Eyewitnesses Prove Jacksonville Florida Shooting is a Terminally Corrupt DHS Orchestrated Hoax

PHOTO: via Nodisinfo.com

26 August 2018

NODISINFO — Make no mistake this supposed shooting in Jacksonville, Florida, is a hoax, just like all the others. Of course, it was a lone wolf white male. And of course, as is a signature of these frauds, he is dead at the scene.

To determine the extent of the scam all a person has to do is listen to the eyewitnesses. Clearly, there is no adrenaline running here. It’s all so unemotional, so absolutely canned and staged. Anyone can realize this, and there can be no doubt.

What does anyone expect? It’s a devilish setting; gaming and gambling – a fake and contrived setting, as phony and inane as it can get. […]

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