The Revealing New Poster for Amazon’s ‘The Man in the High Castle’

The new poster for Amazon’s dystopian sci-fi series called “The Man in the High Castle” is chilling, I tell you, chilling. I suppose the idea is to engender some sort of inverted trigger with this? In the series’ alternate version of the year 1962, the Axis powers have won World War II. They took this from us in the poster and think it’s funny. I actually respect a man more if he takes the time to shave his fucking face.

What else do we have?

– White woman with white man
– White boy not playing video games
– White children, not aborted
– White woman, slim and lack of piercings/tattoos/hair color/fake tans
– White man, trim in Hugo Boss suit and superbly groomed, not a neck beard to be seen
– An actual non-virtue points family
– Dog is a labrador, not a pit bull
– Large dog in an obedient position, not 10 lbs. and yapping 500 times a minute and shitting everywhere
– Little girl … well, to be honest I don’t trust her. Possible infiltrator. Only one not really smiling. She’s up to something. And dressed in red. Commie much?
– Neighborhood where no one locks doors because there is no crime


1962 Berlin, Germania from “High Castle”

Thomas leads the pledge of allegiance in High Castle. Chilling, I tell you, simply chilling. What a blatant cartoon world attempt at inversion and brainwashing.

And off screen, this happened.

Meanwhile, in Germany, the same neuro-implanting is aimed against the AfD.

This method is all explained in (((Theodor Adorno’s))) risable Authoritarian Personality scam and (((Frankfurt School’s))) Culture of Critique for Normies – “Pathologizing Pride.” Also see “The Tavistock Method of Brainwashing and Social Psychiatry.”

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