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Connecticut judge orders Infowars’ Alex Jones to pay damages to families of Sandy Hook shooting victims in defamation lawsuits

By Zach Murdock | 15 November 2021

MSN (HARTFORD COURANT) — A Connecticut judge has ruled conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is responsible for all damages in the defamation lawsuits brought against him by the families of those killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting after his repeated claims that the Newtown massacre was a hoax.

Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis issued a default in the lawsuits Monday morning after years of what she found to be inappropriate conduct by Jones’ attorneys regarding depositions and the “callous disregard of their obligation” to turn over financial and web analytics data as ordered by the court.

The default is the most severe sanction Bellis could issue, ruling in favor of the Sandy Hook families and sending the case directly to a jury to award damages without the much-anticipated civil trial.

“Mr. Jones is very used to saying whatever he wants to say from the comfort of his own studio, but what I think this case has shown is that when he is forced to defend his conduct in a court of law and comply with court orders, that it’s a very different ballgame,” said attorney Chris Mattei, a lawyer representing the Sandy Hook families. “The fact that the court was left with no choice but to default him shows just how unwilling Mr. Jones was to have his conduct exposed to the light of day in front of a jury.”

The ruling in the Connecticut lawsuits essentially mirrors a Texas judge’s decision in late September to default Jones in three similar defamation lawsuits filed by victims’ families there amid similar accusations that Jones repeatedly ignored orders to turn over records to the families’ lawyers. Now the lawsuits in both states will be turned over to juries, likely sometime next year, to hear the extent to which Jones’ conspiracy theories harmed the families. […]

3 Comments on Connecticut judge orders Infowars’ Alex Jones to pay damages to families of Sandy Hook shooting victims in defamation lawsuits

  1. HUH? So he is being sued by the Sandy Hookers because he profited off saying it was a false flag..which he has now flip flopped? More theater to scare off truth tellers? He isn’t being sued on the “it was fake” issue? I am VERY suspicious about this since Jones went hook line and sinker for the Ashley Babbit “story” even having her etch-a-sketch bearded “husband” on at least twice …which in my head says Jones is working with the FBI. Funny how these Sandy Hooker lawsuits are never about actual evidence in either Jones or Fetzers case.

  2. Set in the context of the two Global Factions fighting a covert war for control there is no doubt which side Alex J is on.
    Irrespective of whether or not he is to some extent a “shill” of one of the Factions there is no doubt , and all reasonable minded people have now taken notice, that the Justice system has been infiltrated, polluted and stacked against both Alex and the Free and Fair Election crowd…that identify with Trumpers.

    Though Trump’s personal life and casino business may not have exactly embodied the highest moral ideals of conservative Christianity, Satanic scum worldwide despise and fear him. For that reason alone, any “religious leader” who trashes Trump is — in many cases, knowingly — making common cause with the demonic forces arrayed against him.

    So carry on Alex and God be with you!

  3. I am PROUD to announce!
    I think I’ve Qualified as super Weapons Expert only using my
    Call Of Duty account like my hero Adam Lanza.

    Oh, maybe the gubmint has me in a watch list for qualifying…
    Oh, I’ll take my vaccine and additionally?
    Per the bioweapon manufacturer.
    I’ll have more super powers than Adam did 😁
    The price…we think…the price is worth it.

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