in stocks such as Zillow, Equinix, MyoKardia, YETI Holdings and Q2 Holdings, Inc. Over that three-day interval, companies raised more than $17 billion from investors, the most since 2012.

We also learn that one Moncef Slaoui, a former Moderna executive who was recently appointed to co-chair the White House coronavirus vaccine project, will be divesting approximately $12.4 million worth of Moderna stock options at the post-pump price level, according to representatives from the company and the Department of Health and Human Services.

Slaoui pumped an alleged Moderna vaccine last week at a White House event to announce his appointment as co-chair Operation Warp Speed. The vaccine project’s other chair is Gustave Perna, a four-star U.S. Army General.

“Mr. President, I have very recently seen early data from a clinical trial with a coronavirus vaccine,” Slaoui said at the Rose Garden event. “And this data made me feel even more confident that we will be able to deliver a few hundred million doses of vaccine by the end of 2020.”

We also learn that Slaoui is a former GlaxoSmithKline pharmaceutical executive.

In reality, this is merely a pre-clinical human trial only. Analysts pointed out the study’s focus was ‘safety’ only. Further the size of the pre-trial is a tempest in a tea pot as the vaccine was only tested in two low doses on eight patients. Four participants were assigned to receive a 25 microgram dose, while the other four received 100 micrograms.

It was tested on subjects largely not impacted by COVID-1984: 45 males and nonpregnant females ages 18 to 55.  The alleged US scamdemic deaths by age are shown here.

While the results released today seem to suggest that the vaccine can create COVID-19 antibodies in patients, there’s still some doubt about how long COVID-19 antibodies can keep patients immune, or whether COVID-19 might end up evolving like the flu, requiring repeated immunizations to maintain its protection.

In April, Moderna stock jumped after CEO Stephane Bancel told CNBC the company had received as much as $483 million in taxpayer funds to accelerate development of a coronavirus vaccine.

Bancel’s Moderna stake has made him a billionaire. He’s been selling a surprising amount of Moderna stock, but a company called Flagship Pioneer, which also happens to be Moderna’s largest shareholder, has been selling large blocks of shares as well. That company is controlled by Bancel.

CNBC reported a Facebook survey indicating that

  • More than half of small and medium-sized businesses that shut down say they won’t rehire same workers, according to a survey compiled by Facebook
  • About a third of closed businesses surveyed said they do not expect to reopen, with many citing an inability to pay bills or rent

Notice the double-bind mind-control headline used. It’s not coronavirus that is shuttering these business. It’s the drawn-out lockdowns.

Read “Gregory Bateson: The Master of Double-Bind Black Propaganda”

Regardless of the impression that “Jerome Powell has punters’ backs” a frenzy of small-retail buying has ensued that’s useful for the dump equation of these pumps.

7 Comments on The Moderna COVID-1984 Vaccine Pump and Dump

  1. Dont forget to mention Moderna received $100 million from the Gates Foundation and a nice chunk of tax payers money from DARPA $25 million.

    And still we have to pay to get our (my bet: mandatory) mRNA vaccine from them.
    “…the software of life…”

    With mRNA you become the GMO.

    • Spot on.

      The only way to stop this is if people massively wake up, but it is becoming very difficult. Fear is the easiest way to control people.

      And on top of that, many that sort of woke up are now dreaming about trump’s/qanon plan…

      • Well you’ve tapped into my central quagmire; “Do we deserve to be saved or slaughtered?”

      • Well, if we do not get a real revulsion, a revolution like in the Matrx, then nothing will change due to the slowly boiled frog syndrom. I am starting to wonder if there is any sense in living firther in this dystopia anyway? To watch how people get turned into zombified drones little ny little on daily basis, including one’s iffspring? Not that I liked the “culture”, philosophy or directtion of the pre 3/11 world that much, but the planned deterioration is too big and quick. We will all go to some type of spiritual world after death, so why not just take the vaxx and be done with it quicker? Or is there a spot in this world that is outside of the NWO grid without being constantly secretely attacked?

  2. This live exercise has about as much chance of success as did Iraqi oil paying for the 911 exercise, or Americans turning in their guns after various school shooting exercises orchestrated by “catapult the propaganda” Holder.

    Unless of course it was all just some sort of looting operation in which case it’s mission accomplished. My bet is on diluted frn’s.

  3. And … of course it’s a completely ‘unrelated’ non-sequitur, yes indeed, but the
    scenic route through the internet pictures and bios of these many big pharma
    vaccine bio-tech pimps and whores reveals more jews than AIPAC’s New York
    and Palm Beach mailing list combined. But rest assured > nothing to see here.

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