More Than 6,300 Refugees Return to Syria from Lebanon Since June 18

IMAGE: Variety/Grasshopper Films

9 August 2018

SOUTH FRONT — Over 6,300 refugees have returned to Syria from Lebanon since July 18, Colonel Samer Mkhan, a spokesman for the coordination committee to repatriate Syrian refugees, said at a joint meeting of the Russian and Syrian Centers for Receiving, Relocating and Accommodating Refugees on August 9.

“Over the past 24 hours, 136 people have returned to Syria from Lebanon. In all, 6,381 refugees have returned from Lebanon since July 18, 2018, including via the Zemrani, Jeydet Yabus, al-Dabusiyah and al-Qusayr checkpoints, while 318 people have arrived at the Nasib checkpoint from Jordan,” Colonel Mkhan said, according to TASS.

Colonel Mkhan added that work is in progress to restore houses and social facilities. […]

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