Eric Clapton after COVID vaccination: ‘I should never have gone near the needle’

PHOTO: North County Daily Star

By Mordechai Sones | 12 May 2021

AMERICA’S FRONTLINE DOCTORS — Monotti Protocol Producer Robin Monotti Graziadei today forwarded a message he received from singer Eric Clapton in which Clapton reports adverse reactions he suffered after submitting to the shot, regrets having undergone the procedure, and asks, “where have all the rebels gone?”

The message reads:

I am an old timer, I have survived, with great help, addiction and alcoholism, and stand now in the greatest dilemma of my life…

I have inwardly stood against our ‘elected leaders’ since brexit, intuitively doubting their integrity and character…

With the arrival of C-19 I hoped that C Henegan, S Gupta and Jay B would lead the way, but when imperial college stepped up with their jailers key, I knew we were in deep trouble… […]

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  1. “where have all the rebels gone?”, he asks. Well, the answer might very well surprise him: in the churches!

    That’s right. When debauchery is the norm for mankind, save for a few thousand years when the Church helped clean things up a bit, the Christian, whether in the majority or the minority of society, rebels against the foulness of which humans are capable.

    But poor old Mr Clapton, along with others of his ilk, which once included me, too, has, among other things, been blinded by chronological short sightedness and snobbery. To him, there was – for all intents and purposes – simply his parents’ generation and his; and he, of course, was much better and could see way further than them.

    He was a ‘rebel’.

    And yet so much for that.

    For when the establishment was and always has been the one pushing sex, drugs and rock into your veins, you wind up writing a love song to the vax – ala Mick Jagger; another rebel – or you jump straight into bed with the ugly wench.. Mr Clapton..

    ..or is it Mr Compliant to the end?

    • I wonder if he got the jab because he “heard” or “knew” fellow celebrities got fake jabs or saline jabs (because the “vaccine” is just for us little people) and assumed he’d get a fake or saline jab as well. Well he may have assumed wrong. And really either way, he should have known better!

      • Shh,

        Please know that I agree with you and think you have a sound point; however, I would like to suggest an additional idea here.

        He may just be too insulated due to his career and / or as a just part of growing older.

        There are many socially active people who thrive in their later lives (I suspect you are another friend that I know who does exactly that), but I would guess that even some of the most outward bound, social butterflies (lack of a better term right now), encounter a slow down somewhat in the 70+ range (not so many days out and / or late nights) as just a natural part of a change in energy, preference of activities, and time decisions (what to spend more of their time focused on). Just a humble guess.

        (Respectfully) Since you seem to have a deep understanding of music, the music industry and experience to author books about musicians (even if fictional, with some connection to reality), my guess would be that you might know a bit about the insular nature of the lives these musicians lead. There is the general insular life of anyone creative (not a fast rule, but an idea that we do hear / read about) and then new levels of seclusion (possibly) due to being quite successful.

        Although I am sure he could read anything that we read, his perspective may be very different as the result of being a very successful artist who was already (somewhat) isolated, prior to the last year and a half.

        Finally, he is British and part of their post war generation, which I gather was very different than the post war generation in the United States. As I recall (forgive me if I am wrong) the three remaining (now 2) members of the Who have talked at great length of how tough life was, with little food and the burned out buildings everywhere. They needed to trust their (often crazy — just my opinion) government in order to survive (mentally and physically) in their burnt nation.

        As I recall, you attended the Isle of Wight concerts / festival toward the end of the 1960s / 1970 (I do not recall you mentioning a specific year or years – sorry if I missed it), perhaps you met people who had similar experiences during these events and may recall that insomuch as they were now (or at that time) seeking better government and national changes, they might have come from a place (in childhood) in which they really felt a need for that government (or any government) to simply help them survive a really tough situation.

        Either way, I appreciate your post, do not disagree with you, thought of just one other idea and wanted to say “HELLO”.

        Please be very well.


        • Sorry – way too much analysis, though mildly interesting. IF he actually took
          the vaccine, he’s a moron, and got what he asked for. I have little sympathy
          for a grown, obviously cognizant man being taken in by such a transparent
          farce. As I’ve told many people directly, if YOU don’t know this is all a big IQ
          test which mostly the the dummies are failing, then either you don’t have the internet or you haven’t bothered to look. Either way …(Try this, it can be fun)
          The other alternative is that it (HE) is a fake or shill. Yuck. Either way …

      • Maybe the cabal owners of these slaves don’t really care if they sacrafice themselves with the jabs..are there royalties at steak? Doesn’t the cabal actually generate more cash when these demonic lapdogs croak? Either way my concerns are for real people not the lapdogs of satan

  2. ‘Guess Eric Clapton won’t be lauding the magnificence of cocaine any too soon. But like him, the 2 moderna jabs are in me out of respect for my spouse’s insistence for which rebukes may come my way. Though my 85 year old sister suffered nothing from the phizer shots last January & my other 2 sisters (in their 60s) were unscathed from moderna shots, myself & my brother were bed ridden with side effects. My younger son went through the mill from it & I await how my older son has fared. My opposition to the ‘vaccine’ remains intact.

    • Hauntess,

      Although I may not agree with your chosen course of action for me, I respect that you took it based on what fits best for you. Also, I deeply respect your honesty and willingness to share your experiences here (that disclosure is both brave and generous, as you do not need to tell any of us anything).

      So I will simply conclude with a thank you, and to let you know that good thoughts, as well as prayers are sent to you and yours from over here.

      Simple Citizen

    • “Hauntess”< WHAAAT … ??!!! OMG, you are insane. AND, essentially the enemy. What
      a pathetic excuse for a rational, functional, and cognizant grown ‘American’ you are. Simply
      staggers the imagination that you would actually close with, “My opposition’ to the vaccine
      remains intact.” WHAAAT ??!! HUH ?!! What kind of unprincipled spineless human dreck
      are you ?!! Good God ! And basically you admit that your entire (extended) family got it.
      Talk about apples in a barrel. None of my family got it and I didn’t (or wouldn’t) have to
      say a word to them. Of course we all have IQs over 80, so there’s that. Jesus, you are
      exactly what is wrong with ‘America’ and this world, and I have NO IDEA what you
      are doing at this site. Further, any otherwise ostensible or erstwhile awake person,
      a big assumption at this juncture, who would cave to their elderly, emotional and
      irrationally cajoling spouse by taking the jew witch doctor poison shot does not
      possess the ‘membership status’ to comment or complain on topics presented
      here and at other similar sites. Simply unbelievable. Sorry, my authentic take.
      (Russ – leave this comment up please. It is not unfair or over the top IMO)

      • Easy Rommel- I don’t know how you figure Hauntess is essentially “the enemy”. I’ve read her comments many times and disagreed plenty with them, but to categorize her as such is wrong. I do loathe her husband for pressuring her into the shot. He’s also a big “sportsball” bread and circuses fan who can’t be bothered to think critically and pushes his mainstream originated opinions onto others. Those people are closer to the enemies, but still not. The enemy is consciously doing this. But if she swore to be faithful to the man, and rightfully takes that promise seriously, what is she to do? I reckon she could’ve tried a little white lying, but in the end, she’s faithful to her husband, and that’s admirable in this day. I’m glad your family has avoided the shot, good on you. My family has all got the shot- both parents and all siblings, sans only myself and my boy. I assure you IQ is not an issue with them. You are ignoring the fact that the programming is hard to break and not everyone can just wake up at the appropriate time. Most of these types, my family certainly included, have the problem of projecting their own morality onto the enemy, refusing to believe that someone could be that evil, and this impairs their ability to comprehend the reality of the situation. But to call them stupid is wrong. Smart people are plenty capable of making stupid decisions. Finally, as a free speech absolutist, I find it at best presumptuous of you to assume you have the ability to bestow some imaginary “membership status” upon people who comment or complain here. Start your own site for that, then you won’t have to ask others to allow your comments to remain.

  3. Where have all the rebels gone, maybe he should ask that of himself?? He is passive, of course he is $$$ He is spiritual although abstract 👹of course. Looks to his “leaders” S Gupta and I am guessing the equivalent of fake news shills and political hacks. Remember when Clapton said his young son was playing with a ball and jumped out the window and died? 👹👹

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