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His Name is John Weed: 59-Year-Old White Man Murdered by 2 Black Teens Playing ‘Knockout Game’ at Fair in Maryland

By Paul Kersey | 23 September 2019

THE UNZ REVIEW — His name is John Weed, yet another white victim of the black “knockout game” (documented by Colin Flaherty in his excellent book and by Paul Kersey in Their Lives Matter Too, a work dedicated to those white individuals murdered by blacks). [Sheriff identifies man killed at Great Frederick Fair; additional charges possible, Fredrick News-Post, September 23, 2019]

Investigators from the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office will meet with the Frederick County State Attorney’s office Monday morning to discuss any possible additional charges stemming from an alleged assault that occurred Friday evening at The Great Frederick Fair.

Sheriff Chuck Jenkins identified the victim Monday morning as 59-year-old John Weed from Mount Airy. He was attacked Friday and died Saturday afternoon after being flown to R. Adam Cowley Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore, The Frederick News-Post previously reported.

Frederick County State’s Attorney Charlie Smith said Sunday that based on preliminary info and discussions with investigators, the 15- and 16-year-old men charged in the incident could face either involuntary or voluntary manslaughter, or second-degree murder charges—but emphasized nothing will be finalized until after Monday morning’s meeting. …

The brutal nature of the deadly black-on-white assault is even prompting calls for a hate-crime investigation. [Frederick sheriff says he hopes deadly Fair assault is treated as hate crime, Fox News, September 23, 2019]:

Sheriff Charles Jenkins says the teenage suspects – who he says are brothers – may be charged with manslaughter or, potentially, second-degree murder. …

Colin Flaherty has said “don’t make the black kids angry,” but the problem is the corporate media, academia, pop culture, rappers, black clergy, and Democrat Party are doing everything possible to accelerate anti-white hatred among the black population. […]

4 Comments on His Name is John Weed: 59-Year-Old White Man Murdered by 2 Black Teens Playing ‘Knockout Game’ at Fair in Maryland

  1. I read somewhere that upon inspection of the video, sheriff/law enforcement decided that this was not a case of “the knockout game” and there was something far more sinister going on here. I have seen NOTHING about this on any mainstream news channel – which of course comes as no surprise. If it did happen to make any news at all they would of course apply their pathetic “knock out game” this heinous crime, in keeping with their total minimization of any and all black crimes, to attempt to downplay the true brutality of what exactly is going on in this country.
    What kind of “teenagers” engaging in a “game” just happen to “unintentionally” KILL a man???
    White people need to wake the hell up to what is going on in our country.
    We have enough white people independently tracking/following all of the unreported RAMPANT black-on-white crime taking place in this country to know what is going on – as they go out of their way to have their traitorous dual Israeli American citizens serving in the DHS make a mockery of the system and waste of tax payer money to waste time on these pathetic subcommittee hearings on “White Nationalist Extremism” as some kind of growing domestic and global threat??? Are you kidding me? Based on shootings that did not even happen! Witness panels consisting of the likes of Jewess PhDs who not only work for the ADL but just so happen to oversee the ADL office in Israel? Really? Is SHE the “best witness” for white nationalist extremism?
    They continue to spit in our white faces and I am enraged by this.

    • The best (and most succinct) comment over at Unz: “Carry White people. Carry.”
      Besides ‘I second that’, I might add; Practice and rehearse, always be prepared,
      and generally never ‘confront’ a group of black teens unless you are armed.

      • I’ve never considered myself to be a particularly lucky person, but when it comes to negroes, I seem to have found an exception. I am horrified by stories I am reading on a now daily basis & can only thank God I have managed to remain lucky in where I live. I live in teeny tiny Delaware, in Newark, and the prestigious University nearby seems to keep the area relatively clean and quiet with negroes only in the out-lying areas in the cheap apartments. The City of Wilmington, where Colin Flaherty lives, is a different story – but it’s been almost 20 years since I’ve set foot in that city anytime after dark.
        I just turned 49 and would you believe I’ve never even held a gun in my hands? I’d thought about owning a gun here & there over the past many years, but it never stayed in my mind long enough for my being able to act on it.
        I don’t venture outside my area very often, but it would be nice to feel safer, just on the sheer principle alone. I was never even around people that had guns and my father never owned one so I didn’t grow up learning about them at all.
        All things considered, I think it would be a good idea for me as a white female to have whatever type of firearm is the standard for a female to own, for protection purposes, something I can easily keep in my pocketbook or keep on my person. I wouldn’t even know where to start as far as best place to go to purchase, and I’ll assume learning how to use the thing would be up to me, correct? I think I’ve driven past a firing range not far from where I live. Any suggestions/recommendations would be appreciated!
        For now, I will continue to avoid being anywhere near these menacing beasts. I know my luck can run out at any time.

        • Start with a revolver.
          A snubnosed 38 or 357 would be suffice.
          Any gun store can advise you to a good training class and they are relatively cheap.
          Now finding ammo is another topic in these times.
          Good fortune

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