Florida Police Skulduggery: A Kingdom of Conscience, or Nothing

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For those pajama people still in denial about utter corruption and evil in the system — and who believe someone like Whitney Houston (and numerous others) can’t be subjected to a hit and cover up — comes revelations of law enforcement criminality out of Jackson County, Florida.

Closely watch the body-cam footage of this criminal officer Zach Wester planting drugs during a traffic stop. Yes, incredibly it’s recorded, as were many others. The issue here is what we constantly referred to here at Winter Watch as “trusting your lying eyes.”

Even though he uses poorly executed sleight-of-hand, this officer knows this footage will never be scrutinized. Even if this poor woman has a top-notch legal defense, the footage will just disappear. One has to wonder: Given that this officer is so emboldened in his actions, is there possibly culpability higher in the chain of command? We suspect so. We strongly suspect variations of this evil behavior are widespread and go to high levels, which are infested with nihilists and foul individuals.

Indeed, eight months after the case broke, a federal lawsuit was filed against the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office alleging a plot to plant drugs and pin false charges on numerous motorists. Nine people who were arrested by former Deputy Zachary Wester and others filed the lawsuit in May in U.S. District Court in Panama City. Wester’s victims allege their constitutional rights were violated.

Wester is under investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and others at the Sheriff’s Office. The complaint names Wester as a defendant, along with Deputies Trevor Lee, John Allen and Sheriff Lou Roberts.

The plaintiffs’ attorney, Marie Mattox, told TheAppeal.com that the lawsuit represents “only the tip of the iceberg,” and she plans to add another 18 to 20 plaintiffs. At least 37 people have filed lawsuits against Wester at the state level.

Yes, this is just the tip of the iceberg, but of something much more sinister.

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In the following video, first you see the Wester go about his dirty work by removing his gloves and placing them on the driver’s seat. He then stalls and mutters “alrighty.” He later can be heard chortling at minute 00:00:46. In the second video below, he is seen smirking.

His victim can be heard in the background, distracted and running her mouth. If it was me, I would insist on being able to observe this search. In fact, I would not permit it. We all need to be constantly engaged and observant in this world we live. As we have shown over and over again, the Crime Syndicate is sloppy and depends on sheeple.

After Wester plants the drug packet (seen at minute 00:00:18 to 00:00:20), he puts the gloves on and searches through the target’s stuff. Ultimately, he produces a spoon and places the meth on it.

Here is more on how he perpe’d his crimes. The woman quickly consented to a vehicle search after being pulled over for alleged “faulty brake lights.”

Florida prosecutors say they are reviewing about 263 cases in total. In some instances, the charges have since been dropped, but prosecutors say they are still examining the cases Wester was involved in to determine just how many innocent people may have been arrested.

In another illustration of the concept of “Kingdom of Conscious or Nothing,” a letter was sent out to Webster’s victims by State Attorney Glenn Hess of the 14th Judicial Circuit.

First, Hess writes, “Please be advised that our office has information that an investigation into the professional conduct of Deputy Zachary Wester is underway. No conclusions have been reached, nonetheless, you should be aware of its existence.”

Hess then downplayed the seriousness of the situation by suggesting that since it was “just a drug crime,” most of these people were looking at probation and not prison. Really? Unbelievable. Perjury, false police reports and planting evidence. What about the time and expense these targets faced — and still face — to clear their names from legal, financial and vocational restriction?

“Basically, we’re dealing with possession of controlled substances. So I would expect that the people affected would at worst be on probation. Nevertheless, we are looking at all of the cases and their outcomes,” Hess wrote.

Subsequently, a judge dropped 119 cases involving Wester, who has since been fired. It’s estimated that there were at least 10 prior convictions involving sketchy searches.

The prosecutor who sparked the Jackson County drug-planting probe resigned as a whistle blower. His name was on half the cases, which is seriously disproportionate, said Christina Pumphrey, who was an assistant state attorney at the 14th Judicial Circuit in May 2018.

Pumphrey discovered disturbing similarities across the body camera footage of Wester’s arrests. Not only were they not always conducted legally, but they also contained footage that conflicted with written affidavits. She also noted that people’s reactions to the arrests seemed unusual.

“It wasn’t, ‘OK, crap, I’m busted.’ It was, ‘What do you mean?’”

More concerning is that after the subsequent investigation of Wester and his firing, the attorney’s office did not make an immediate move to drop the cases of the people that were still out on bond or behind bars. In fact, Pumphrey said she was “getting an explicit instruction to not dismiss the cases.”

God speed Christina, and watch your back.

Here’s another example of why she needs to watch her back, and how out of control the situation is in Jackson County, Florida — and perhaps America in general. An officer, one Daniel Cardenas follows a rebellious sort into a Carl’s Jr restroom. Then after a verbal exchange he tases and then cold bloodedly and fatally shoots the now deceased man, Matthew Graves . The corruptos ruled this was legally justified. You decide.

In a country as lawless and corrupt as the US, it is difficult to show respect for the sistema. You must try to protect your rights under difficult situations. However going around intoxicated late at night and mouthing off to police could put you six feet under. Avoid zombie behaviors around a generation who have been weaned and brainwashed on violent video gaming and narcissism.

Winter Watch Takeaway

Wester was dismissed from his position, but nearly a year later has not been charged. Apparently the wheels of justice move much slower here than in the perjured arrests. He “remains under investigation” by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and others at the Sheriff’s Office.  This miscreant still hasn’t been brought to justice, whodathunk.

Per usual our open source search shows only rather superficial local coverage of these cases. The national lugenpresse is no where to be seen. Corrupt police, corrupt prosecution, corrupt national media equals the Kingdom of Cartoon World Nothing, not the Kingdom of Conscience. This is not isolated. 

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