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Revisiting the Charleston ‘Storm Roof’ Agenda

After all the skullduggery and outlandish storytelling concerning the ghosts Stephen Paddock and Jesus Campos, readers should take heed that this is nothing new. We’ve seen this rodeo before.

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But the template for all this agit prop was the Charleston church shooting. This is when the pajama people were inculcated with the fraud that “radicalized” crazies would enter churches, mosques and synagogues to murder elderly in cold blood. And apparently the never to be heard from again crazies actually think this would advance their cause. Preposterous.

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They wouldn’t be running racial smear agitation hoaxes would they?

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Peruse these Google images and tell me whether you see a single photo of anything indicating a real crime in Charleston at all, let alone one of the said magnitude. After all this time, all we really see is an emotional spectacle.

Next, let’s play a game called “What are the Odds?”

First of all, the deceivers must have had a good laugh with the name of the “gunman,” Dylann Storm Roof. Seriously? Does Dylann with a southern drawl sound like da lyin’ (“the lying” in plain English)?

“Storm Roof” was quoted as saying, “I have to do it. You rape our women and you are taking over our country. And you have to go.”

So who exactly has to go and where? A pastor and a group of elderly and middle-age black church ladies at a prayer service? That is Da lyin’s high value target? Seriously?

What are the odds that even the most vicious white racist on the planet would go out in a blaze of glory with this set of victims and in a church no less.

And what of “Storm Roof’s” persona? It’s right out of Stereotyping 101.

First, we get a little twist, as it seems “Storm Roof” is somehow tuned into the Rhodesian apartheid badge-collection scene, which he is seen wearing in a “sober pose.” It looks like something right out of one of those Dave “Chappelle Show” white-power skits. Come on deceivers, is this all you got?

That’s right, they knew all about “Storm Roof” and his badge collection days before the shooting. But never fear, the operators go into their tool kit to pull out the stereotypical Confederate flag ploy (license tab).

In the photo to the right, is “Da Lyin’ Storm Roof” in green glasses looking a bit crazy or merely comical? Take your pick. I choose comical.

“Storm Roof’s” Facebook page had 79 friends, about a third of whom were black. Did “Storm” wake up Tuesday and down some spiked coffee ala Sirhan Sirhan, then turn into a serious racist killer with a special hatred of little old black ladies and churchgoers, as opposed to a mere badge collector with lots of black Facebook friends?

Next, the scriptwriters decided to suddenly outdo themselves and attack poor downtrodden Millennials in a Washington Post opinion piece called “Charleston, Dylann Roof and the Racism of Millennials.” This one reeks of re-education “fun camps.” Then came “Dylann Roof is America,” a ridiculous narrative by an in-house race-baiter for liberal think tank Altnet.

“To pretend to be surprised is to be compliant,” it claims.

So let me see if I got all this straight: A young morose-looking white guy named “Storm Roof” goes into a prayer service, accuses the devout of being involved in the raping of white women and shoots old church ladies and pastors? And we shouldn’t “pretend to be surprised” about this? Really? I think your rag of a race-baiting publication is what’s compliant, and criminally so.

And you won’t believe it, but it just so happens that neocon Sen. Lindsay Graham’s niece Emily chimed in to say that she “went to school” with “Storm Roof.” What she said is completely inconsistent with what Roof’s black friends said about him.

The little script she recited: “He was quiet, strange, very unsocial and everyone thought he was on drugs.”

We’ve never heard much out of Storm Roof’s own mouth.

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But eventually, his arrest interview was released. We analyzed it, and it, too, on a scale of one to Mandalay Bay is a Mandalay — all over the map with inconsistencies.

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By sheer coincidence, the campaign against Confederate symbology went ballistic after this staged deception. The fraud Storm Roof all but single-handedly killed the Confederate flag.

I’ve been looking for three years for evidence of a crime in the Dylann Storm Roof, Charleston church “shooting” story — you know, like old-fashioned forensics, clear photos of crime scenes, or even clues outside the church that a crime was actually committed there. No scripts or narratives, just forensics — or even small empirical clues of what went down at the church as a crime scene.

Where were people shot, in what order were they shot and, basically, how did all this transpire? I am absolutely stunned at how little information there is.

However, in my search for forensic evidence of a crime, this WTF video turned up on CNN. It was allegedly taken just before Storm Roof went on his rampage. At last, I thought, we can at least get the layout of the church. But instead we get yet more bravo sierra, only hauntingly so.

The CNN script says this video was taken by Tywanza Sanders, who hasn’t even positioned himself at the table but back in the corner. Notice that there is a dark shadowy figure in the immediate foreground that flutters like a big tease in and out of the camera. He is just sitting there almost frozen, not moving, looking much like a large apparition of a blob or dummy. I glimpse a sort of Hollywood cross-dress between the Grim Reaper and Darth Vader, but without the style and the panache. Whatever “it” or “he” is, it is about the strangest sight one could ever imagine. 

Blurry photo of Roof bidding his time before :shooting” Source: CNN

Then the camera ever so briefly catches a glimpse of Roof on the right edge as shown on left. The image is so bad and grainy, that it was necessary for CNN to light him up to see “something”. Par for the course you can’t make out his features. His hair appears very light brown. Roof entering the church below has darker brown hair.

What else do we see: Notice all the chairs are empty on the left side of the table. There were supposed to have been a total of 12 churchgoers on the scene plus Storm Roof. Where are they all?

I can account for three in the clip, but that leaves quite a cohort of nine who are attending a bible study and aren’t even at the table. Sanders took the trouble to film the scene, but didn’t bother to film the people? What ever happened to the time-honored tradition of “gather all around brethren?” So nine church members are off to the side somewhere out of sight. And we get the brief glimpse of the back of Roof’s head.

We can compare this strange apparition from the Sanders’ clip with the image that was provided of Storm Roof entering the church. There are a few things to notice here:

  1. The temperature was very hot that summer evening at 88 degrees with 70% humidity at that hour. It was even hotter an hour or two earlier. Storm Roof is dressed for some other day. Incredibly, he is even double layered for extra warmth. Anybody who has been in a hot and humid climate would know that this clothing is ludicrous.

  2. Notice the time stamp. It says 8:17 in the morning on June 17, 2015. This went down in the evening.

Source: Weatherunderground history for Charleston, SC – June 17, 2015
Source: Toronto Star

The next photo shows Da Lyin driving into the church lot. Even though 12 are in the church, Roof gets the best parking spot in the place. The time stamp is bleached out, and the camera tilted, but the narrative holds that Roof entered about 8:17 p.m. Actual sunset was 8:30 p.m. that evening, with scattered clouds, according to Weather Underground.

The sky and scene is pretty lit up for dusk. What’s with the white bleached-out sky? The last photo for comparison shows lighting taken 15 minutes before sunset in the real world. In the non cartoon world the colors are reddish and orange at this time.

Clementa Pinckney was the pastor and South Carolina senator that was allegedly shot by Dylann Roof at Charleston Baptist Church. Below is “Rev. Pinckney” laid out for public viewing in the South Carolina state capital.




10 Comments on Revisiting the Charleston ‘Storm Roof’ Agenda

  1. It’s tempting to extrapolate from present trends and succumb to fatalism, but the closer the final denouement, the stronger and more explicit the reactionary forces are destined to be. This is just another swing (broader, granted) of the historical Jerusalem-Athens pendulum.

  2. What secret technology would have been used by NASA to make fake evidence of the Apollo missions?

  3. As I recall, media was kept well away from the scene due to a “bomb scare” but there was an open casket funeral for the reverend – a touch of realism not often observed…
    And the senator’s niece went to school with this piece of white trash?! – That I had not heard before – but she is very likely correct – “everyone” should think “he was on drugs” (cf James Holmes)
    Still, the aftermaths of Charleston and LasVegas seem hugely different – a month of an excessively maudlin racial morality play vs memory hole – Obama singing in what was no doubt described as “stentorian tones” at the reverend’s funeral vs …well – how much “coverage” for those victims ?
    No, something else was going on in LasVegas… multiple death squads active under the guise of a concert shoot up? … open warfare between factions of the CS? … then the very different hit on the Weinsteins … … whatever it was, they don’t want to talk about it … whereas, they couldn’t stop after Charleston. Charleston was planned and executed very carefully – LasVegas at some level was “real” in a way that Charleston was not.

  4. The reported “Dylann Storm Roof shooting and William Luther Pierce III

    Dylann Storm Roof

    Dylann Storm Roof[1] (born April 3, 1994) is an American white supremacist and mass murderer convicted for perpetrating the Charleston church shooting on June 17, 2015 in the U.S. state of South Carolina.[2][3]

    On the day he was captured (June 18, 2015), Roof confessed to committing the Charleston attack with the intention of starting a race war,[45]

    The “race war” bible – The Turner Diaries

    The Turner Diaries author and National Alliance founder, William Luther Pierce III
    (September 11, 1933 – July 23, 2002)

    From The Turner Diaries author and National Alliance founder, William Luther Pierce III born on September 11, 193

    “Dylann Storm Roof” – the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church massacre, Charleston, S. Carolina on June 17, 2015 is :

    = 777 months, 777 weeks, 777 days


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