Tom Steyer, a Hypocritical Neo-Marxist Moneybag from California’s Cesspool, Enters the 2020 Race


Limousine proto-Bolshevik and Democratic Party fundraiser billionaire Tom Steyer has thrown his hat into the presidential ring. Winter Watch is eyeing the California cesspool closely, along with states like Illinois. As we see it, California is leading what’s left of the U.S. over the cliff in a controlled demolition. Trump, the Trojan Horse, is the set up man for a perfect storm, including a debilitating war.

Like California Gov. Gavin Newsom, Steyer is a plotter against civilization and a revolution finisher. He will continue to steer the discourse in an Illumimist, discordian direction. This type of politics is a cross between the Marquis de Sade, Francois Babeuf and Maximilien Robespierre.

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During the last couple of year, Steyer bankrolled at least $10 million for a television ad campaign advocating the impeachment of President Trump.

Don’t take this character lightly. Demonstrating first hand the concept of money in politics, we predict that Steyer will spend substantial funds building a state-of-the-art campaign organization that, at minimum, will be used for kingmaker purposes at the Dem convention.

Steyer fits the hybrid made man we keep spotting such as David Cameron and John Kerry. He is a half Jewish Episcopalian.

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Par for the course, Steyer worked at vampire squid firm Goldman Sachs from 1983 to ’85 as an associate in the risk arbitrage division. He then went on to make his billion-dollar fortune as a hedge fund parasite guildist (aka investor) in distressed securities.

Tom Steyer shown with mask on

Although Steyer postures himself as a soft-spoken good guy who represents the downtrodden, in reality, according to SEC filings, his winnings included a $90 million stake in the private prison company Corrections Corporation of America.

Additionally, Steyer made millions on fossil fuel investments and then did a late-in-the-day 180 turn, only selling those holdings in 2012 after several years of harping about clean energy.

Coupled with his open-borders advocacy and climate control views, he’s garnered him the title of “George Soros of California.”

In October 2017, NextGen America, his one-man PAC, donated grants totaling $2.3 million to eight national immigration legal defense organizations and political groups. And though he takes advantage of the PAC system, he says he opposes Citizens United v. FEC, the 2010 Supreme Court decision allowing unlimited corporate donations to super PACs).

With Steyer, what says and parlor-tricks reality is quite different. He’s a poser. The Guardian reported in 2014 that money-bags Steyer had become the single largest donor in American politics. He contributed $87 million in funds exclusively to Democratic Party candidates during the 2016 election cycle. He was also one of Barack Obama’s most prolific fundraisers.

Steyer is one of the heaviest hitters for Democracy Alliance, a group that includes billionaire financier George Soros and Houston trial lawyers Amber and Steve Mostyn. The Alliance has steered more than $500 million to favored groups. Steve Mostyn died after a battle with mental illness that ended with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head on Nov. 15, 2017.

Democracy Alliance announced a new strategy called “2020 Vision” that’s centered on electing more identitarian and race industry Democrats to state-level offices to build its political influence by the 2020 election.

The Democracy Alliance goal is to raise more than $150 million over five years to assist more than 30 groups, including organizations focused on battles to oppose voter ID laws and address global warming. The group bankrolls the Black Lives Matter movement and the notorious Media Matters.

Democracy Alliance has as a core stated platform position of something called the “New American Majority.” This is a defacto identitarian power grab and strategy that they freely profess and gloat about in the book “Brown is the New White” by one Steve Philips. This one is an eye full and should be a real wake-up call.

What’s next? A modern-American version of Theodore Kaufmann’s 1940 pre-WWII threat in “Germany Must Perish”? For a consideration of what this proposed brown-dominated bloc politics might look like, see “London Metro Police’s Anti-White Discrimination Campaigns.”

Takeaway on Steyer and the Democracy Alliance

Writers of Winter Watch are friendly toward old-school populist progressives in many respects. We also are not especially triggered by diversity-based civic nationalism. But good-faith civic nationalism fails when one group is actively organizing a replacement takeover while the other group (whites) is asleep at the switch.

Steyer and his ilk represent a neo-Marxist, anti-civic nationalist, oligarchical hijacking of true progressive principles in much the same way as the Tea Party was overrun and hijacked by neocon vermin. We grade it a Defcon 2 threat. Look for them to be front and center in the by-design national topple and beyond.

If these proto-Bolshevik forces prevails and go up against Trump, or a Trump stand in, look for the 2020 election to be a defacto Civil War.

4 Comments on Tom Steyer, a Hypocritical Neo-Marxist Moneybag from California’s Cesspool, Enters the 2020 Race

  1. Dear Mr. Winter, I really enjoyed your interview on the Realist Report and am enjoying exploring your website. Thank you for this expose of the book and of Tom Steyer. Funny enough the man you were criticizing, Wilbur Ross, is now found to have ties to Russia, lol (my take on Trump below).
    I, too, am not as young as most on the alt right and came to race realism after a LONG few years of research into conspiracies, like you and John, starting with 9/11. I was in New York on 9/11, and was taken aback when John said he thought it was all made up… But, these dark Satanic times we are living in is full of booby traps and even the best of us can get caught in them once in awhile. 9/11 in my view was definitely a joint CIA/Mossad operation to kick off what the neocon jews thought would be the final stage in their 100 year old plan of white genocide, but we woke up too early. I am optimistic. I talk to people, and over the last year there is burgeoning a White Awakening, mainly from far left (traditional granola type peaceniks types, not 3rd wave feminists and communists) and libertarians turned Race realist/ far right. I am of the second variety, but a decade ago I would have thought of myself as simply anti war and anti zionism…
    Now, with Trump, I too was taken aback by the Goldman Sacs jews he appointed after waging a very anti globalist/anti Wall Street hedge fund campaign. But, just a thought, I think they are there to buffer him and to take the fall for the Russia thing (they seem to be implicated, while he is not). Normie Trump support is very very strong and impeaching would cause a revolt. Trump is our first step and his main job is to be the great REVEALER of all things anti white and to open the curtain for the normie on our jewish/communist media… So far this is working. JUst my take. Maybe to optimistic, but to be truthful, he has dropped so so many red pills on the people and his amazing speech in Poland on Western Civilization…
    Only time will tell.

  2. “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows”( line in Bob Dylan’s ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’), motto of the Weather Underground.

    All these years latter, it is apparent that the rabid Marxist are about to have their day in America. The question is what will we do about it? This movement was beat back in the late seventies, although never done away with. It appears it is now ready for its grand re-appearance. To understand what we face, perhaps we the sheeple should read “Prairie Fire”, the manifesto of the Weather Underground.

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