The Neo-Feudal Master Plan


The collapse of American and European pension funds, as discussed in my podcast and this development in Spain is a component of a neo-feudal kleptocratic master plan. Cabalists are highly interested in tearing up and eliminating pensions and social safety nets. I have been showing their forewarnings on these pages. The same impoverishment principle is being applied as we speak to the developing world via the mechanism of full-scale currency collapse and imposing a ruthless, cashless society on poor countries such as India, where 85 percent of its currency has been taken out of circulation.

This results in lack of money for the serfs to feed and shelter their families. The mental strain leads to despair. As a result, billions globally can be put into the neo-feudal slave plantation in which they can be sedated, worked and culled like cattle. A toned-down version of the neo-feudalism theory has been out there for the awake for some time. But more and more, I lean toward a more horrifying Talmudic manifestation of it. This is not just rhetoric among certain parties. It is rherotic from specific clans. It is already stated and has been put into practice.

The Times of Israel provides the wary with a series of racial supremacist quotables from “revered” chief rabbi Yosef. One doozy is shown below, and these reveals spew forth in torrents. The Judaics have two chief rabbis, who are the highest ranking in this faith. Yosef is not just an obscure loose cannon rabbi that can be dismissed. He was the top of the hierarchy. Can you image the pope making such brutish comments? This philosophy is fully ingrained into the current Likud leadership and is extremely alarming.

One can hope cooler heads prevail within this Judaic power structure; but in my tracking, I see few signs of it. I now have serious doubts that white-hat Jews even exist. If there are any, they are not allowed any voice. The atrocious behavior of Jewish media is a special red flag and marker for me. There is just too much neurosis and aggressive racism, with the powerful not held to account. In fact, it is becoming illegal to do so.

In full-blown neo-feudalism, the more difficult populations are put into gulags (FEMA camps), where they can be totally controlled or murdered. The modern model for this operation has been fine tuned in places like Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan. There, a cadre of goons has be trained to be the modern-day Cheka.

The Crime Syndicate Cheka bosses can label the more problematic or spirited people as terrorists and corral or separate them behind big walls, such as seen in Gaza and the West Bank. These populations are regularly and systematically terror bombed and shelled in a show of intimidation. Property and assets can be taken or seized from the targeted population to reward neo-feudal slave drivers and proto-psychopathic minions.

The Palestine model utilizes a big wall.

This operation is made easier by the failure to forgive or haircut debt, as discussed in yesterday’s podcast. I would advise anybody parsing my work to listen to the cast or you will end up being lost. Even when and where onerous debt is given a haircut, the age-old principle of pari passu (treating all debtors equally) is violated, meaning the losers among creditors can be selected on an ad-hoc basis. That’s what happened in Greece. That would of course circle back to Aunt Millie’s pension funds and state old-age security. The remaining creditors then have less competition to foreclose on debtors.

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