NYC Subway Chief Warns of ‘Death Spiral’ Without $40 Billion Fix

In June 2018, MTA workers collected fallen chunks of the ceiling at the Borough Hall subway station in Brooklyn after part of the ceiling crumbled onto the Manhattan-bound platform. PHOTO: Barry Williams/New York Daily News

By Henry Goldman | 17 December 2018

BLOOMBERG — The Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which manages New York’s transit system, is at a crossroads after decades of underfunding and neglect.

It either invests as much as $40 billion over the next decade in an overhaul, or it descends into a “death spiral,” says Andy Byford, who oversees the subways and buses.

That’s the pitch Byford, 53, is making to disgruntled riders and taxpayers at town-hall meetings, to the City Council during hours of testimony, and to business executives at breakfasts and other gatherings. […]

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