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Miley Cyrus’ Psychological Warfare Operation

‘A realistic, undistorted, truthful account of what a man can expect constitutes a major protection for him.’ — Jeff Schmidt, author of “Disciplined Minds,” on prisoner brainwashing

Miley Cyrus recently appeared in a new episode of the series “Black Mirror” that’s called “Rachel, Jack and Ashley, Too.” To our eyes, it represents something called “revelation of the method.” In fact, Cyrus’ acting in this role should be graded quite high and she clearly appeared to be in her element. Here is a scene from the episode.

Cyrus played the role of a very popular but mind-controlled pop star who has absolutely no control over her career and her message. Her character, named Ashley O, promotes to her young fans a form of cartoon-world “empowerment.”

In reality, however, she’s a heavily medicated slave with a fake persona who’s tightly controlled by a team of ruthless handlers. But then Ashley O begins to exhibit an independent streak and poor performance, according to her handlers. At one point, she calls her own empowerment message effectively “bullshit.” The chief handler, her aunt Catherine, worries about her niece writing “obtuse B.S. that nobody will buy.”

Accordingly, her handlers ultimately put her into a deep coma, and she’s hooked to a machine that scans her brain. In some transhumanist nightmare, the handlers, lead by her aunt, are able to harvest songs from her dreams. As this process proceeds, the aunt proclaims that they only need 10 more songs to meet their label contract, at which point Ashley O can be star whacked and replaced with a dystopian hologram.

Cyrus in real life has been a pawn of the entertainment industry since a very young age. She was led by her father, country singer Billy Ray Cyrus. After her stint as a child actress in the Disney series “Hannah Montana,” Miley turned into a promoter of unbridled liberty and hedonism, to put it mildly.

Incredibly, only a few weeks after the release of her “Black Mirror episode, Cyrus unleashed a music video called “Mother’s Daughter,” an I-am-God nihilist production loaded with calculated social messages that could have just as easily come from serial killer Israel Keyes. This combination creates a one-two visual and aural impact on the target audience. Note blatant use of subliminal messages.

Keyes was very much like serial child rapist Jimmy Savile and serial killers Dr. George Hodel and Ted Bundy, among others, in terms of being a proponent of extreme ultimate freedom. All of these men desired the freedom to prey upon human beings and carry out whatever they willed.

Keyes was an ultra-rebel. He split his personality into two parts for the purpose of carrying out his will. The first was the ultimate, responsible hard-working good guy, and the other was the destroyer of worlds.

Ultra-rebels ignore and reject societal norms and conventions. So the larger implication is to what degree do these twisted cultural influences play in overwhelming the constraints of individuals with already underlying extreme or lethal criminal proclivities. We would hold they feed and release the more dangerous, antisocial types on society.

There is a demonic God-like complex at work, and a feeling of nihilism, great superiority and utter disdain. These high-functioning and capable individuals are not lacking self-esteem — in fact, quite the opposite. Rather, it’s a sense of grandiosity. Winter Watch holds that this is a major societal issue now.

The individuals behind this have a worldview in which they have been freed from the constraints of morality and social norms that bind ordinary folk. These are not religionists per se, but they create a cult symbology as heuristic devices for the initiated to have a sense of power. Perception is intertwined with reality.

Cyrus’ message is in the lyrics, but even more glaring so in the video itself. Here is a screenshot. Next, is the lyrics followed by the full music video if you can stomach it. The video has 27 million views and counting. More than a million zombies liked it, and 130,000 sane humans disliked it.

Mother’s Daughter

Hallelujah, I’m a freak, I’m a freak, hallelujah
Every day of the week, I’m a do ya like I want ya
I’m a Nile crocodile, a piranha

Oh my God, she got the power
Oh, look at her, she got the power
So, so, so

Don’t fuck with my freedom
I came up to get me some
I’m nasty, I’m evil
Must be something in the water or that I’m my mother’s daughter
Don’t fuck with my freedom
I came up to get me some
I’m nasty, I’m evil
Must be something in the water or that I’m my mother’s daughter

Let’s Pause for a Moment of Comic Relief

The following videos from comedians Key and Peele offer us some much-needed relief from the onslaught. It’s excellent social satire on pop-culture behaviors and attitudes. These comedians really nail it. The first beautifully illustrates the power of group think. The second skit is on homophobia, and #3 on awkward white apologies. No. 4 is Bar Mitzvah Motivational Dancers.

4 Comments on Miley Cyrus’ Psychological Warfare Operation

  1. Have to wonder if the Epstein event is not a revelation of the method. News has been there for years. Suddenly we have exploding headlines about his sex temple and lurid details of rape, abuse and probably child sacrifice. Why now? Maybe it’s a psyop to draw all the pajama supporting Trumpers into the web of deviancy. They now find themselves supporting a man who is clearly associated with Epstein and who once called him a wonderful guy. MAGA Americans for child sacrifice and rape, thats a nice twist……

  2. And for another explanation on what is behind the Epstein arrest see Wisdom Fund (site) Rothschild vs Trump.

  3. “they feed and release the more dangerous, antisocial types on society” That sums up the methodology. The “THEY” needs further elaboration though-There seems to be some infighting… And the “WHY” is either a GOD/EVIL thing or a naturally occurring biological imperative for organisms to consume other organisms or in this case; of people to enslave.
    The gravity of debt may have reached its peak so an unwinding begins and the populace looses all faith in EVERY aspect of society. This is how revolutions in thought occur…You have to first destroy the past.

    What we know right now of these recent events is that from the entire summation of a Trumps life is that:
    1. Trump is not a bad guy
    2. Trump is not a good guy

    We also know that:

    1. Epstein is not a Hedge fund Manger for someones billions
    2. Epstein is a Pervert

    The rest will soon play out…

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