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Sexually Transmitted Diseases Surge for the 4th Straight Year, CDC Reports

Websites that help people find local sexual partners may be fueling a rise in unprotected sex. PHOTO: via The Telegraph

By Ken Alltucker | 28 August 2018

USA TODAY — New cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis spiked nearly 10 percent in 2017, continuing a four-year trend of rising sexually transmitted diseases fueled by a lack of awareness and changing sexual behavior, federal health officials said Tuesday.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said 2.29 million new cases of these three common yet treatable sexually transmitted diseases were diagnosed in 2017.

The number of new STD cases continued a “steep, sustained increase” since 2013, the CDC reported. The rise in cases is at record levels, but the federal budget has not increased STD program funding since 2013, leaving health departments scrambling to address the problem with fewer resources.

“There is a shocking increase in STDs in America,” said David Harvey, executive director of the National Coalition of STD Directors. “We think there is a direct correlation between the increase in the number of STDs” and the lack of federal funding increases. […]

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  1. It is not just STD’s that are on the rise, but other previously “controlled” diseases. I suspect that the source is the same, but perhaps the survey entity is too cowardly to make that correlation, being under pressure from politically motivated entities.

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