‘It’s Snowden Junior’ – Former NSA Employees Say NSA Hack Is The Work Of A ‘Rogue Insider’

PHOTO: via ZeroHedge

FYI: This was TNN’s call made in “Are the Wikileak Hackers Actually American White Hat Patriots”

By Tyler Durden | 18 August 2016

ZERO HEDGE — The last time an NSA insider claimed that a rogue agent originating at the spy agency itself may be the source of the recent Democratic server (and George Soros) hacks and subsequent leaks, was three weeks ago when former NSA employee, William Binney said that “NSA Has All Of Hillary’s Deleted Emails, It May Be The Leak.”

Now, in the aftermath of the latest major hack, one involving none other than the NSA’s special operations team, the “Equation Group” by a mysterious hacker collective calling itself “The Shadow Brokers” which even the likes of Edward Snowden hinted may have been done by Russia, speculation has returned that this latest, and most troubling hack yet, was also an inside job.

In an interview with Motherboard, titled “Former NSA Staffers: Rogue Insider Could Be Behind NSA Data Dump” an anonymous insider has said that the chances of a hacker remotely breaking into the National Security Agency’s systems are very unlikely. Despite accusations that the leak is Russia’s meddling, the data dropped online under the name “the Shadow Brokers” would have required someone with the ability to access the NSA’s server, the former NSA employee told the news outlet. []

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