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Realist Report Podcast: John Friend and Russ Winter Discuss the Mass Shooting Marathon and the Epstein Deception

On Saturday, Aug. 17, John Friend invited Russ Winter of Winter Watch to join him for another podcast edition of The Realist Report.

They began by discussing the recent alleged shootings in Gilroy, California, El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. Topics included the media narratives surrounding these reported events and the agendas being advanced by them.

They wrapped up by discussing the reported death of Jewish billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and what it reveals about our society.

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To fully understand discussion, we highly recommended that you view the images in the following posts, which they reference throughout the podcast. Here are the relevant links for the program:

Winter Watch Takeaway: The whole scam is like playing poker with an opponent who declares he has three aces, but won’t show you his hand.

11 Comments on Realist Report Podcast: John Friend and Russ Winter Discuss the Mass Shooting Marathon and the Epstein Deception

  1. Cheers to your Insight, Russ—“The Epstein Deception” is a excellent way to describe this.

  2. Whoa. James Fields, Jr. is a real person. His mother is Samantha Bloom and she has done many interviews, some of them with Jeff Rense you can download if you’re a subscriber.

    Search the posts at because many people there have been supporting his cause.

    Early news stories like this one said over and over again that he was fearful for his life because a mob was attacking his car after a rifle was pointed at him and his car was being hit with bats and had broken glass :

    “Tech reporter for The Hill​ Taylor Lorenz reports that police believe the suspect didn’t intentionally mow down protesters out of malicious intent. Lorenz reports that authorities believe that the suspect acted out of fear as protesters swarmed the vehicle, some allegedly acting violent. Taylor reports being punched in the face at the rally.”

      • “then there is no reason he couldn’t do an in person prison interview with John Friend … see above and bring it on, Let’s see his hand.”?????

        Are you serious? Have you ever stayed in constant contact and had on-demand telephone calls with a close friend or loved one incarcerated in a state prison for even a low-level felony, much less Fields’ multiple life sentences? Prisoners can be moved with no warning to other facilities and a prisoner can only make phone calls to people on the prisoners approved contact list. Did you think you could just call up his prison and ask them to bring him to the telephone?

        Not even a Tucker Carlson with all the backing of Fox News and Rupert Murdoch could just call him up or visit him in prison to do a taped interview, and so why do you think he’d choose to use his very limited phone privileges to talk to a total stranger who said just yesterday that James Fields was probably a fake or cutout like all the fake shooters we’ve seen on the fake news. Yes, I heard your show and that’s why I posted that information.

        Seems like neither you or John Friend have even the slightest inkling of what happened in Charlottesville two years ago. You mentioned that it might be possible to arrange an interview by reaching out to people somehow involved with White Nationalism. Did you even know that Stormfront would be a good starting point to find out his latest address? He’s been moved from the prison at Charlottesville, apparently. shows his location as of August 14.

        Forget the “interview” for your podcast, which you think you can demand an interview with someone you know nothing about and who certainly has no no knowledge of you or why you want to talk to him. Do you know nothing about criminal law? Just because he’s been convicted in both state and federal courts doesn’t mean he has no rights of appeal. and there are plenty grounds for those appeals, where in weighing the risks versus the benefits, what can you give him that would make it worthwhile for him to do such a thing despite any competent attorney’s advice would be to refuse any and all interview requests?

        In case you missed me saying so; No, not even a Tucker Carlson could get a recorded telephone interview with this prisoner, so what makes you so special that he’d say yes, and what makes you think the prison would allow it even if he did agree to it?

        James Fields is a very scared and very lonely young man who is serving multiple life sentences because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and he was fearful that the violent mob intended to kill him just because he was White and had gone to Charlottesville lik many others including David Duke to have a peaceful rally in support of defending statutes and monuments to the heroes of the Confederacy.which have stood for 100 years until the SJW useful idiots of Cultural Marxism were whipped up into a hateful frenzy demanding that the War Between the States be memory-holed.

        David Duke was there at UTR I in Charlottesville and he’s being sued for damages because he attended there, and he wasn’t an organizer and he wasn’t even on any list of speakers. He’s demonized by the lying juden-presse.

        Jacob Goodwin is the other young innocent victim of Charlottesville. He’s been convicted because he came to the defense of an old man being attacked by an Antifa mob,

        Anyone can write to these prisoners but keep in mind that every piece of paper and envelope and every stamp needs to be purchased by the inmate from their commissary account, which you can contribute to. And unless you’re a close friend or loved one, just forget about phone calls or prison visits.

        Dylann Storm Roof the supposed shooter at the Black bible study in Charleston, SC 2015 might not be a real person, because that one, just like the Anders Breivik episode seemed to be manufactured events.

        But Charlottesville was real, and the convictions and guilty pleas resulting from it are real.

        See for contact info on the political prisoners being supported by Rudy Davis, the creator of those websites.

        Even if it’s just a postcard, sending these people almost anything is better than them getting nothing in the mail. But writing to James Fields to say that you think he’s a fake prisoner but he could prove you wrong by submitting to your interview, now that would be a sure sign of a malevolence and ill will which he’s already faced a lifetime’s worth and doesn’t need any more.

        I found your website just last week with the article on the shoes from 2018 and the updated photo of the pile of shoes in front of Ned Peppers Dayton, OH manufactured event.

        It seemed so valuable a resource that i mentioned that article and posted the link, which got an interesting reply by the person who posted the photo of the blue show and who in doing so violated their rules by doing a sort of fake sock puppetry pretending to be me, while at the same time explicating the symbolism of shoes as a calling card used since Biblical times to signify the sealing of a deal.

        • Nonsense, prison interviews are granted with far more dangerous, nasty inmates than the so called James Fields all the time. I simply do not accept your explanation. And if you persist in calling that as crazy I will consider that you may be a troll and/or agent.

          At any rate whether successful or not the whole process of lining up a filmed interview in itself should be documented on film and all official responses recorded.

          Saying skeptic John Friend will never be granted the interview begs the question. Get it right: Who actually conducts the face to face needs to be trusted – but is somewhat secondary. The content of the interview doesn’t have to be a federal case but we want to see the three aces he is supposed to be holding.

          From the post: Winter Watch Takeaway: The whole scam is like playing poker with an opponent who declares he has three aces, but won’t show you his hand.

        • “In today’s epic battle to stop White Genocide, it’s important to avoid Pro-White honey traps, and to know who the suspected traitors & infiltrators are, and what organizations or movements they may lead. These suspect individuals, if not undercover cops, may very well serve as government FBI or ADL assets, informants (“rats”), agents, controlled opposition, limited hangouts, military ops, crisis actors, etc.”

          Like Russ points out, Charlottesville was a staged event with both sides being infiltrated. It’s time to quit being “played”.

          • There are good points in that primer- but I am sure you know and realize there are nuances and some purity spiraling aspects of it that I personally do not buy into? There was some bad blood between Kyle Hunt and I over parts of this and I won’t be corralled into a fenced area. He has quite a shit list including me -although I am not featured.

            • I like a lot of their stuff, but am not a big fan of the Hitler worship thing. Adolf was compromised like all the rest in the end. I am not a socialist in any form, just a supporter of individual rights and adherence to the principals of natural law.

  3. Russ, In a previous post I stated that we have crossed the Rubicon..I believe that the appropriate interpretive framework in which to view all of these events..I use the word event as opposed to hoax is because hoax may be a bit too vague.

    We are now in the time P.E as opposed to B.E .

    In, “Before Epstein” the moral indignation the country felt was more or less centered around politics and feminism…In “Post Epstein” we trigger an “Emperors Got No Clothes” event.

    This is important as it marks a potential death blow to American Culture.

    There are only 2 things underpinning a State’s purpose, they are Survival and Cultural.
    Cultural is a larger macro underpinning that includes religion and politics, not just art and entertainment. Its arm being the Media and Academia

    Survival is purely an Economic construct. It is now overly represented today by our monetary authorities via debt issuance.

    We know that the Survival Underpinnings (The Economy) cannot mathematically reconcile itself, we just don’t know when that reality sets in.

    Perhaps the P.E. era is being ushered in to intentionally get ahead of the Economic Implosion .

    The Hoaxes are becoming common knowledge..
    The State cannot protect a prisoner, or prevent him from walking out
    Drudge even talks about Deep Statey stuff

    Its as if the whole country has gone Jerry Springer

    This would make small work for the existing power structure to bow out of Act 1 so that Act 2 can be rolled out .

    Its seems to be all about getting the great unwashed masses ready for, and cheering for the reset

    • The old guard here in America knows something is very wrong in the United States. We can feel it in our bones. We know what is coming will likely involve gun confiscation and more than likely not martial law.

      Although there are many Trump toadies who will follow him off the cliff, there also many who for the first time are starting to realize he may well be “the guy” chosen by the NWO, OWG banksters to bring it all down.

      Many realize we are about to see America’s very own Bolshevik Revolution rolled out, and frankly it is horrifying. I guess we will see if the “constitutionalist” have the heart to do what is needed to stop it or if they simply fold like a cheap lawn chair.

      Shooter Jennings tried to warn us in 2008 with his album “Black Ribbons”

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