Lenin statue unveiled in western Germany after legal battle

A statue of Vladimir Lenin (pictured addressing supporters in October 1918 in Moscow) is to be unveiled for the first time on territory of the former West Germany, decades after the Berlin Wall was torn down. PHOTO: Yahoo!/AFP

By Tom Barfield | 20 June 2020

AFP (YAHOO! NEWS) — A divisive new monument to Soviet leader Lenin was unveiled in Germany on Saturday, in the middle of a global row over the controversial background of historical figures immortalised as statues.

More than 30 years after the post-World War II communist experiment on German soil ended, the tiny Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany (MLPD) installed Lenin’s likeness in the western city of Gelsenkirchen.

A few hundred gathered for the ceremony, marked by fluttering red flags and the smell of grilled sausages.

“Criticism of capitalism and the search for social alternatives is everywhere. We’re criticising that there’s no public discussion of socialism as an alternative,” MLPD chair Gabi Fechtner said.

The MLPD says it is the first such statue ever to be erected on the territory of the former West Germany, decades after the eastern German Democratic Republic communist state collapsed along with its deadly Berlin Wall and Stasi secret police.

“The time for monuments to racists, anti-Semites, fascists, anti-communists and other relics of the past has clearly passed,” said Fechtner in an earlier statement.

“Lenin was an ahead-of-his-time thinker of world-historical importance, an early fighter for freedom and democracy.”

Not everyone in Gelsenkirchen, a centre of the former industrial and mining powerhouse Ruhr region, has welcomed the over two-metre (6.5 feet) likeness, produced in former Czechoslovakia in 1957.

“Lenin stands for violence, repression, terrorism and horrific human suffering,” representatives from mainstream parties on the district council in Gelsenkirchen-West said in a resolution passed in early March.

The council “will not tolerate such an anti-democratic symbol in its district,” it added, urging “all legal means” be used to block its installation.

But later in March the upper state court in Muenster rejected an attempt to stop the statue that it argued would impact a historic building on the same site.

The MLPD trumpeted interest from as far away as Russia, but urged guests to maintain social distancing and wear nose and mouth coverings against coronavirus infection. […]

4 Comments on Lenin statue unveiled in western Germany after legal battle

  1. He’s a historical figure, so they can erect a statue if they want; I would not try to block that, or try to pull it down later.

    “Criticism of capitalism and the search for social alternatives is everywhere. We’re criticising that there’s no public discussion of socialism as an alternative,” MLPD chair Gabi Fechtner said.

    “LOL” — Germany is already a socialist country in every way but name only.

    A recent tweet highlighted an article confirming ‘Tax Freedom Day’ in DE is 18. Juli (link) — most surveys of household wealth in EU countries put DE well into the bottom half — as one now banned Twitter user put it: in die Armut regiert wurden — Germans have been governed into poverty.

    Millions live on full welfare (housing, food, medical insurance/care, etc) for years and years (Hartz IV), and can theoretically do so for the rest of/their entire lives, with little to no pressure to find work; in fact, many many do, including migrants (> 50% of Hartz IV cases today are people born in another country; that figure probably rises to around 75% when you include “Germans” mit Migrationshintergrund).

    Working Germans pay a % of their income for health insurance so all the human dead weight can be covered — on average this now amounts to 15%; employer and employee share the cost.


    Germany famously (also) has an emigration problem, as educated and ambitious Germans leave to escape all of the above — at the same time, the Germans import en masse illiterate, uneducated “Flüchtlinge” (trying to make it up on volume I guess).

    The truth is, Dummschwätzer like this woman will never be satisfied.

  2. If a district council decides they don’t want a statue of Satan, Pol Pot or Vlad the Impaler in their town, their democratic decision is not for some Communist judge to overrule. But that is the Illuminati goal, to establish a “Judocracy”= “Rule by Judges”, as in the Old Testament days “when there was no king in Israel”. That’s why they hate monarchies, and got rid of most of them, in order to usher in their Judocratic Dream.

    As we in the West were all celebrating the Fall of the Berlin Wall, I remember congratulating a German immigrant, but she said it was all a deception, because Communism never went away in Eastern Europe— it just went into hiding, disguised as “Democratic Socialism” or “Christian Democrats” like Angela Merkel (Jewish family name Kasner— see photos of Merkel in her East German Youth Stasi uniform.)

    Stasi Merkel will make sure nothing stops her Genocidal Hero Lenin from being enshrined in the heart of West Germany. Just as Illuminati Hitler fulfilled his assigned task of “Culling the Goyim” by invading 20 countries in WW2, Illuminati Merkel has fulfilled her assigned task of flooding Europe with Third World Parasites to “Cull the Goyim” again in WW3.

    She has already bought an estate in the Illuminati Hideout country in Patagonia, called “Andinia”, not far from the George Bush family’s, along with the rest of the Elites, Hollywood celebs & European royalty. They intend to watch WW3 and the Fake Apocalypse from the comfort & safety of their vast estates on the Pampas, conveniently cleared of peasants by the engineered economic collapse, which drove them into the big cities, leaving huge land areas to be bought up on the cheap.

    • ‘New Lies For Old’ & ‘The Perestroika Deception’ by Anatoliy Golitsyn, published in 1984 & 1995AD respectively explains it all. Very few key people in James Angleton’s counter intelligence department & the rest of the CIA could conceive of this reality. The Angleton/Golitsyn duo split the consensus & the ‘nonbelievers’ (the majority) shaped events 60 years ago into what madness we shake heads & roll eyes at today.

      • Thank you for those two book references— I found a free online copy of “New Lies for Old”, now “public domain”, and some excellent reviews of it, so I’ll be reading that later. As you pointed out, It is very hard for western patriots to conceive of this reality: the total Communist Subversion of western governments. Yuri Bezmenov did his best to warn us, before mysteriously disappearing.

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