Congress Drafting Bill to Create Federal ‘Social Media Task Force’ to Police Online Speech

IMAGE: 4chan

By Andrew Torba | 19 September 2019

GAB NEWS — According to the Washington Post, Congress is drafting a bill to create a federal social media task force to police speech on the internet and target pro-free speech websites like Gab. They are framing this around “protecting users from harmful online content,” when in reality users already have all the tools they need as individuals to protect themselves. The federal government doesn’t belong in the position of policing online speech anymore than Big Tech companies do.

What these lawmakers fail to realize is that the signal can not be stopped. The open source and decentralized version of the internet is already here. Anyone, anywhere in the world can now create and host their own Gab Social server with their own rules. We can’t stop them. The government can’t stop them. Big Tech can’t stop them.

More speech is always the answer. So long as Gab exists and so long as the first amendment is law in the United States, there is absolutely nothing that can be done to force us or any other platform to police WrongThink, “offensive” speech, and dissent. […]

2 Comments on Congress Drafting Bill to Create Federal ‘Social Media Task Force’ to Police Online Speech

  1. OK so now for decades they have raped the souls of all our children worldwide with filthy language, porn, pseudomusic (etc etc) – kicking it off with making the mass media an XXX-rated event with the Clinton-Lewinsky absurdities.

    Now that adults are critiquing power, however, it is too much?

    Can’t the Screws realize how transparent they are? Nothing to do with decency.

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