US Farms Are Facing Their Worst Crisis in a Generation … and Now Here Comes Another Monster Storm


By Michael Snyder | 6 June 2019

END OF THE AMERICAN DREAM — The combination of the wettest planting season in U.S. history, a catastrophic trade war with China and economic conditions that are brutal for small farms has produced a “perfect storm” for U.S. farmers. Farm bankruptcies have already risen to the highest level in 7 years, but many expect that they will soon surge to all-time record highs.

Due to the incredibly wet weather, millions upon millions of acres of prime U.S. farmland will not be planted with crops at all this year. And millions of acres that do get planted will yield a lot less than usual because of the wretched conditions.

Meanwhile, the U.S. will export far less corn and soybeans than usual this year due to our trade conflicts with China and Mexico. With much less international demand, U.S. farmers are going to have an increasingly difficult time trying to make a profit on anything they are able to grow. In the end, thousands of farmers will not be able to recover from this crisis and will be forced out of the industry for good. […]

2 Comments on US Farms Are Facing Their Worst Crisis in a Generation … and Now Here Comes Another Monster Storm

  1. “At a public event in 2012, Tillerson acknowledged that climate change was happening – but what he said next was revealing: “as a species”, humans have always adapted. “So we will adapt to this. Changes to weather patterns that move crop production areas around – we’ll adapt to that.”

    The question now is this a “natural” trend or something far more nefarious? Is the planned destruction of the family sized American farm being carried out before our very eyes? Is this just the latest precursor to the death knell of America?

  2. The solution to climate change is really quite simple if that is one understands the true nature to what’s actually going on. Everyone is being led down the garden path to believing its because of industrial pollution but this is wrong, terribly wrong. What is happening is called Divine Communication in relation to the pollution of sin. Just go and read the only book ever written on the subject Climate Change the Work of god by Gerry Fox. Believe me one will never be the same!

    go here for some real interesting comments lol to

    or better yet consider this below and ask yourself what God and His Christ is a military commander…

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