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Observations on the Munich Attack

It appears the Crime Syndicate is trying to cover all their bases on the Munich event. The now-dead perpetrator shooter was quickly identified as an 18-year-old German-Iranian. In an odd twist, he is also being positioned as a right-wing terrorist. He shouted obscenities about foreigners and “Turks.” Speaking in German, the man shouted that he was “born and bred” in Germany and claims to have grown up in the area. Before shooting young children, he said, “I am German, Allah Akbar.” Stay tuned for the proverbial “manifesto.”

Heavily armed police forces walk through the underground station Karlsplatz (Stachus) after a shooting in the Olympia shopping centre was reported in Munich, southern Germany, Friday, July 22, 2016. (Andreas Gebert/dpa via AP)

Incredibly and in yet another case of a rampaging super-gunman, the solo perp killed nine and wounded many, using a handgun. Authorities are now saying no long gun was present. He ran from location to location. The photo to left is who he was up against.

Below is the perp standing totally exposed on a parking garage rooftop giving his little rant. The question begs: Why didn’t someone drop him?

Meanwhile, even as the anti-terror unit of the French National Police ordered the destruction of all security camera evidence from the Nice attack, came this from the Munich police:

“Please do not post photos or video of police operations online. Do not help the perpetrator!”

We wouldn’t want any actual honest photos and videos of what’s happening (or not happening), would we? Meanwhile so far all images from the event follow the familiar pattern: grainy, covered bodies, jerky,  no useful CCTV. In this scene they don’t even bother with showing anybody going down. Half the video is of the ground. See more in comments.

To top it all off, we get an incredible (((coincidence))). Richard Gutjahr who filmed the Nice, France, Bastille Day staged attack was also “Johnny on the spot” in Munich, sending out tweets (which have since been removed). Gutjahr’s tweets were used in a number of news stories on the event, for example here (scroll a third down the page). Mother Jones quotes Gutjahr, who appeared in a German TV news report:

Local reporter Richard Gutjahr described the scene (links to news report in German) at the shopping center as something “out of a bad movie,” with the shopping center completely surrounded by police, a helicopter overhead, and police carrying semi-automatic rifles. Gutjahr was not able to confirm reports of deaths or injuries.

Gutjahr is married to Israeli Knesset member Einat Wilf. Wilf is also a member of Ehud Barak’s breakaway HaAtzma’ut, or Independence Faction in the 18th Kenesset.


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  1. Movie “Hell or High Water” due out August should kick off a shit storm…I mean a couple of rednecks “sticking it to the banks”…and shooting it out with cops…what could possibly go wrong?

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