California Becomes First State to Offer Free Health Care to Illegal Immigrants

Gov. Gavin Ricardo Montalbán Newsom welcomes illegal immigrants to the fantasy island of California, a sanctuary state. PHOTO: Meera Fox/Getty

The Gravediggers of Democrat Machine Politics Hammer More Nails into State’s Coffin

Over the decades, I’ve heard many terms used by Californians to describe those who choose to shun U.S. Ports of Entry and sneak across the state’s border with Mexico. In the 1970s, they were called illegal aliens, greasers and beaners. In the ’80s and ’90s, they were called illegal immigrants and wetbacks. In the ’00s, the bureaucratically neutered term “undocumented immigrant” was instituted as the only acceptable and politically correct label (but most Californians still call them illegals). In the ’10s, undocumented immigrants began being broadly classified as “asylum seekers,” especially among the mainstream media.

During this last year — and in particular since California declared itself a sanctuary state — I’ve heard the terms “undocumented resident” and “undocumented citizen” slithering into political newspeak. This label is especially popular among state groups fighting to provide illegal immigrants the right to vote in state and local elections.

Former San Francisco Mayor now California Gov. Gavin “The Gravedigger” Newsom and California Senator and 2020 presidential candidate Kamala Harris laugh as they brainwash and conspire with other up-and-coming young politicos.

But on Wednesday, California’s new governor, Gavin “The Gravedigger” Newsom — who takes pride in positioning himself as the “anti-Trump” — signed into law an entirely new label for border hoppers: Medi-Cal (Medicaid) recipients. That’s right. So-called “undocumented citizens” age 25 and under will receive free health care courtesy of state taxpayers. California is the first state in the nation to offer such a program.

Documented and chain migrants with low income are already eligible for Medi-Cal, in addition to state benefits and welfare, including unemployment income, public education, food stamps, Section 8 housing and other income subsidies. Generally, the more children a documented migrant has, the higher their state income subsidy. Traditionally, illegal immigrants can receive some benefits, such as food assistance, but not Medi-Cal.

Now, state legislature is prepared spend nearly $98,000 million in state funds to insure 100,000 foreign children and adults illegally residing in California. Yep, that’s a million per “undocumented citizen.”

The state is also using taxpayer funds to pay off up to $300,000 in student loans for each doctor willing to treat Medi-Cal patients.

Other details — such how these bizarre figures were derived, long- and shot-term fiscal impacts and service delivery surveys — are not immediately available, and it appears nothings is being questioned or analyzed by the lapdog media.

This one detail did emerge, however: The state said taxpayer fines collected from uninsured Californians will help pay for the program.

Image result for gavin newsom liberal elitist gay pride
Liberal elitist and then San Francisco Mayor Gavin “Silver Spoon” Newsom panders to his base while riding in the San Francisco Pride parade on June 26, 2016, in his hometown of San Francisco, Calif. PHOTO: Mercury News

After Trump eliminated the Obamacare federal taxpayer penalty for those who were uninsured, California pushed back with its own state taxpayer penalty that mirrors old federal fee: $695 per adult, $395 per child.

Typically, this fee is incurred by people who make between $40,000 and $60,000 per year and don’t have employer-provided coverage. Their income is considered too high to qualify of medicaid (Obamacare) but often too low to afford even semi-subsidized health insurance. This is especially true in states with a high cost of living, such as California. For example, in “Silver Spoon” Newsom’s hometown of San Francisco, where he was the mayor, households who earn $117,000 per year are considered low-income.

Of course, everyone would like health insurance. The sad and simple fact is that middle class citizens can’t afford it. The main reason they can’t afford it is because of 30 years of hyper inflation in health care costs. There are many contributors to the hyper inflation — but one of the biggest drivers has been state and federal health care subsidies without any price control mechanisms.

Here again, California’s new law will spike demand for services without capping costs. Therefore, look for health care and insurance costs to reach record levels in the coming years, perhaps becoming the highest in the country.

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4 Comments on California Becomes First State to Offer Free Health Care to Illegal Immigrants

  1. Don’t think of this as some progressive do gooder bullshit. This helps mega corps bottom line in Kookifornia.

  2. Regarding the much-delayed “ICE raids” that are reportedly “scheduled” to begin Sunday:

    In other countries, including E.U. members, those people who choose to evade rather than complete the immigration process are — with ongoing regularity — rounded up, imprisoned and deported. It’s not called “raids.” It’s just called immigration enforcement.

    Why hasn’t the U.S. done basic ongoing enforcement for decades? And why is basic enforcement being labeled a “raid”?

    And why is Trump announcing and signaling this action? Is it to give migrants a chance to hide out perhaps? Seriously. What a joke.

  3. First we need to Disband the WAR Machine. No More War.
    Our Borders need to be Sovereign as does our Nation. Most of the IMMIGRANTS are fleeing our illegal war machine in their countries. NO MORE WAR. NO MORE WAR. NO MORE WAR.

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